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I and "Sokol"
Zatloukal, David ; Janča, Karel (referee) ; Sládeček, Svatopluk (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the complex design of the sports-cultural building and its integration into the structure of the unique modernistic urbanism of the city of Zlín. It seeks to answer the question of to what extent culture and sport can work side by side.
Design Training Module
Lokvencová, Jana ; Zatloukal, David (referee) ; Heralecký, Tomáš (advisor)
In this thesis I focus on creating a project for children with special educational needs. The project, which the applicant is true and which school has the potential to be supported from EU funds, addresses the current situation of poor literacy in Czech Republic at primary schools, The thesis proposal to create a quality educational program for this target group not only the professional but also sustainable.
Municipal hall in Znojmo
Zatloukal, David ; Pejpek, Tomáš (referee) ; Hora, Jan (advisor)
Plot is located in close proximity to the historical core of the town of Znojmo, on the edge of the former fortification ring that surrounded the city park. It is part sports complex, part of which is a football/athletics stadium, a-side football pitch and sports hall. The main idea of the proposal is to link the cultural building and sports complex. The passage is going through the house, open inner courtyard and creates a new semi-public space. In the rear of the building is the outdoor amfiteater, which works as a place of encounter for culture and sport. The motive of the house itself is a lightweight white matter highlighting the hall, which due to space requirements located on the second floor.
Communication Strategy for Company Ježek
Urban, Jan ; Zatloukal, David (referee) ; Šimberová, Iveta (advisor)
The goal of the submitted thesis: “Analysis of company´s communication mix” is the analysis of the company´s present communication mix and proposal of a new mix. The study is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical. Theoretical part discusses the established methods of analysis a company´s internal and external environment, describes and compares particular tools of marketing communication and its principles in the theoretical level. Introduction of practical part introduces selected company. Main part analyses company´s environmental and particular tools of promotion. Last part gives proposals of the new communication mix.
Selection suppliers and operating resources in concern
This thesis focuses on two goals. One of them are business contacts with suppliers, the second is inventory management in the enterprise. Suppliers are very important for any business partner, without which it couldn`t produce, but its conditions differs in business and technical matter. It doesn{\crq}t have to be based only on the deppartment diferences or company size. Companies surveyed in this study were both productive and similary sized. What made the difference was, the used material and production complexity. The company Sapeli has possibility of higher standard offer and therefore even compoundable evaluation especially thanks to easier accessability . The most important for the company is quality, price, delivery terms and payment options. Both companies have in common the first place given to quality above all. It has increasing importance today as world markets are saturated with poor quality products and large companies can gain greater market share mainly due to the quality.
Economics of the bussiness as the inspiration to the economics of the region
 The aim of my labour is : On the basement of the knowledge about the enterprise´s process and their outputs , I would like to define the opportunities or the limits of the application of watching and adjudicated of the capacity, eventually the effectiveness in the conditions in this region. This labour is aimed on the region South Bohemian. The picked  company  is The Transport Undertaking Company of the town České Budějovice, for comapring his economics with the private sector.This labour contained the literary recherche, 2 SWOT analysis and the part which is dealing with the concrete economy of the both objects, the differences in them and in the opportunities their comparing {--} the exploitation of the analysis indebtedness, the profitability, the activities and the financial tests.

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