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Primary school students' physical competence in relation to their study results
Zaplatílková, Lucie ; Mahrová, Andrea (advisor) ; Kaplan, Aleš (referee)
Name Relation between physical fitness and study results of primary school students Goal The goal of the thesis is to examine physical fitness of primary school students, compare it with their study results, and see if there is any relatioship between these two variables. Methods Physical fitness is tested with tests and norms of Unifittest (6-60) (Měkota, Kovář, 2002) and study results are generated with questionnaires. The answers are then matched with Unifittest's results of each student. Results are processed with the help of statistical methods. Results The results of Unifittest (6- 60) showed above-average or well above-average level of fitness with 89 % of individuals. Only 11 % of participants reached the average score. The best performance was detected with girls of the 9 ͭ ͪ grade and boys of the 7 ͭ ͪ grade. Spearman correlation coefficient showed a medium-strong relation between the Unifittest (6- 60) results and grades from Czech language, foreign language, and mathematics in 2 categories. 6 ͭ ͪ grade girls had the correlation rₛ= 0,51 and 8 ͭ ͪ grade girls rₛ= 0,56. Other categories showed very weak correlation relation. Keywords Unifittest, physical fitness, studying, youth, sit-ups, pull-ups, long jump, Cooper test
Comparison of Physical Skills of Pupils in General and Sports Classes of Elementary School
Zaplatílková, Lucie ; Mahrová, Andrea (advisor) ; Krištofič, Jaroslav (referee)
Title: Comparison of Physical Skills of Pupils in General and Sports Classes of Elementary School Goals: The aim of this research is to determine the level of physical fitness skills of pupils, who, attend a sport class and compare these results to the pupils of the same age general class in the same school. Methods: The measurement was carried out through the test UNIFITTEST (6-60), which consists of the following tests - long jump, sit-up, chin-up and the Cooper Test. The results were evaluated and compared using the statistical characteristics. Results: With the help of these tests we found out the average level of fitness skills in every category. In long jump boys from the examined sport class managed to get 14, 6 % better results than those from the general class. Regarding girls, those from the sport class did also better, particularly 8, 5 %. The same tendency is to be found in sit-ups. The sport class children showed better performance, boys were 5, 9 % and girls 3, 3 % better than their schoolmates from general classes. The biggest gap in performance was measured in pull-ups. In average 20, 4 % better results for boys from the sport class. But girls from the general class this time beat the ones with a sport-focused programme by 21 %. Last thing we tested was endurance running where the...

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