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Implementation of Marketing Techniques of the Project Do Formy With a Focus on Activities of Flash Gym
Veitová, Kristýna ; Zahradník, Radek (referee) ; Vyplašil, Michal (advisor)
The bachelor thesis focuses on the issues of marketing in the sport and healthy life style field in the project called Do Formy. The work includes theoretical questions from the marketing field, customer needs and analysis of the project Do Formy. The thesis includes suggests for attract a new customers and maintenance regular customers.
ECG Signal Wavelet Filtering
Zahradník, Radek ; Kozumplík, Jiří (referee) ; Smital, Lukáš (advisor)
The aim of this work is introduction to problems about the wavelet transform and then to use this transformation to filter ECG signal disturbed with myopotentials. The first part of this thesis contains basic information about the measurement, waveform and disturbance of ECG signal. The next part describes the method of wavelet transform and its use for the signal filtering The last part describes the practical part of work, where the results of filtering with different filter settings are evaluated, especially the various types of thresholding. At the end of this part is a comparison of results from wavelet and linear filter.
Zahradník, Radek ; Hajduk, Daniel (referee) ; Čecho, Ladislav (referee) ; Toman,, Zdeněk (referee) ; Raudenský, Miroslav (advisor)
The Ph.D. thesis is focused on a surface degradation mechanisms under combined heat and mechanical load. The objects of examination are work rolls from hot rolling mill which suffer such a load. In first chapter, the hot rolling process, the design, the manufacturing process and present materials of work rolls are described. The state-of-the-art study of work roll surface degradation mechanisms – wear, oxidation, thermal and contact fatigue are described in the second chapter. The characterization, the formation, the mechanisms of progression and the effects of each surface degradation mechanism is described step by step. The state-of-the-art study of analytical and numerical models which are related to hot rolling process is described in third chapter together with their limitations and flaws. The next chapters contain design of an analytical, an optimized macroscopic and a microscopic model for study of the work roll stress state. The macroscopic and the microscopic model is based on finite element method and they are implemented in ANSYS Programming Design Language. The models are used to process several case study which are based on previous experimental work of the Heat transfer and fluid flow laboratory. The results from case studies specify and expand the knowledge of work roll stress state. The results show the portion of each loading factor on the whole stress state. In addition, time and depth depended distribution of stress state is presented. The results from macrosferic model illustrate the cause of spalling and a rupture of the work roll. The results from the microsferic model show the cause of creation of the to-surface-parallel cracks within carbides of high chromium irons. Last chapter summarized of all results gathered from case studies together with the goals for further research definition. The necessary steps for further cognition are stated. The thesis contains a large set of appendixes with deeper discussion of several related topics. These appendixes represent the one third of whole the thesis.
Influence of topography of rubbing surfaces on rolling contact fatigue
Zahradník, Radek ; Čermák, Jan (referee) ; Vrbka, Martin (advisor)
This master thesis deals with influence of topography of friction surfaces on rolling contact fatigue. This influence is examined by newly reconstructed R-MAT station, whose reconstruction and fully report about it, is part of this master thesis. Influence is examined on area with higher surface's roughness which it wasn't examined before. Further research is made on area of surfaces with topographical modification with higher surface's roughness.
Delineation of ECG signals using methods combining
Zahradník, Radek ; Smital, Lukáš (referee) ; Vítek, Martin (advisor)
The aim of this work is to study and describe the principles and method of delineation of ECG signals. Learn and describe about method of cluster analysis. In this work was created and described three different methods of delineations of ECG signals. Created algorithms were tested on complete CSE database. With cluster analysis were combine created methods. The obtained results from realized methods and combined method were compared with others known methods. At the end of this work is evaluate efficiency of detection of combined method.
Octave and Matlab comparison in terms of basic mathematics
Zahradník, Radek ; Grepl, Robert (referee) ; Krejčí, Petr (advisor)
How is mankind grow older, its knowledge about nature, which in it lives, is getting deeper. Unfortunately human brain in itself became short for solving modern problems and we have to help ourselves with computers and modern computerised methods. But computers themselves can not solve the problems. We need to equip them with adequate software. Goal of this work is to compare Octave and Matlab systems in part of compatibility and in the solvings of practical problems.

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