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Nutritive value determination of granular feed mixtures for dogs
The aim of this thesis was evaluate the nutritive value of complete granulated dry food for adult dogs in normal activity. 17 dry feeds were choosen with regard to quality classes - 7 superpremium, 5 premium and 5 economy. Content of moisture, crude protein, crude fat, crude fibre, crude ash were determined in laboratory and NFE (nitrogen-free extracts - carbohydrates) and metabolizable energy were determined by calculations. The results of the analysis were compared with figures stated on the packaging of the feed. Quality classes were compared with each other. It was found that 12 from 17 feeds exceeded the tolerance limites for declarated nutrients. Not all of the feeds on the market is suitable for the dogs and an appellation superpremium isn't guarantee of good quality.
The English cocker spaniel - effect of color to character traits
The aim of this thesis is study of the available literature sources that deal with issue of color, temperament and effect of color to character traits of English cocker spaniels and assess difference of temperament between solid coloured and particoloured lines of English cockers in the Czech Republic. The object of evaluation is 68 English Cocker Spaniels - 21 black, 23 golden and 24 particolouredBy virtue of answers of their owners it is assessed dominance, aggression towards adults, children and dogs, intensity of barking, playfulness, dependence on the owner and destroying thingsSolid colored cocker spaniels are more dominant, aggressive, a little more barking and they are more dependence on the owner than particoloured cocker spaniels. Particoloured cockers are the most playful. Things are most often destroyed by the black cockers and least often by the golden cockers.

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