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Chrudim region in the half of 17th century - demographic and social structure
Kačerová, Eva ; Fialová, Ludmila (advisor) ; Maur, Eduard (referee) ; Závodský, Prokop (referee)
The aim of the submitted thesis is to give an overall picture of the demographic structure of the population of the Chrudim region after the end of the Thirty Years War as recorded in the List of Serfs according to Faith of 1651. Each individual was listed according to name, occupation or relationship to household head, age and religious status. The List recorded 46 626 persons of the Chrudim region. This List did not avoid the rounding-off the age of the people and failed to record consistently the infant part of the population. One of the main aims is to provide an estimate of the child component of the population. The basic prerequisite for estimating the number of children under the age of 12 was that women (men) of the same age in various parts of the estates had on average the same or at least a similar number of children in the individual age groups. Mathematical models eliminating rounding the age of the people consist in formalisation of thinking the way people could rounding their age. One possibility is hypothesis that closer their real age was to some favourite age (multiples 10, 5, even numbers) so much the more they rounded their age for this favourite values. Another possibility presents hypothesis of uniform tendency to rounding within the frame of determinate interval. The last...
Karel Engliš and Statistic
Korec, Vojtěch ; Závodský, Prokop (advisor) ; Kačerová, Eva (referee)
The aim of this work, after collecting and studying available materials, is to describe, analyze and judge the statistical activity of Karel Engliš. The work is based on an analysis of his statistical articles, publications and a modest literature of this theme. Two opening chapters are dedicated to the official statistic in first quarter of 20th century and the biography of Karel Engliš.
The Road to Creation of the Provincial Statistical Office in Bohemia and its Activities
Hamouzová, Michaela ; Závodský, Prokop (advisor) ; Kačerová, Eva (referee)
The bachelor's thesis presents the Provincial Statistical Office of Bohemian Kingdom and the circumstances that led to its establishment. The thesis is completed by numerous citations and illustrations of that time which help a reader to understand why the statistics emerged and afterwards developed. Moreover, it gives an idea of the difficult beginnings of statistical researches. The main contribution of the thesis is the provision of a compact idea of the activity and functioning of the Provincial Statistical Office of Bohemian Kingdom and its publications. The first part of the thesis is dedicated to origins of administrative statistics in the Habsburg Monarchy and personalities who contributed to its development. The following part focuses on the provincial statistics in Bohemia and primarily on the establishment of the Provincial Statistical Office of Bohemian Kingdom. Furthermore, there is a synopsis, which describes the activity of the Office until the establishment of the State Statistical Office in Czechoslovakia. There is given a detailed description of the methods and the course of statistical research and of the difficulties related to them. The end of the chapter describes the activity of the Office during the First World War and its influence on the statistics of that time.
Statistika, počet pravděpodobnosti a pojistná matematika na Vysoké škole speciálních nauk
Heřmánek, Petr ; Závodský, Prokop (advisor) ; Podzimek, Jaroslav (referee)
Práce pojednává o vzniku Vysoké školy speciálních nauk v roce 1920, o jejím předválečném vývoji, meziválečném vývoji i poválečném vývoji až do roku 1952, kdy byla škola zrušena. Hlavně je sledován vývoj na Ústavu statistiky a pojistné matematiky. Práce kromě vývoje učení na škole a studijních programů obsahuje i podrobnější údaje o jejích nejvýraznějších osobnostech.
History and present of Population and Housing Census in our territory
Fabiánová, Jana ; Mazouch, Petr (advisor) ; Závodský, Prokop (referee)
Just completed Census 2011 caused a number of issues, in particular whether this type of investigation is required for the company. The theme of the work presented is not only the last assessment, but in particular the analysis of the previous censuses from the perspective of survey data and information, ways of implementation of the censuses, processing and presentation of data, with emphasis on continuity in these areas. The main objective of the work is to compare the data of survey in each of the censuses from the history to the present. On the basis of the results of this comparison are selected data with continuous time series and these are then analyzed in more detail. Their representation is used in addition to the absolute and the relative data in tables and column, line and pie charts.
Masaryk University and the development of statistics in the interwar period
Sedláčková, Andrea ; Závodský, Prokop (advisor) ; Hudrlíková, Lenka (referee)
The aim of my work, after collecting and studying the available literature, is to describe a long and difficult development of universities in Moravia, which resulted in the creation of the Masaryk University in Brno. Trying to summarize and analyze the life work of five prominent personalities who are closely connected with the history of the Masaryk University and its activities, not a few have contributed to the development of statistics in the interwar period.
Frantisek Weyr and Statistics
Černoušek, Lukáš ; Závodský, Prokop (advisor) ; Kačerová, Eva (referee)
This work is oriented to the statistics and the famous Czech actor in it,Frantisek Weyr. The aim of bachelor thesis is to provide comprehensive information about the life and work of an important lawyer, philosopher, scholar,and statistics Frantisek Weyr and theory emphasize its impact on Austria-Hungary and the Czechoslovak statistics. In addition, work will also be discussing the actual statistics and the development of concrete. Work will be only theoretical, no independent research it will not commit.To achieve the objective of the work will be used solely literary sources from the statistics and the very famous three-part biography Frantisek Weyr. The benefits of work I see that students and people in this area will provide more complete picture of Franz Weyr in the context of statistics,it's either find a statistical production, which is mentioned in passing the Weyr or available already mentioned Weyr CVs, which, however, outside statistics in particular, writes about his private life, his foreign travels and his work as a university teacher. When writing a thesis I concluded that though Weyr primarily known as a great lawyer and a university official, its influence is enormous and the statistics of its activities throughout the State Statistical Office has brought many significant achievements, which can not be forgotten. While the focus of its activities outside the statistics, I would like to say that the statistics are and should be with her still associated.
National and provincial statistics in our country 1897 - 1918
Exlerová, Aneta ; Závodský, Prokop (advisor) ; Kačerová, Eva (referee)
The aim of my work after collecting and studying the available literature is to describe and analyze the development of statistics in the Czech lands from primordial investigation over the reign of Maria Theresa to the emergence and operation of statistical provincial offices in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, and to mention the activities of these offices, their publication, and especially their significance. My thesis is also dedicated to the most important personalities of that age who deserved the actual operation of those departments In my work I also try to emphasize the most important and the most essential features of this period from the demographic point of view.
Czechoslovak State statistical office in the interwar period and statistical science development
Houska, Lukáš ; Závodský, Prokop (advisor) ; Maier, Tomáš (referee)
The thesis focuses on the creation and functioning of the State statistical office and its contribution to the statistical science and theory development. The main goal of the thesis is to make the readers acquainted with the first period of the czechoslovak state statistics and enable them to get a thorough look into the institution's publication activities. In this concept the thesis is divided into three parts. In the first one the "modus operandi" of the statistical office itself is described, the second part comes up with the State statistical office's most influential personalities' biografical data. The third part brings the description and analysis ot books, magasines and other pieces publication. At the conclusion of the third section the key works of the statistical theory are analysed. The enclosure of the thesis implies the attachment with published laws and regulations of the Czechoslovak republic, which are directly tied to the statistical office's activities, and also the list of pieces published int the two key editions of the publication system. The contribution of the thesis is in the complex insight on the topic of the czechoslovak statistics in the interwar period. By now only some fragments have been compiled and described.
Provincial Statistical Offices
Fator, Jiří ; Závodský, Prokop (advisor) ; Černý, Jindřich (referee)
In the Czech lands at the beginning of the 20th century. Description of the offices in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. Why and how they were established. Which experts stood behind their workings. What results they came up with. What influence they had on Czech statistics. Predecessors, activities, comparison.

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