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Structural Studies of anti-CA IX Monoclonal Antibody M75 Fab Fragment in Complex with its Epitope Peptide
Mader, Pavel ; Štouračová, Renata ; Brynda, Jiří ; Závada, Jan
CA IX is a cell surface protein that exerts capacity of binding cell surface receptors, and is associated with several types of human carcinomas. Monoclonal antibody M75 recognizes specifically an epitope identified as six repeats of amino acid sequence PGEEDLP, localized in the proteoglycan like domain of CA IX. Structural study of the M75 Fab fragment in complex with its epitope peptide PGEEDLPGEEDL is presented.
Molecular cloning, E.coli expression and purification of SCFV antibody fragments of diagnostic/therapeutic interest
Král, Vlastimil ; Fábry, Milan ; Hořejší, Magdalena ; Závada, Jan ; Sedláček, Juraj
We describe molecular cloning, expression, purification and properties of two single chain antibody variable fragments (scFv) of potential diagnostic use, namely scFv M75 and scFv Tu-20. The former scFv is derived from a monoclonal antibody M75 specific for a cell surface protein MN/CA IX, strongly associated with many types of human carcinomas. The latter scFv is derived from a monoclonal antibody TU-20 specific for neuronal beta-III-tubulin.
Crystallographic study of an anti=carbonic anhydrase IX monoclonal antibody M75
Štouračová, Renata ; Závada, Jan ; Závadová, Zuzana ; Pastoreková, S. ; Brynda, Jiří ; Fábry, Milan ; Král, Vlastimil ; Hořejší, Magdalena ; Sedláček, Juraj
Carbonic anhydrase IX (CA IX) is a cell surface protein, strongly associated with certain types of human carcinomas. Structural study of a CA IX-binding monoclonal antibody (mAb) M75, complexed with its epitope peptide may contribute toward elucidation of the role of CA IX. Monoclonal antibody M75 was obtained and proved to react excellently with native and denaturated CA IX. Using synthetic oligopeptides, the epitope of mAb M75 was localized in the proteoglycan domain of CA IX, in the region of a tandem repeat and identified as amino acids PGEEDLP. The Fab fragment was obtained by papain cleavage. We obtained crystals of free Fab M75 and Fab M75 complexed with two different epitope peptides. The data set for Fab M75 was collected and the structure solving is underway.
Karbonická anhydráza IX (CA IX) zprostředkuje reakce nádorových buněk s mikroprostředím
Závada, Jan ; Závadová, Zuzana
CA IX mediates interaction between tumor cells and microenvironment in several ways: it is enzymatically active, it regulates pH and drives ion transport from/to the cell; CA IX is also an adhesion molecule, mediating cell-cell contact; it serves as a pH sensor and it participates in tumor invasion and metastasis

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3 Závada, Jakub
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