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Parents and marketing forms targeted at children: awareness, attitudes and educational approaches
Šuvadová, Kristína ; Šťastná, Lucie (advisor) ; Wolák, Radim (referee)
The master thesis "Parents and marketing forms targeted at children: awareness, attitudes and educational approaches" describes marketing and advertisement methods that aims towards children and also parental perception of these methods. The children's segment is quite popular in the marketing industry, mainly because young consumption behaviour is easily affected. Parents play a big role in influencing children's perception, which is why I chose to focus on parents as well. Parents need to know about these advertisement and marketing's forms if they want to influence their children in a correct way. The theoretical part of the thesis describes characteristics of media education in the family, marketing forms aimed on children, approaches and strategies of parents in media education and also the reaction of children to the given advertising forms. The practical part discusses the description of the chosen research technique, namely qualitative research consisting of semi-structured in-depth interviews. The aim of these in-depth interviews was to find out the level of orientation of preschool children in the child-targeted marketing forms. The goal was to establish their attitudes towards these advertising forms and describe how they approach this area in the education of their children. Negative...
The communications of childern's television on social networks: Case study ČT :D
Polák, Tomáš ; Supa, Markéta (advisor) ; Wolák, Radim (referee)
This study explores how the only public TV channel designated for children in the Czech Republic approaches on a children's audience and how it communicates with a child and adult viewers. The primary research of this study has a qualitative nature. The case study was used, the data were analyzed thematically. In the study, several interviews were conducted with the key television staff responsible for communication. Research based on a literature review found that television workes view the viewer as an active audience. They create content which is to be edutainment. ČT :D follows world trends and uses the latest technologies, including social networks, to communicate with the child's viewer. However, social networks ČT :D does not consider to be the key means of communicating with child viewers due to the age of its target group. Within the paradigms that dominate the discourse of approaching to the child's viewer, social constructivism was found out.
The process and result of negotiation of various actors over the form of media education: case study of Grammar School in Třinec
Klusová, Jana ; Šťastná, Lucie (advisor) ; Wolák, Radim (referee)
This diploma thesis with the name "The process and result of negotiation of various actors over the form of media education: case study of Grammar School in Trinec" is dealing with media education and its realization at Grammar School in Trinec. The theoretical part will describe various definitions of media literacy as a result of media education. It will explore the development of media education in Europe and in the Czech Republic and it will analyze various approaches to the realization of media education. The thesis will also mention some researches made in last years in the Czech Republic that dealt with media education or media literacy. The practical part will continue after the theoretical part and it will deal with the realization of media education at Grammar School in Trinec. It will not just be about simple description of the condition of media education at that school. The goal is to focus on factors that come into the process of negotiation over the form of media education. The author will try to find out how individual actors communicate with each other and what is their interest in media education. Thanks to qualitative research and a combination of various techniques of data collection the author will seek to uncover connections and as a result she hopes to understand the whole...
Using children's media experience in formal media education
Brožová, Tereza ; Supa, Markéta (advisor) ; Wolák, Radim (referee)
The topic of the Bachelor thesis is media education for tweeners. The aim of this thesis is to define the theoretical basis as well as practical recommendations for tweenager media education, which can be applied in both, formal media education by teachers at schools and informal media education by parents at home. This Bachelor thesis has two parts, theoretical and practical, and deals with an interdisciplinary examining of media education in the context of media experience and the way tweenaregs come acroos media at school, at home and in third spaces (in their free time). The aim of this work is to find out how the tweenagers undrestand the media; in what way, where and with whom they come across media; how the media are used by them, how the media are perceived and which personal and educational experiences, risks and benefits the tweenagres associate with media. The theoretical part of the work gathers the information from literature and tries to insight into the field of formal and informal media education and media literacy, the way of realising media education in the Czech Republic, changing form of childhood, children's culture, tweenagers' media experience and positive or negative influence of media. The practical part is based on research proved in the fifth grade of elementary school in Pilsen....
Film as an Educational Tool in Czech High School History Classes
Lichtenbergová, Anna-Marie ; Průchová, Andrea (advisor) ; Wolák, Radim (referee)
Film as an Educational Tool in Czech High School History Classes The master's thesis entitled Film as an Educational Tool in Czech High School History Classes is dedicated to discussing film as a didactical tool and as a source of education in history classes of Czech high schools. This thesis aims to analyze and evaluate the view Czech teachers hold towards using the filmography in their history classes while understanding the different implications of it. Secondly, the aim is to obtain commentary from experts in the field of history didactics. Those findings and results could, therefore, amend teaching program's structures and help teachers to structure their syllabus appropriately. The theoretical part of the thesis presents basic information on Czech education program and implementing History as a subject in the primary curriculum of the Ministry of Education. Then it considers the role of film theory and multimedia, which are both closely linked to the idea of the film as an educating tool in History classes. The following chapters analyze and evaluate solely the usage of the film in education and the different advantages and disadvantages it can bring. The paper's empirical part focuses on the qualitative research with Czech history teachers and experts and then finally evaluating the overall...
The beginning, transformation and the present of Radio Junior
Chvojková, Sára ; Wolák, Radim (advisor) ; Magdoňová, Jana (referee)
Bachelor thesis "The Beginning, Transformation and the Present of Radio Junior" describes in detail new, independent radio station of the Czech Radion for children. First chapter is focused on the historical and legal background of broadcasting for children. Second chapter aims at the history of the radio broadcasting for children. Third chapter maps the start and evolution of Radio Junior, icluding the description of broadcasted programs, its activities and the further direction of evolution as well as characterises selected agendas.
Media education from the future teachers'point of view
Janková, Karolina ; Wolák, Radim (advisor) ; Lucký, Jakub (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to provide a different view on media education, specifically from the point of view of students of the Faculty of Education of Charles University. The thesis provides an insight into the preparation of teachers for their future work in the field, consequently their readiness to teach the subject of Media Education, defined by common frameworks for education created by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The theoretical background described in the first chapter of the paper provides a basic overview of elementary concepts related to media education and media literacy, the second chapter describes the ways in which future teachers can be trained both within and outside the institution of university. The practical part of the thesis is a questionnaire undertaken at the Faculty of Education among students of various departments. The questionnaire examines how the future teachers` education takes place and how they themselves assess their readiness to teach the subject. The main purpose of the thesis is to map and describe the current situation and to create incentives for future teachers so that the media literacy of Czech pupils gradually improves and becomes more effective.
Media communication in state administration: Ministry of education, youth and sports of the Czech Republic. Case study.
Macura, Ondřej ; Jirák, Jan (advisor) ; Wolák, Radim (referee)
The thesis is a case study dealing with the media communication of a public institution, in this case the communication of the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The analysis is limited to the period of the first 100 days of the new minister's (Marcel Chládek) work and to selected printed periodicals. The aim of the thesis is to analyse the communication of the department and to evaluate its effectiveness. The work also includes the specifics of the period preceding the establishment of the new government, as well as Marcel Chládek's previous activity in relation to his work as the head of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic. Besides, the thesis deals with the public administration communication theory, marketing and public relations within this sphere.
Qualitative research of media literacy clas-books
Randus, Tomáš ; Wolák, Radim (advisor) ; Zezulková, Markéta (referee)
abstract.en This study is an analysis of media literacy school books. The research method is combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis. The study begins with a market research and then all the relevant books found are analyzed from content point of view. The goal is to investigate the best structure definition for the final quantification. The media literacy as a program of primary and high schools has been started eleven years ago and there is significant lack of information what is actually taught and how it is processed. Czech school system gives freedom of teaching form. One piece of the answer for this wide question can be the research of all available text books. The study aims at real printed and published school books and excludes all methodology guides, worksheets and non-printed documents. There are some official conceptual and normative materials released by government which will be used in this study for comparison. Moreover, the study will try to find an efficient and objective media literacy textbooks analytical method. Stránka 1
Social media as a tool for promotion of artistic craftsmanship
Kašová, Jana ; Zezulková, Markéta (advisor) ; Wolák, Radim (referee)
The Diploma Theses aims to investigate the role of social media in promotion of particular art-craft workshops. Based on half-structured qualitative interviews we analysed, what is the role of promotion of art-crafts on social media in their competitiveness and long-term sustainability. Also, we focused on how do the owners of art-crafts workshops evaluate the role of social media in promotion of artistic craftsmanship and finally, which particular practices or types of content work the best in their opinions, either isolated or in context of other promotional techniques and channels. The goal of this research was to understand how exactly art-craft workshops use social media to promote themselves. The main social media sites appearing in the research are Facebook and Instagram, but also others. During the research we managed to discover other interesting findings related to the community of followers and their function, or to concepts of WOM and Direct marketing. As well as we managed to cover reactions of the owners of art-craft workshops to recent changes in Facebook's algorithms and its practical impact on them.

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