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Re-presentation of August 1968 in film production
Patová, Viktorie ; Spalová, Barbora (advisor) ; Wladyniak, Ludmila Maria (referee)
The thesis focuses on the connection between social memory and film reproduction of the past. Through selected examples of film production, the thesis explores how filmmakers dealt with the theme of August 68 and how their approach to the subject changed. The aim of the thesis is to explore "images" through which the film representation construct the events of August 68 and how they are or are not accepted by the public. Selected films for analysis were Pelíšky (1999), Anglické jahody (2008) and Jan Palach (2018). The analysis of the films was carried out by a qualitative content analysis taken from the work Cultural Memory and Film: How the Image of Postwar Displacement in Czech Film by Irena Řehořová. Film representations are explored through six categories: film form, themes and stories, the social world of film, cultural-historical memory, the seen X the unseen, the reception at the time of introduction and now. The analysis suggested that with increasing distance from the Velvet Revolution, the films began to criticize more the behaviour of Czech society during the occupation. Also, authors's declaimed aim of the work especially underwent a significant change. Another finding is that the formal components of the film used to display August 68 are primarily the toning of the image and the sound...
Memory on borderland. A comparative study of collective memory in the former East Prussiaregion in Poland and the Sudetes in the Czech Republic
Wladyniak, Ludmila Maria ; Hájek, Martin (advisor) ; Olechnicki, Krzysztof (referee) ; Oláh, Gábor (referee)
Collective memory has recently become one of the most explored topics in the social sciences and has led to the emergence of a separate and independent subdiscipline called memory studies. The thesis investigates the awakening of collective memory in two borderlands of Central Europe: the former Sudetes region in the Czech Republic and the southern part of former East Prussia in Poland. The thesis provides an overview of the current theories about collective memory with a focus on the interactional and visual character of the studied phenomenon. In line with this, the thesis presents, discusses, and elaborates on research conducted in the two borderlands in 2016 and 2017. The aim of the research was to study the role and form of collective memory (shared remembrance) in ethnic, cultural, and historical borderlands. The contributions of the thesis are both methodological and theoretical. Firstly, the discussed research revealed that between particularly family-based communicative memory and official, institution-generated cultural memory, there is ritualised communicative memory, maintained through interactions among members of the borderland community (community of memory). Secondly, the thesis contributes to various studies within the interactionist paradigm and proves the usability of Goffman's...
Self-presentation of Young Adults on the Instagram
Broďáková, Apolena ; Wladyniak, Ludmila Maria (advisor) ; Mitrenga, David (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the process of self-presentation of young adults on the Instagram. The aim of this work is to explain how the process of self-presentation takes place and how it differs from self-presentation in real life. The work is based on the dramaturgical approach of Erving Goffman, which is expanded by the look of Joshua Meyrowitz, i.e. the influence of electronic media, which is presented in the theoretical part. The practical part is based on qualitative research. The research was conducted using semi-structured photo- elicitation interviews, which were analyzed by using a combination of closed and open coding. Based on these interviews, an analysis was conducted that concludes that self-presentation on Instagram's social network differs from that in real life in that it is more thoughtful and artificial, individuals share their photos depending on the responses which they receive from others. The spontaneity of everyday interactions is omitted, and the individuals presents themselves as a product, not as their identity.
Aspect of Social Integration of Unaccompanied Immigrant Female Minors in Italy: the Case of Nigerian Females
Dvořáčková, Lenka ; Wladyniak, Ludmila Maria (advisor) ; De Oliveira Filho, José Hildo (referee)
This thesis researches aspects of (re)socialization and integration of unaccompanied female minor immigrants in Italy. The thesis aims to present an overview of the immigration situation in Italy. The focus is on Nigerian girls as Nigeria is the country of origin of the majority of unaccompanied female minors hosted in reception centres in Italy. There is a discussion on who these minors are and why they migrated. The theoretical background is based on a theory of Social Integration developed by Bosswick and Hackmann who defined Social Integration as being a four-dimensional process, consisting of structural, cultural, interactive and identificational aspects. This is an ethnographic study and was carried out though the mean of participant observation in a reception centre located in Sicily. The analysis of the field notes was done in accordance with the 4-demnsional model proposed by Bosswick and Hackmann.
Ice hockey as a symbol of national identity: the Czech society 20 years after the Nagano triumph
Burdová, Karolína ; Numerato, Dino (advisor) ; Wladyniak, Ludmila Maria (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the process of building national identity through sport, specifically ice hockey. The thesis focuses primarily on the aspects contributing to the reproduction of the Czech national identity. Important aspects are mainly symbols, which remind us of the individual's belonging to the nation, as well as the media, which significantly help to the mythization of sports events. One of the events that played an important role in the formation of the Czech national identity is the 1998 Nagano Olympics. The success of the Czech hockey team in this tournament made part of the history twenty years ago; there are still many legacies of this triumph nowadays. The thesis is based on a research that combined several methods. I obtained the data through participant observation of the national team matches broadcasts, I also analysed documents that referred to the legacies of Czech victory, and I carried out semi-structured interviews with ice hockey fans. The interviews suggest that the victory of the Nagano hockey players, with the contribution of the media and banal nationalism, underwent the process of mythization, and thus played a significant role in the Czech national identity building.

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