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Integrated weed management in cereals
Smutný, V. ; Winkler, J. ; Klem, Karel
Certified methodology summarized knowledge about the impact of different non-direct (preventive) agronomic measures (crop rotations, soil tillage, fertilization using organic fertilizers and straw management) on weeds (weed seedbank and actual weed infestation), from qualitative (weed specie composition) and quantitative (intensity occurrence) point of view). There is also particular focus on rationalization of chemical methods of weed management (herbicide application). Principles of decision-making rules based on establishment of economic thresholds, optimal timing of application and optimization of herbicide doses. There is a potential for decrease of applied herbicides in cereals using of this approach, which brings not only considerable economic savings, but also reduction of negative environmental effect caused by herbicide use.\n\n
Green Card - a card wich does not attract or evaluation of simplified employment of foreigners
Solnářová, Dagmar ; Nekola, Martin (advisor) ; Winkler, Jiří (referee)
The topic of this diploma thesis is the evaluation of the project of green cards which is a Czech version of the programme of advantageous employment for the foreigners. Green card represents a special type of visa authorization which the citizens from selected countries outside of EU and EEA can apply for. The project was supposed to attract the foreign workers to come and work in Czech Republic in the fields with high demand of labour force, and thus to meet the needs of employers and to stabilize the situation on the labour market. It was expected that it would raise the interest of tens of thousands of foreigners. However, in reality the program is used to the minimal extent and to these days (or so to say by the end of 2012) Czech Republic issued less than four hundred green cards. Therefore, the main aim of this thesis is to define the reasons behind the low and unsatisfactory use of this programme. The thesis is based on the theory of implementation. The main theoretical basis represents: top-down institutional framework of P. Sabatier and D. Mazmanian and an instrumental approach combining multiple perspectives of various authors. Hence the design of the research can be characterised as a case study in which both qualitative and quantitative research methods are applied. Specific data...
Theory and Practice of Evaluation Research in theCzech Republic
Remr, Jiří ; Jeřábek, Hynek (advisor) ; Hendl, Jan (referee) ; Winkler, Jiří (referee)
The main focus of presented thesis is the in-depth analysis of major patterns of how the evaluation methodology is applied within the Czech society environment. The starting point is identification of key processes and activities that distinguish evaluation from other activities and disciplines. Based on comparative analysis among evaluation, primary research, monitoring and auditing the crucial features are defined and further supplemented by other characteristics of the procedural nature. The whole series of researches focus on the extent in which the evaluation methods, techniques and procedures are applied in everyday practice. In this respect, there were identified three different and uncorrelated branches that serve as application environment for routine deployment of evaluation inquiries. Following secondary goals of our thesis, each of the branches represent different example of how the evaluation could be applied/implemented. Desk-research informs about actual patterns of how the evaluation is performed by external evaluators who work for Managing Authorities of EU Operational Programs, it also shows how internally based self-evaluation is performed and last but not least, how the hybrid evaluation based on expert judgment principles could be utilized for evaluation of bachelor thesis. Specific...
Distributed source code management
Winkler, Jan ; Pavlíčková, Jarmila (advisor) ; Gála, Libor (referee)
Change is software's natural property. Creation of source code management tools was motivated by the need to track the change and development history. Distributed systems are the last generation of such tools. This paper's goal is to describe how the distributed systems differ from older generations, how these differences can influence developer's work, and to introduce and compare the three best known opensource representatives -- Bazaar, Git, and Mercurial.
Support of bachelor and master thesis couching
Winkler, Jakub ; Pavlíček, Luboš (advisor) ; Bartoš, Jan (referee)
Today, procedure of creating bachelor and master thesis suffers from many problems. Amongst them the main issue would consist of absence of central storage ability connected to creating and couching the thesis. In practice that would mean information about records from consultation, comments to thesis etc. are to be lost and neither student, nor his thesis couch can take a look to the history of thesis progress. Furthermore, there is a lack of date registration for consultations and deadlines of handing out thesis. As a consequence, both efficiency and quality of final thesis are decreased by such poor management. As a solution, support of whole thesis procedure with software tool is suggested. There are many options of such software solutions, however only one is the most suitable and that is exactly what this thesis is trying to find. Thesis formulates requirements for such software application, after the analysis of current situation and identification of core issues. Application should bring improvement of the situation and at the same time should be users, operational and financially acceptable. From wide spectrum of available solutions, only those which had fulfilled basic conditions were chosen. Basic conditions such as: users interface in Czech language, saving documents availability and large capacity of users accounts. Final group of potential solutions was put through detail analysis for support utility for thesis couching. This analysis finally shows the most suitable solution. This bachelor thesis brings analysis of utility for commonly available web application or hosted applications for bachelor and diploma thesis couching. The implementation could be done quickly without further problems, thanks to the undemanding IT and financial requirements of software application. After finding the most suitable solution, this thesis shows how large scale of efficiency Microsoft SharePoint Services 3.0 brings. Furthermore, at the end of this thesis, many more options for using this application are shown.

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