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Germany's Energy Security in the Gas Sector
Štichová, Patricie ; Svoboda, Karel (advisor) ; Weiss, Tomáš (referee)
Energy security is an important and current issue that resonates especially in resource-poor countries. In these countries, it is crucial to ensure a stable energy supply in order to maintain economic stability and ensure future economic growth. Germany is a state with low energy reserves (apart from coal reserves), and therefore this work focuses on German energy security in gas sector. The aim of this master thesis is to evaluate the current level of energy security in Germany in natural gas sector and to point out future potential threats arising from the realization of Nord Stream gas pipeline. In order to meet this goal, a new analytical framework is created, which evaluates gas security in terms of both short-term and long-term energy security indicators. This framework is based on several studies, primarily on the Model of Short-term Energy Security published by International Energy Agency. The framework is further extended by other studies dealing with the long-term dimension of energy security. Second part of the thesis deals with the role of natural gas in German energy transition (so- called Energiewende). Text examines the importance of natural gas in the situation of gradual disconnection of nuclear and coal capacities and in the ongoing decarbonization of the German economy. It was found that...
The Cross-Border cooperation of Health Emergency Services in the Sumava Euroregion
Honsová, Eliška ; Bauer, Paul (advisor) ; Weiss, Tomáš (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with a case of cross-border cooperation in the European Union, namely the cross-border cooperation of health emergency services in the Šumava Euroregion. The research focuses mainly on how this cooperation has been arranged and how the European integration theory can be applied to this case study. The diploma thesis analyzes the role of different actors, what contracts were needed for the cross-border cooperation, how the negotiationof the project took place, where the initiative for this cross-border cooperation originated or what complications occurred. The topic of cross-border cooperation of health emergency services is a practical example of European integration and therefore it also includes the study of cross-border cooperation of regions in the European Union, the role of EU funds for regional development and last but not least the EU health policy. The thesis is based on the theory of European territorial integration, which is characterized by the disappearance of the border and suppression of the unilateral orientation of the state inland. Furthermore, there are related theories of regional development and new regionalism. It also works with the theory of shared sovereignty, which inevitably comes with deeper integration. The theme of the diploma theses is time...
Theoretical discourse on metrics of public relations measurement and their acceptance in Czech practice
Weiss, Tomáš ; Hejlová, Denisa (advisor) ; Klimeš, David (referee)
The diploma thesis is aimed at processing the issue of measuring the effectiveness of public relations (PR) in Czech practice. The concept of the thesis includes theoretical bases, modern trends in the field and description of the current state of measuring PR results in Czech practice. First, theoretical models of communication evaluation and their complicated acceptance are described. Second, the main milestones in measuring PR efficiency are defined with an emphasis on the Barcelona Principles, their updated version from London in 2015 and modern tools published by leading organizations from the field - AMEC and ICCO. All these topics are described in relation to the long-term struggle of the whole industry against rejected AVE metrics. The information for theoretical bases of the thesis were drawn from academic titles of leading foreign and Czech experts, as well as secondary online sources. The primary sources for the analysis itself were competition applications and also additional personal interviews with leading Czech PR experts. The regular AMEC and ICCO reports, and especially qualitative content analysis of Alžběta Fridrichová from ADison agency in 2017 were presented as the main theoretical bases of own empirical analysis. Its main objective is to evaluate the current state of Czech...
Understanding the Czech Foreign Policy. The Case of the EU Sanctions against the Russian Federation
Fuchsová, Anežka ; Macaj, Gjovalin (advisor) ; Weiss, Tomáš (referee)
This thesis examines the decision of the Czech Republic on the adoption of the EU sanctions against Russia over Ukraine. The perception of the Czech Republic and its behaviour is perceived ambiguously. For that reason, qualitative analysis of the decision was conducted in order to arrive at the understanding of the Czech position. The author works with a concept of identity based on Social Constructivist and Foreign Policy Analysis scholarship. It is argued that the elite idealistic identity, which is held by a proportion of Czech politicians and official, can be used as a variable in Czech foreign policy and a tool to enhance the understanding of it. The dominance of the elite idealistic identity is not fixed; therefore, the consequences enabling the identity to prevail are also discussed. Powered by TCPDF (
Education of immigrants in Sweden and Czechia
Vosejpková, Tereza ; Weiss, Tomáš (advisor) ; Matějka, Ondřej (referee)
Sweden is known as immigration country for a few decades already, but the number of immigrants has rapidly grown during the last years making Sweden one of the European countries with the greatest share of immigrants on total population. In opposite, Czechia is far behind traditional immigrant countries with its number of newcomers, but after joining the European Union, the country has transformed from emigrant to transit and later even to immigrant state with the greatest number of newcomers among Central European states. With immigration, the issue of new minorities and their relation with the majority of society have appeared. The policy of education plays a crucial role in this issue because it has the potential to form society and affect all generations including immigrants. The aim of the thesis is to analyse possibilities of education if immigrants with the emphasis on integration in the education system and compare both countries thorough legislation, observation and interviews with representants of primary schools. The hypothesis that the Swedish approach to immigrant education is more developed than the Czech one was approved by greater possibilities of Swedish newcomers, especially in the education of mother tongue, obligation of Swedish language courses, and flexibility in integration...
Influence of the European Union activities against aggressive tax planning on enabling tax optimization by member states of the EU
Nováková, Markéta ; Šlosarčík, Ivo (advisor) ; Weiss, Tomáš (referee)
Jurisdictions around the world currently compete to attract mobile capital of multinational companies by providing them the most favourable tax conditions. Some EU member states actively participate in tax competition. Over the past decade, the European Commission has successfully enacted a number of measures aimed at preventing multinational companies from implementing aggressive tax planning schemes. These measures aim to establish fair conditions for competitors on the internal market and to meet the demand of the public and of the international community for suppression of aggressive tax planning. The theoretical background of the thesis derives from the field of Law and Economics, specifically by using the concept of transaction costs and means of Economic analysis of criminality. This thesis aims to answer the question of whether the new EU legislation leaves room for the member states to continue in allowing multinational companies to optimize taxes in the ways targeted by the EU measures. The thesis consists of two case studies, which evaluate the impact of the rules on known tax optimization schemes. The first one analyses the impact of state aid proceedings on tax rulings and the second one analyses the influence of the controlled foreign company rule on harmful IP boxes. The objective...

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