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High-average power picosecond mid-IR source
Vyvlečka, Michal ; Novák, Ondřej (advisor) ; Trojánek, František (referee)
1 Title: High-average power picosecond mid-IR source Author: Michal Vyvlečka Department: Department of Chemical Physics and Optics Supervisor: Ing. Ondřej Novák, Ph.D., Hilase centre, Institute of Physics of CAS Abstract: High average power wavelength tunable picosecond mid-IR source based on optical parametric generation (OPG) and optical parametric amplification (OPA) is being developed. The conversion system is pumped by an Yb:YAG thin-disk laser delivering 100 W of average power at 100 kHz repetition rate, 1030 nm wavelength, and 2-3 ps pulse width. Part of this fundamental beam pumps an OPG process in a PPLN crystal. The generated wavelength is determined by PPLN's poling period and temperature. Tunability of the signal wavelength between 1.46 µm and 1.95 µm was achieved, the signal beam of 20 mW was generated at 2 W of pump power, when double pass of the beams through PPLN crystal was used. The corresponding idler wavelengths were in range 2.18-3.50 μm. The signal beam was further amplified by OPA process in two KTP crystals, which was pumped by the fundamental beam. The signal beam was amplified up to 2 W at pumping of 38 W. Tuning of the output wavelength was realized by change of the phase-matching angle in KTP crystals. Tunability between 1.70-1.95 µm for signal and 2.18-2.62 µm for idler was...
Characterization of spectrograph with CCD camera
Vyvlečka, Michal ; Němec, Petr (advisor) ; Zahradník, Martin (referee)
1 Title: Characterization of spectrograph with CCD camera Author: Michal Vyvlečka Department: Department of Chemical Physics and Optics Supervisor: doc. RNDr. Petr Němec, Ph.D. Abstract: This work is focused on the determination of parameters of a CCD camera DU420A-OE and a spectrograph SR303i-A, which were bought in summer 2014 to the laboratory of Opto Spintronics at the Charles university in Prague. The first chapter includes a short description of CCD detection and focuses itself on a classification of noise affecting spectroscopy measurements and possibilities of its elimination. The second chapter includes the description and the results of measurements of the properties of the CCD camera and the spectrograph. The emphasis is put on the measurements of influence of various parameters and conditions for measuring the signal to noise ratio and on finding the optimal configuration for measuring weak signals, which means that the results of this work can be generalized for all the spectroscopic measurements in which CCD cameras are used as detectors. Keywords: CCD camera, spectroscopy, dark noise, readout noise

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