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Towards a Fullfilled Communicatiohn
Hamzová Pulicarová, Irena ; ČUNDERLE, Michal (advisor) ; VYSKOČIL, Ivan (referee)
In this dissertation, the author questions the degree and quality of communicability and credibility of speech act and generally personal expression of six contemporary preachers of the Catholic Church. Their expression is studied primarily from the standpoint of criteria set by the psychosomatic approach to public performance. Its main principles are characterised in relevant categories as a readiness to consciously, creatively and dialogically exist in the public space. This also means to express oneself with one?s body, voice and speech consciously and physiologically as well as possible, the psychic being in line with the somatic. All this in relation to oneself, to the given speech situation (to the sermon/homily) and to those who are present to it.
Benefits of the Acting with Inner Partner and its Utilization in Corporate Training
Macáková, Zuzana ; VYSKOČIL, Ivan (advisor) ; SUDA, Stanislav (referee)
The goal of this work is to map and describe the benefits of the acting with the inner partner(DJ) for those, who practice it on long term bases and it also poses the question whether it is possible to utilize acting with inner partner in the corporate training. The works is based on personal experience of author, who practise the acting with inner partner for 9 years and also works as facilitator of corporate trainings. However her experience is only a starting point.
Theatre of crisis
Čonková, Ivana ; PILÁTOVÁ, Jana (advisor) ; VYSKOČIL, Ivan (referee)
This paper describes and reflects the specific problematic theatrical events and art projects that I realized at the time of the socio-political crisis. In these events, I recognized the theater by participating and being involved in action. Gradually I gained experience that harbor some questions in theatrical practice. I describe four events and two projects. The first event responded to the tragic death of deceased persons and dogs in Florence, Prague. The last project took place in the urban area of a Roma "ghetto" in Usti nad Labem. I move to different places, situations and themes. Within these sequence of events I was searching for what theater can be and how this medium can be used responsibly. I experienced how it can survive while challenged by the dangers that threatens theater routines, consumerism and banality. How do I let him fall, but appear in his power to change lives, identify and create.
Nedomová, Lucie ; SUDA, Stanislav (advisor) ; VYSKOČIL, Ivan (referee)
This bachelor´s thesis records the inspiring findings from the study of psychosomatic disciplines at the Department of Authorial Creativity and Pedagogy and their use in practice. The work is thematically divided into three main parts: I. Learning, II. Teaching experience, III. Experiments.
Experiences with psychosomatic disciplines at Pedagogic FAculty of South Bohemia University
Matějíčková, Milena ; Stuchlíková, Iva (advisor) ; Vyskočil, Ivan (referee) ; Chrz, Vladimír (referee) ; Švec, Vlastimil (referee)
In my dissertation I write about my own experience with teaching psychosomaticdisciplines at the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice. I intend toreflect and describe my work theoretically with the focus on psychosomaticdisciplines such as Acting with the Inner Partner, Elocution and AuthorialReading.
In the Course of Playback Theatre´s Theatricality
Kočner, Karel ; Vyskočil, Ivan (advisor) ; Malaníková, Hana (referee)
Playback theatre (abbreviated below as PT) was developed by Jonathan Fox and his wife Jo Salas in 1975. The Original Playback Theatre Company was established in the same year. Since that time, the PT has been practiced in over 50 countries all over the world. PT is improvisational theatre approach, in which is never known how the performance will look like and how it will be fulfilled. PT enforce learning to spontaneity of expression in the code of conscious inspired creative developing of unknown situation and existing in it on the stage in the same way as during Acting with the Inner Partner(s) lessons. PT performances are developed in certain structure and have stable course. That is how PT is enforced as ritual scheme, which has purgative ability and artistic power able to gather people together and teach them reciprocity, sharing and coexistence. Basic principal of PT is storytelling of private stories, events or life experiences as emotions, fantasies, dreams or ideas and sharing them by all participating. These are thereupon improvisationally played back to so called teller by a group of actors on the stage. That is how those stories are upraised on a higher level of theatre pieces. Whether is story anyhow simple, difficult, deep, trivial, lightweight or serious, it must be always foremost and it also must be played from this point of view. It is not purpose to make fun primarily with it, but to use collective moment, in which we learn to listen one to another. We also learn to respect others and their personal experiences and their understanding the world. PT actors are not in the center of public attention as during classical type of theatre performances, but they serve straightly to audience´s stories. They enact them with humility and respect with purpose of feast event experience. This discipline interests me by its universality of being used in different types of environment, by its richness of inspiration, by its education potentiality and by its artistic value.
Reflecting The Process Of Writing
Trojan, Václav ; Vyskočil, Ivan (advisor) ; Musilová, Martina (referee)
The author of this paper is attempting to take advantage of the principles studied at the Department of Authorial Creation and Pedagogy, and utilise it for the purpose of writing a text. Through an experimental approach, he is trying to find answers on how to develop the ability to reflect one's self during such a process, what factors could be present in the process, and the ability to integrate the new knowledge into further activity.
An Encounter With Dialgue Acting Within The Context of Spiritual Ways Known To Me And Practiced By Me.
Samuhelová, Danica ; Vyskočil, Ivan (advisor) ; Slavíková, Eva (referee)
In my diploma work, I tried to look into deeper context which opens during Dialogue Acting With Inner Partner (DA). I consciously left out the theatre utilisation of DA which I touched only marginally. Above all, I wanted to explore the spiritual aspect which is open to everyone at the moment of one's entering into the process of DA. For me, DA is a bridge between the western style of perceiving the reality, and the eastern insight into the essence of existence. I mention here only the spiritual practics I experienced by myself, mostly through practicing or intuitive connection through my dreams.
Experience in Acting with the Inner Partner and Searching for Personal Acting Expression
Astashina, Natalia ; Vyskočil, Ivan (advisor) ; Pokorná, Jaroslava (referee)
SUMMARY: The diploma thesis ?Experience in Acting with the Inner Partner and Searching for Personal Acting Expression? is discussing the practical experience with a psychosomatic discipline ?Dialogické jednání s vnitřním partnerem? (?Acting with the Inner Partner?) at the Department of Authorship and Pedagogy (KATaP) DAMU. The experience is discussed in three chapters or parts and goes hand in hand with parts discribing experiences coming out of other psychosomatic disciplines that take place at KATaP. Especially: voice education, speech (recitation) education, principles of acting and authorial reading and writing. The diploma thesis also involves reflections of authorial presentations and performances that came into being within the study. The thesis is written in Czech language.

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