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Prevention health care for person in shelters in Czech Republic
Bázlerová, Zuzana ; Vrzáček, Petr (advisor) ; Klokočková, Šárka (referee)
This work describes the importance of health prevention, specifically the prevention of breast cancer with practical implementation of breast self-examination in asylum homes in the Czech Republic. Shelters are a social care service centres and cooperate with the Alliance of Women with Breast Cancer, o.p.s. The main focus of research was woman's health care and prevention. The Alliance is a non-profit organization with a legal form - a charitable organization, helping women in both illness and disease, sponsoring several patient organizations, and working with a number of professionals and doctors. The diploma thesis has a practical and informative character, which covers two important components of a successful project - a theoretical basis with practical use. Research focuses on prevention from the perspective of social care workers. It answers the question of how social care centres approach prevention and how they deal with their clients and, above all, how women approach health prevention and how they are informed. Furthermore, the partial aim is to show how prevention can be achieved in a selected organization by means of an educational project, which was implemented in three shelters for women and mothers with children in various regions of the Czech Republic. Keywords: cancer, breast...
Dehumanization as a risk factor for the use of digital technologies in the context of social work
Brezina, Lukáš ; Vrzáček, Petr (advisor) ; Müller, Karel (referee)
The thesis deals with the threat of dehumanization when applying digital technologies and robotics into social work. The work focuses on the history and origin of digital technologies within the context of social changes. It explores the basic rules governing elementary functioning and development of digital technologies and robotics. The thesis describes and summarizes basic information about the possibilities and risks of using digital technologies and robotics within social work. Towards the end it also includes opinions of several professional and political authorities who are active in this topic. This thesis aims to trigger the debate over the possible threats connected to dehumanization of social work and the use of digital technologies and robotics, respectively make it more intensive.
Nurse managers competencies
Vojáčková, Anna ; Vrzáček, Petr (advisor) ; Povolná, Pavla (referee)
1 ABSTRACT The role of nurse managers is crucial for all healthcare organizations, because they are the link, that brings the organization's strategic plan to the center of action, through direct patient care. Ward nurses and head nurses significantly influence the fulfillment of requirements set by the healthcare organizations' stakeholders. The methods they use to take on leadership roles have an impact on the future of nursing. The main goal of this thesis is to define the competencies that the ward and head nurses need to manage this responsibility successfully. Defining true competencies based on head and ward nurses' professional experiences can contribute to streamlining the creation of (self)assessment tools for nurse managers at mid-level management. It can also help nurses with setting personal- development and career goals as well as serve Human Resources specialists as an effective tool for selecting the best-suited nurses for managerial positions. Last, but not least, defining competencies can be a resource for creating effective education programs for healthcare managers. The research for this thesis was conducted in two stages. In the first stage, two focus groups were held. Based on these two focus groups, a total of fifty competencies, divided into four main competency themes and seventeen...
Business plan - extending the activities of specialized mobile peadiatric paliative care into the Central Bohemia Region for the existing organization Cesta domu
Kosíková, Jitka ; Vrzáček, Petr (advisor) ; Krejčí, Jiří (referee)
In this thesis is a demonstration of a business plan for existing organization Cesta domu. Cesta domu is an organization providing mobile palliative care especially for adult patients. In last four years admits also pediatric patients. The plan ambitions is to extend the services for children not only in capacity, but also in the area to which it will be extended. This work maps the complexity of such a step from financial, personal and organizational points. In the theoretical parts are shown the layers of management and planning as important parts of organizational structure. That is followed by demonstrating the analytical tools for organization, the environment and the importance of preparing the financial plan. Moreover it maps the individual steps of risk analysis. The second part is dedicated to palliative care. The evaluation of current situation in Czech republic and the recommendations from the professional organizations are based on currently available sources. The empirical part compiles all the part of business plan itself. The current situation and also the position, which Cesta domu helds, is presented. The business plan for enlarging the services is shown in individual steps such as financial overview with risk assessment and plan. This thesis aspirate to bring an overview on the...
7 Habits and principles of management
Tyl, Alan ; Vrzáček, Petr (advisor) ; Lejsal, Matěj (referee)
This thesis aims to identify the principles that managers use in their work. The work of Stephen Covey "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" is used as an object of research. Primarily, a Covey's claim that the 7 habits are universal and timeless is analyzed, in an effort to identify universal principles of effectivity and their relationship to management. All of the habits are paraphrased and compared to the work of other popular authors from the area of social sciences. Subsequently, a comparison between the 7 habits and historical development of organization theory and its lessons is conducted. Further along, a description of critical reflection of the 7 habits from five standpoints is presented: post-modern, feminism, critical pedagogy, non-functionalism and exclusive representation. Finally, the author of the thesis presents his personal experience with implementing the 7 habits in his professional and personal life. From the findings, this thesis comes to the conclusion that Covey's system of 7 habits is possibly a quality source of information when searching for universal principles of effectivity. At the same time, it warns that it is possible that the habits are only universally applicable within the scope of the time and background of western thinking they were developed in. In the closing,...
Changing the image of maternity hospital in the system of maternity care in the Czech republic
Jeřábková, Julie ; Vrzáček, Petr (advisor) ; Kodyšová, Eliška (referee)
This theses deals with leading change in the specific organization, gynecologycal obstetrician department. The main aim of this theses is to evaluate leading of this change from the manager point of view and also to evaluate its sustainibility in the organization. I was focused on the research of the proces and execution of this specific change. It was the change from the clasiccal model of obsetrics to the respectfull model of obstetrics with using alternative methods and support of the natural birth. I used the qualitative research methods, patricipating observation. I created the summary of the proces of the change and underlined the found problematic parts from the field notes, interview and analysis of social networks. I managed to answer all asked questions and evaluate the process of change and its sustainability. At the end I offered a practical guide of the specific change as a tool for other organizactions. Key words: Obestetrics, maternity center, perinatal care, concepts of leading birth, opinion differences, healthcare management, management of change, image change.
The introduction of social service in Non-Governmental Organization.
Nedobitá, Lucie ; Vrzáček, Petr (advisor) ; Šedivý, Marek (referee)
This Master's thesis deals with the description of an introduction of social service in Non- Governmental Organization, which has decided to become a registrated provider of social services. The aim of the thesis is to describe how to manage selected phase of such a change, while introducing it to the field of social service by a Non-Governmental Organization. This is related to chosen Non-Governmental Organization Azara sociální, z.s. and specifically it's project of the introduction of field social service - Personal Assistance. The selected phase of implementation is the registration of this service and the individual steps, from the decision to introduce the change, through the elaboration of the individual plans and submission of required documents, which are necessary for the registration application to the competent regional authority. Strategic analyzes are carried out for the analysis of the external environment of the selected organization and the analysis of the internal environment. The qualitative research method focus group has been used to receive suggestions and concrete steps from selected representatives of the organization's management, based on the Implementation Plan and the Risk Plan. The evaluation of the progress, of the phases of the introduced changes is carried out...
Social Services Methodologist: Job Profile in Terms of Qualification and Personality
Krbec, Petr ; Vrzáček, Petr (advisor) ; Pončová, Radka (referee)
The topic of this diploma thesis is the qualification and personality profile of the job title - methodology specialist in the social services in the Czech Republic. The theoretical part of this work describes the quality of social services because their setting, evaluation and management are in the spotlight during last few decades. This work deals with the law on social services and with social services quality standards which are the benchmark of quality for these services. The job title methodology specialist in social services is described in detail in the chapter describing social services workers. Conclusion of the theoretical part of this work highlights the importance of human resources for the organization and the importance of the job title description. The practical part of this work is aimed on mapping of competency and personality profile of the job title of current methodology specialists in social services. There are used qualitative research methods specifically semi structured interviews with employees who work in this position. The analysis of gained information gives answers to research questions and creates a picture of competency and personal profile of methodology specialist in the social services field. Key words: Quality, social services, methodology specialist, quality...
Motivation and Stimulation of Volunteers in a Multidisciplinary Team
Dudová, Eva ; Vrzáček, Petr (advisor) ; Růžička, Jiří (referee)
This thesis focuses on the direction and coordination of volunteers in organisations with multidisciplinary teams working with homeless people, and the challenges faced by both these organisations and their volunteers. The results of the experimental section, which focuses on the motivation of volunteers and stimulation from the organisations, have their basis in practical research using semi-structured interviews with leading workers at the organisations, their volunteers, and volunteers from the Labre project, which represents an introductory characterisation of the problem in practice; one which the respondents then refer to in the interviews. Problem areas as identified by both the workers and the volunteers themselves include integration into the organisation, unsupervised activity, non-stimulating conditions, irregular contact, and apathy from the side of the target group. Systematic leadership by a volunteer coordinator is financially demanding for the organisations, and the workers attend to their volunteers in addition to other competences, making systematic leadership more difficult. A recommendation for workers in non-profit organisations working with volunteers is derived from the results of the empirical part. It is based on a careful consideration of the application of volunteer work,...
Draft business plan for a social enterprise
Marčaníková, Jana ; Vrzáček, Petr (advisor) ; Francová, Petra (referee)
Bussiness plan design for a social enterprise The thesis deals with the proposal of a business plan for Mineral Bangle, which produces jewelry and accessories from mineral stones. The company financially supports Farní charita in Roudnice nad Labem and 10 % of profits goes for children's and youth's trips from low-threshold facilities. The company is in the market for the third year and intends to be transformed into a social enterprise to make a greater contribution to the society. The aim of the thesis is to contribute to the development and transformation of the already functioning company into a social enterprise by creating a business plan that will be used in the grant application and will also serve as an inspiration for other students whom are social businesses closer than ordinary business. The business plan will be compiled including an analysis of the external and internal environment, analysis of company statistics, mapping of the business environment, identification of strengths and weaknesses, elaboration of marketing, financial plan and risk management plan. The plan contains description of conditions under which a social enterprise could operate. The diploma thesis can be considered as a methodology of business planning for a particular social enterprise. Key words: Social economic....

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