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The relationship between circadian system and cell cycle
Vrtílková, Andrea ; Bendová, Zdeňka (advisor) ; Fárková, Eva (referee)
The circadian system is able to oscillate by itself owing to the transcriptional-translation feedback loop. Components of this loop do not affect just their own run, but they also have an impact on some other functions of the cell, for example cell cycle. This interaction is made by clock proteins (PER, CRY etc.) and by clock-controlled proteins (WEE1, TIM, XPA etc.). These proteins participate in the cell cycle run and have an impact on check-points. Disruption of the circadian clock can cause faults in cell cycle check-points, storing of DNA damages and increased cell apoptosis or tumor progression. Key words: circadian systém, cell cycle, WEE1, XPA, P21, C-Myc, TIM, PER

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