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Effect of inhaled metal oxide nanoparticles on organs of exposed mice
Mikuška, Pavel ; Večeřa, Zbyněk ; Dočekal, Bohumil ; Čapka, Lukáš ; Křůmal, Kamil ; Coufalík, Pavel ; Moravec, Pavel ; Buchtová, Marcela ; Míšek, Ivan ; Vrlíková, Lucie ; Smutná, Tereza ; Dumková, J. ; Hampl, A. ; Fictum, P.
Adult mice were continuously exposed to metal oxide nanoparticles for different time intervals. At the end of experiment, mice organs (lung, brain, kidney, liver and spleen) were collected for chemical, biochemical, histological and electron microscopical analyses.
Study of organs of mice in inhalation experiments
Vrlíková, Lucie ; Diviš, Pavel (referee) ; Dočekal, Bohumil (advisor)
The diploma thesis is devoted to study potential risks for living organisms resulting from inhalation of nanoparticles of chosen heavy metals. The main aim of this work is the investigation of organs from experimental white mice after their guided inhalation of lead nanoparticles. The samples of liver and lungs from these animals are taken in time periods during the inhalation experiments and processed by specific methods for their evaluation. After pressurized microwave assisted decomposition of selected samples of mice organs in high purity concentrated nitric acid the content of lead is determined by atomic absorption spectrometry with electrothermal atomization. Furthermore, the changes are monitored using the microscopy of histological slides stained with hematoxylin-eosin. The results of both approaches are evaluated and compared within the frame of this work.
Influence of PbO and CdO nanoparticles on particular physiological functions in mouse.
Svozilová, Eva ; Vrlíková, Lucie (referee) ; Večeřa, Zbyněk (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor´s thesis is to assess the long-term effects of inhalation of nanoparticles of lead oxide and cadmium oxide on the weight of selected organs of experimental white mice. The selected organs (spleen, liver, kidney, lungs, brain) were successively collected during a period of thirteen weeks. The effect of inhalation of both metal oxides was statistically evaluated. In both study groups of the experiment (PbO and CdO), the relation between organs weight and the length of inhalation and the relation between organs weight and inhalation of differing metal concentrations were evaluated, and results both of the study groups were compared to each other.

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