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High-lift system of the competition model aircraft
Vrba, Martin ; Koštial, Rostislav (referee) ; Koutník, Tomáš (advisor)
This Bachelor thesis is focused on compiling a summary of lift mechanization, at both the leading and the trailing edges used on plane models and unmanned means of transport. It briefly explains their principles and functions. It describes the method of calculation of the flight mode design of the competing aircraft according to the specifications of the Air Cargo Challenge competition.
Vrba, Martin ; Magid, Václav (referee) ; Sterec, Pavel (advisor)
Presented work tries to reflect the structure of human world, which is able to create an overman as an artificial intelligence through its self-destructive tendency. It investigates the possibilities of our imagination and if we are able to think about artificial intelligence as a sui generis continuation of human species. Hand in hand it tries to create a tension between particular ethico-political decisions and subsequent binding structure, which they implies.
Intercultural working environment, culture shock, adaptation and training
Vrba, Martin ; Tureckiová, Michaela (advisor) ; Paták, Milan (referee) ; Bláha, Jiří (referee)
The thesis does not include an abstract in English The thesis does not include an abstract in English The thesis does not include an abstract in English The thesis does not include an abstract in English The thesis does not include an abstract in English
Sanitation installation in historic building
Vrba, Martin ; Aberlová, Simona (referee) ; Vrána, Jakub (advisor)
This Master’s thesis deals with sanitation installation in historic building. The theoretical part of the topic analysis deals with the issue waste water discharge from the building and ground floor. Furthermore, the theoretical solutions are processed sanitation installation and variants of it. Preferable variant is finalized the details of the implementation of the project.
VRBA, Martin
This diploma work was aimed at an analysis of organization and direction of transport in different sizes of companies. One ot the companies is ČSAD JIHOTRANS, jsc. and the second one is Duropack Bupak Papírna, ltd. A part of this work is also the consideration, if outsourcing, which ČSAD JIHOTRANS, jsc do for Duropack Bupak Papírna, ltd, is more advantage then transport with the own means of transport. In literature overview were descripted logistic, transport, costs of transport and their calculation, advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of transport, international contracts at the transport, electronic toll and outsourcing. In the practical part were descriped the Duropack Bupak company and transport company ČSAD JIHOTRANS, jsc, their history, basic charakteristic of activities and their organization structures. Further was performed an analysis of extend of transport, which ČSAD JIHOTRANS, jsc performed for Duropack Bupak, ltd in 2006. It was also performed the analysis of costs of transport, if Duropack Bupak, ltd perform the transport with the own means.

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