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Legislation registered partnership and its social aspect
This Bachelor thesis on the topic of "registered partnership legislation and its social aspect" describes how the society looked at homosexuality throughout history, and how it is perceived nowadays. The opinion of the society in this matter has developed gradually and is continuously evolving. I see the meaning of this work in extending informations for persons who preffers persons of the same sex. Additional value is that the general public awareness of the issue would be wider. Addaptation of registered partnership or same sex marriages may not be in certain countries enacted, no one can give this country order to do so. Therefore, there are still countries where registred partnership is not allowed in the legal order of the country. Bachelor's thesis concentrates on two aspects. The main aspect is to summarize the law of registered partnerships and its social aspect in selected countries of the European Union, when was the legislation of registered partnership described in the Czech Republic and, eventually, in selected countries of the European Union. Through the additional aspect was compared the adjustments of registered partnership between selected States. Due to the fact, that the thesis is only theoretical and research was not carried out, I used analytical-descriptive method.
Communication with senior pacient in Neurosurgery ward in the Hospital in Ceske Budejovice,a.s.
Communication is generally defined as a transfer of information via various signals and means: orally, in writing, by facial expressions, gestures and other non-verbal behaviour, in particular between two or among several people. It is also often stated to involve the manners or the means facilitating connection (understanding). Doctors and nurses generally admit communication difficulties in certain specific demanding situations but some of them believe that they are good mediators, i.e. good communicators, due to their upbringing, abilities and education. By contrast, senior patients often find the communication skills of medical workers rather unsatisfactory and show dissatisfaction with the course of intercommunication. The objective of the research part of the bachelor thesis was to ascertain the manner how doctors and nurses communicate with senior patients in the neurosurgical ward. Another objective was to ascertain which manners of communication are suitable for senior patients hospitalized in the neurosurgical ward. It followed from the research that the seniors hospitalized in the neurosurgical ward prefer verbal communication {--} this form of communication is the most convenient for them. The medical staff also stated that they mostly used verbal communication {--} in some cases supplemented with non-verbal communication, in particular with gestures and the tone of the voice. This thesis could be used as a feedback in the area of communication between the medical workers and the senior patients hospitalized in the neurosurgical ward of Nemocnice České Budějovice, a.s.

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