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Sukuk as Islamic Financial Instruments from the Perspective of Czech and European Law
Vojtěch, Jakub ; Bakeš, Milan (advisor) ; Marková, Hana (referee) ; Radvan, Michal (referee)
Sukuk are a special kind of securities based on Islamic law. Being an up-to-date and increasingly important instrument, sukuk are traded in financial markets of not only Muslim countries. The aim of the dissertation is to review this Islamic legal institute in its entirety and to examine it from the point of view of the Czech and European Union legal regulation of securities and financial instruments. The starting point of the dissertation is the assumption that by studying foreign law and comparing its institutes, it is possible to achieve a better understanding of one's own legal regulation and possibly create new solutions that would otherwise be hidden in the standard context of understanding national law. The dissertation deals with sukuk both in terms of their theoretical definition provided by the Islamic legal theory (the idealistic approach) as well as from the point of view of their actual form in practice as products of Islamic securitization (the pragmatic approach). The analysis of the examined legal institute results in a new definition of the concepts of sukuk and Islamic securitization. The paper further concentrates on the structures of a total of seven main types of sukuk, namely: (i) Sukuk al-Ijarah, (ii) Sukuk al-Murabahah, (iii) Sukuk as- Salam, (iv) Sukuk al-Istisna'a, (v)...
Stable optical frequency transfer between ISI and CESNET workplaces
Čížek, Martin ; Pravdová, Lenka ; Hucl, Václav ; Jelínek, Michal ; Hrabina, Jan ; Řeřucha, Šimon ; Mikel, Břetislav ; Lazar, Josef ; Číp, Ondřej ; Smotlacha, V. ; Havliš, O. ; Vojtěch, J.
The contribution reports on the current state of a 306km long experimental line for transfering stable optical frequency from a telecommunication band laser standard between ISI CAS (Brno) and CESNET (Prague). The bidirectional link uses a telecommunication fiber with a dedicated DWDM window of 1540-1546 nm.1540-1546 nm. In the Czech rep. this technology can be utilized currently in two fields: remote comparisons of optical frequency standards and remote callibration of instruments (optical spectral analyzers) in industrial applications that do not allow transporting the device to a specialized laboratory. The stability of the optical frequency transfer was evaluated. A long-term measurement of transport delay was conducted. \n
Optical software defined networks
Janoušek, Adam ; Horváth, Tomáš (referee) ; Vojtěch, Josef (advisor)
The bacherol thesis „Optical SDN“ deals with the analysis of software-defined technology networks on the optical switch. Specifically, it focuses on remote manual switching and automatic switching based on surroundings. The aim of the thesis is description of technology, understanding the principle of software-defined networks, including the implementation of demostrative manual remote switching and automatic switching.
Transmission of accurate time and stable frequency through the optical network
Kratochvíl, Petr ; Vojtěch, Josef (referee) ; Münster, Petr (advisor)
Transmission of accurate time and stable frequency using satellite technology is slowly starting to rise to it's limits, which logically leads to the search for a refund that will further increase accuracy. A very good substitute in this case is optical fiber, which has undergone great progress in recent decades and has helped to launch scientific and commercial use of time and frequency over this link on all connecting lines.
Rationalization of the workpiece technology part with the aim to reduce costs
Vojtěch, Jakub ; Strejček, Jan (referee) ; Chladil, Josef (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the improvement of the production technology during machining of the given component. The main goal is to design a different production technology, to reduce production time terms using more appropriate tools and to reduce the total costs of machining.
Graphical user interface for sensing systems
Dejdar, Petr ; Vojtěch, Josef (referee) ; Münster, Petr (advisor)
Master thesis is focused on creating graphical user interface for the sensorical system based on Phase-OTDR. Theoretical part describes optical fibers, explains the principle of Bragg gratings, their production and their use in sensors. Methods of optical fiber attenuation and phase OTDR measurement are also described. Other part is focused on LabVIEW programming software and utilization of sensorical system and its components. Practical part deals with the user interface itself, which consists of two tabs. The first tab is designed for evaluation and display of measured data. The second tab is used to control and set up system components. Both of these tabs are further subdivided into other subtabs. Regarding the conclusion, further development of the program and options of hardware replacement for improving this sensorical system in the future will be discussed.
Transmission of accurate time and stable frequency through the optical network
Girt, Lukáš ; Horváth, Tomáš (referee) ; Vojtěch, Josef (advisor)
Diploma thesis focuses on the theoretical analysis of precise time and stable frequency transfer. It describes what time and frequency is, their properites and options of their generation. Next part deals with different possibilities of time and frequency transfer especially using fiber optics. In the practical part equipment for analysing effects of temperature changes on precise time transfer is puted into operation. Arduino platform is used for monitoring temperature changes on fiber. For testing of frequency stability in variable temperature conditions of environmental chamber device is created using highly coherent laser.
Seismic activity measurement using fiber optic sensors
Vaněk, Stanislav ; Horváth, Tomáš (referee) ; Vojtěch, Josef (advisor)
The aim of master's thesis is to get familiarized with the problems of measurement and analysis of seismic waves. Theoretical part deals with the description of seismic waves, especially their types, sources and properties. Attention was afterwards focused on the measurement systems of these waves, emphasis was placed on their principles and advantages. The practical part discusses methods of noise reduction and highlighting of significant events in measured data. At the end, individual methods are implemented into user-friendly graphical interface.
Graduates of secondary schools and the labor market. Industry: Law, legal and public administration
Doležalová, Gabriela ; Vojtěch, Jiří
Contains important and available information about the number of newly admitted students and graduates, their readiness and success in the transition to the labor market or to further education, about whether graduates actually in the field working etc., for selected industries, here specifically for industry Law, Legal and Public Law Activities. It is not a separate sector, but rather activities that intersect across all sectors of the economy.
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Development of the educational and professional structure of pupils and students in secondary and tertiary vocational education in the Czech Republic and in regions of the Czech Republic and the position of young people in the labor market compared to the situation in the European Union - 2016/17
Vojtěch, Jiří ; Chamoutová, Daniela
The publication informs about the development of the educational structure of secondary education through the development of the numbers and shares of newly admitted pupils in 1st grade (for multi-year grammar schools in years corresponding to 1st year of secondary school) and on the development of the number of admitted pupils in further education and higher vocational education, by region. The material also provides data on the development of the branch structure of secondary and higher education broken down by group of branches, incl. graphs and tables for the years 2011 to 2016.
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