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Brainwashing and New religious movements
Madarová, Sara ; Vojtíšek, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Kostičová, Zuzana (referee)
My diploma thesis, called "The new religious movements and brainwashing", could be divided into two imaginary units. The first one is more general but technical. This part analyzes the term brainwashing as a whole, from a different point of views. The term brainwashing appears throughout the whole paper; from its formation, across the development, until its usage in everyday life. This contains the usage in media, advertising, and other spheres. This chapter should point out the importance of this topic, which is often forgotten. The second part of the thesis aims to contrast the book by Ted Patrick and Tom Dulack, which describes the term deprogramming. This term was allegedly invented for the new religious movement practices and brainwashing purposes. This chapter outlines the Ted's Patrick stances and gives an impartial reaction on it. The third part of the thesis is more of a narrative. It gives a fundamental explanation and typology of new religious movements, which connects the previous two parts. The following chapter clarifies the opposition theories. Nonetheless, it focuses on the anti-cult movements, but also the perception of media, the majority society, or a role of the state. This part of the thesis is vital in order to take a stand on the brainwashing itself. Its careless usage is an...
The roots and evolution of the brazilian Santo Daime church
Hlaváčová, Barbora ; Vojtíšek, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Kostičová, Zuzana (referee)
This thesis concerns with an ayahuasca church Santo Daime, mainly with the Cefluris line, which is the mostly spread in the world. At the first it describes the evolution of this church, as it evolved from the roots of popular Catholicism, shamanic use of ayahuasca, esoteric teaching, Kardecism and Afro-Brazilian cults (mainly Umbanda) into an independent religious movement. According to its evolution we can see gradual change in the social composition of church's members, when the founder members were poor Amazonian peasants contrary to the present participants of the ceremonies who come from the urban middle class at the most. Next chapters investigate original traditions and an extent to which are their influences still present in this movement. Christian Eucharist, Christian saints and their feasts are the central motives for majority of the ceremonies and the remnant of popular Catholicism. Daime (originally ayahuasca), expressive musical background and healing aspect of the ceremonies are the heritage of the South American shamanism and European esotericism and Spiritism were the sources of theoretical description of the spiritual world, frequently cited prayers and individual meditation techniques. We can observe increased occurrences of the possessive states and an enrichment of the...
The society of Universalia, review "Logos" and the alternative spirituality
Plass, David ; Putna, Martin (advisor) ; Vojtíšek, Zdeněk (referee)
This thesis aims to present society of Universalia which first appears in era of the First republic and uses it's journal Logos in attempt to prove whether Universalia is society of alternative spirituality. Thesis is also interested in some authors of spiritual articles in this periodical and tries to describe impact of these authors on the community of Universalia. The introduction of this thesis describes society of Universalia and its purpose. Another chapter mentions many traditions which Universalia follows-up. Ensuing is the presentation of Logos journal, which serves as communication stream for its members and other societies. Focus point of the thesis lies in analysis of spiritual articles in Logos journal. Forty-two specific articles have been chosen to introduce its authors and try to derive from their contents, whether they aim to create comprehensive picture of spiritual live. The attachments bring some of to this day unpublished research instruments, such as complete bibliography of Logos journal or list of texts published by Universalia.
Political conflict in case of Branch Davidians
Kárníková, Anna ; Vojtíšek, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Hošek, Pavel (referee)
This thesis has provided an understanding and re-examination of the political conflict of the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas in 1993. In addition, it has shown that the government siege could have been less violent and has justified the acts of certain individual players within the conflict. Without a doubt, everyone has their own pre-understanding and reassessment of the event. The first part dealt with the social context of religion in the United States and at within the state of Texas. It describes the diverse religious environment, history, and conditions for participants and their religion there. At the same time, it quickly familiarized readers with the phenomena of new religious movements. The second part was focused on the development of Branch Davidians and described the forming of the group from its roots in Adventism and previous leaders through the final version with David Koresh. The presentation of the Branch Davidians represented was important for understanding their behavior in following chapters. The last fundamental part was dedicated to the initiators of the conflict and its consequences. The hypothesis was confirmed that the Branch Davidians were not the only initiators of the conflict. The principle role of inciting the conflict was played by disgruntled Branch Davidian...

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