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Re/construction of masculine identity among men with disabilities within the Czech auto/biographical narrative
Šnokhous, Petr ; Kolářová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Vodochodský, Ivan (referee)
Re/construction of masculine identity among men with disabilities within the Czech auto/biographical narrative. The diploma thesis thematizes intersection of masculinity/ masculinities and disability. It focuses on mechanisms and strategies that are used for self-defining by men with disabilities in the intention of hegemonic discourse of masculinity. These mechanisms and strategies are uncovered on the strength of chosen autobiographical and biographical texts. Content of czech autobiographical and biographical textual material is compared and it serves as a background for critical interpretation of particularly circumscribed narrative of disability in the context of manliness within the czech sociocultural milieu. Epistemological and ontological scope is social constructivism resp. critical theory paradigm. Method of deconstruction is a qualitative content analysis focused on manhood acts creating a sense of male non/normative body through interaction, relation and categorization. Men with disabilities are conceived by processes of re/masculinization and normalization, which are linked to marginalized status and disadvantageous sociocultural representations of the men with non-normative bodies. Keywords: masculinity/ masculinities, disability, intersectionality, auto/biography, narrative,...
The Open Club fopr Children and Youth like a Sustainable Place for Free Time Activities Children from a Housing Estate.
Tinlová, Petra ; Pospíšilová, Tereza (advisor) ; Vodochodský, Ivan (referee)
This master's thesis is concerned with free time activities of children and youth, with a special emphasis on open clubs as the NGOs offering a "new" social service and providing a convenient place for children living on housing estates. It also outlines trends in organizing free time activities and introduces a particular open club. Considering the research carried out among children, it proposes some ideas on further functioning of this organization.
Equal opportunities and combining working and family life from perspective of women (analysis of discourse)
Novák, Ondřej ; Vodochodský, Ivan (advisor) ; Vodáková, Alena (referee)
This master's thesis deals with the question of combining family and working life from a gender perspective. The main focal point of the thesis is a discoursive analysis of interviews with women/mothers, who returned to their places of employment either after or during their maternity leave. The analysis deals with the two levels, on which the narratives of the respondents move: discoursive (using interpretive sources and a discoursive framework) and practical (concrete practices). It's main area of interest is the method with which the repsondents construct their presence within the question of combining family life with their employment, i.e., which discourses do they use in their narratives, and conversely, in what way do these discourses limit and co-create their rhetorical and social practices. The analysis of the interviews develops into a simplification of a schematicization of relationships between individual discourses, while at the same time indicating the consequences of those relationships for some concrete practices of the women themselves. In an important conclusion, the thesis reveals the lack of presence of a discourse on the positioning of the male in the private sphere (e.g., man-father) as a prerequisite for the women's engagement in their employment. Finally, the thesis compares the...
"New fathers" and shared parenting
Dlasková, Julie ; Vodochodský, Ivan (advisor) ; Hájek, Martin (referee)
This thesis examines the responsibilities and roles of fathers who practise a shared care arrangement in order to get a better understanding of how traditionally perceived women's and men's tasks are divided between the father and the mother after separation. Special emphasis is given to gender equality in responsibilities and roles traditionally ascribed to women and men, to decide in which aspects, fathers who practice shared care can be seen as 'new fathers'. Previous research projects on fatherhood have indicated that in two-parent families it is typically the mother who takes the major responsibility for private sphere duties such as nurturing or domestic labour, while the father's role lies in providing and financial support (Cohen 1993) (Ranson 2001) (Segal 1990). For this reason the actual existence of the 'new father' in society has been doubted. In-depth interviews conducted in New Zealand with fathers who were in a shared care situation showed that their responsibilities and roles changed after separation and became equalized between both parents. New circumstances, a gender equal attitude and a wish to be a part of the children's lives made the fathers become responsible for nurturing aspects of parenting and day-to-day care. This thesis suggests that study of 'non-traditional' family...

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