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Comparison of coverage of the war conflicts in Yemen and Syria by Czech media
Jurečková, Anna ; Vodička, Milan (advisor) ; Miessler, Jan (referee)
The diploma thesis Comparation of the coverage of war conflicts in Yemen and Syria by the Czech media examines to what extent and in what way two wars, which have been going on for several years and are among the biggest humanitarian crises of the present, are reflected in selected media. The conflicts under investigation are the war in Syria and the war in Yemen. The aim of the thesis was to prove that although the two wars are comparable in many aspects, there is a considerable difference between their media coverage. The theoretical part summarizes and defines important concepts accompanying news and news selection and their impact, the role of the media in war and other concepts such as ideology or propaganda. The research part examines the individual reports of three selected news sites, which are Aktuálně.cz, and Based on four theoretical bases, the variables in media content of selected media were investigated. Based on the analysis it was found that the Syrian conflict in the media space gets much more attention than the Yemeni conflict. Furthermore, it was found that while the war in Syria is most often put into the context of the actions of state actors, the most common theme of the reports on the war in Yemen is the development of the conflict. The third hypothesis...
Electronic communication with the tax authorities
Hajdušek, Tomáš ; Novotný, Ota (advisor) ; Vodička, Milan (referee)
The work deals with the topic of electronic communication with the tax authorities. The theoretical part starts with the research of related work and then the development of e-Government to nowadays form is presented. The legislation regarding electronic communication with tax authorities with possible changes towards future follows. The theoretical part of the work is finished with statistics regarding electronic communication with the tax authorities and with comparison of the situation in the Czech Republic with the situation in other European Union countries. In the practical part of the work, a set of best practices which should be obeyed by tax advisors is presented as a main output of the work. Practical part also contains a survey and statistical analysis of data arising from it. The survey is unique because of the fact that all respondents are tax advisors. In the last part, based on the survey, the benefits and shortcomings of the electronic communications with the tax authorities as well as possible steps to streamline are presented.
Valuation of a Trademark as an Intangible Property of a Firm
Šťastná, Zuzana ; Hesková, Marie (advisor) ; Vodička, Milan (referee)
Thesis deals with the valuation of a trademark as an intangible property of a firm. In the theoretical part is a treatise on the difference between brand and trademark. There is also explained the importance of brand essence and brand building. It also described the area, benefiting from brand valuation. The selected company is subjected to several analysis and the value of its brand is recognized by the method license analogy.

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