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Socioeconomic passportization of immovable cultural heritage
Kouba, Vojtěch ; Lindner, Milan ; Vořechovský, Jan ; Dostál, Petr ; Pátek, Zdeněk ; Dianová, Markéta ; Titelbachová, Šárka ; Tyslová, Irena ; Straka, Michal ; Zelený, Martin ; Kubaš, Mario ; Hanzlík, Jan ; Vančurová, Alena ; Vond, Zdeněk
Předkládaná metodika je výsledkem aplikovaného výzkumu a je zaměřena na ekonomiku památek, resp. nemovitých objektů prohlášených kulturními památkami České republiky. Jejím cílem je vytvoření pasportů ekonomických hodnot pro jednotlivé památkové objekty, v případě využití metodiky orgány veřejné správy i pro soubory památek určitého druhu či soubory památek na vymezeném území.
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Brownfields conversion for cultural purposes
Hánová, Dominika ; Lindner, Milan (advisor) ; Vořechovský, Jan (referee)
Abstract: The subject of the bachelor thesis is the identification and analysis of the factors of success of the industrial brownfields conversion for cultural purposes. The theoretical part is focused on industrial buildings, defines the legislative of protection of industrial heritage in the Czech Republic, including the ways of its financing; It also describes the processes and mechanisms leading to the formation of brownfields, as well as outline the possibility of their revitalization or conversion. In the practical part of the thesis, several concrete projects are analyzed for the conversion of industrial brownfields for cultural purposes in order to identify the specific conditions and factors for the success of their realization. The methods used in the work are structured and semi-structured interviews with project realizators, external observations, as well as research and analysis of available information and data. From this information obtained, the recommendations are presented at the end of the thesis for potential future implementers.
Organization of musical events in Prague's industrial spaces and halls
Jelínková, Lucie ; Riedlbauch, Václav (advisor) ; Vořechovský, Jan (referee)
The aim of this work is to map the current development on the Prague cultural scene set in the industrial spaces, it captures in a comprehensive way some common tendencies in the atypical industrial environment. Although there are marginally mentioned various cultural activities, work particularly focuses on the frequent presentation of electronic dance music in abandoned buildings. The work describes the historical development of industrial heritage on the territory of Prague, what kind of cultural businesses in this environment are currently taking part, how do they differ and what do they depend on. After reading this thesis the reader gains insight into the trends currently prevailing on the Prague music scene out of the traditional club environment.
Economic effects of revitalization of Thomayerovy sady
Ryšavá, Petra ; Lindner, Milan (advisor) ; Vořechovský, Jan (referee)
The bachelor's thesis centers around economic and socioeconomic aspects of revitalizing urban green spaces. The theoretical section establishes the terminology related to urban green spaces, area revitalization and regeneration, building new relations, and involving local entities. It also assesses options for quantifying economic benefits of revitalization. The factual part applies theoretical findings to the revitalization of Thomayerovy sady urban park in Prague 8 - Libeň. By comparing it to other already completed revitalizations, the thesis quantifies possible economic benefits of this particular project. It concludes with exploring future consequences of not yet complete revitalization and recommends steps leading to improvements in functionality and public perception of the park.
The main specifics and development trends of German preservation in the field of economization of tangible cultural heritage
Vořechovský, Jan ; Patočka, Jiří (advisor) ; Kouba, Vojtěch (referee)
The aim of this work is a comprehensive grasp of significant factors intervening into the operation and structure of heritage preservation in the Federal Republic of Germany in connection with the Swiss Confederation. The work focuses on the issue of financial support for cultural heritage according to the type of property sites, especially in public administration. Attention is also paid to the perspectives of continuity and long-term effectiveness of projects in terms of available social tools. After reading this thesis the reader will be able to orient themselves in the system of heritage preservation and to determine the effectiveness of funds spent on culture in European countries.
Use of industrial buildings for art gallery and exhibition
Vořechovský, Jan ; Pek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Jiroušková, Šárka (referee)
The aim of this work is to analyze and evaluate procedures leading to the regeneration of industrial heritage and to compare some examples of conversions to gallery and exhibition spaces. The comparison of this adaptations is given by examples from several European countries and Czech Republic with sufficiently broad basis of informations. Work explains the terminology used in the field of the industrial architecture and the regeneration of brownfields. The work briefly asseses the physical state and extent of industrial heritage in the Czech Republic, its preservation and protection. For each state (UK, Spain, Fance and Czech) will be briefly described the basic international and national legal framework of the monuments (industrial heritage) care.

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