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The issue of palliative care in hospice and mobile facilities in the Czech Republic
Vlčkovová, Jana ; Angelovská, Olga (advisor) ; Dobiášová, Karolína (referee)
This rigorous thesis pursues evolution of specialized palliative care and looks at the same time into problems of contemporary legislation and current legal frame of for care in mobile hospices in the Czech Republic. It thus builds on my previous master thesis on euthanasia, which discussed the Act on dignified death submitted to parliamentary debate by Zlatuška, M.P. (ANO) on May 27, 2016. Euthanasia is often perceived as an alternative to palliative care. There are several different forms of palliative care - hospice palliative care, special beds/stations for palliative care in hospitals and care in a mobile hospice. The analytical part of the thesis will include analysis of palliative and hospice care issues based on existing documents and secondary analyses. Methodologically, qualitative approach based on semi-structural interviews with relevant actors from political as well as healthcare spheres will be used. Political actors will be represented by the Ministry of Health and health insurance companies. Attention in the healthcare sphere will be focused on providers of palliative care and founders of hospice facilities and mobile hospice care facilities. Under certain conditions, the latter ones can, however, become also political actors. Part of the qualitative research will be analysis of...
The issue of legislative anchoring of euthanasia in the Czech Republic
Vlčkovová, Jana ; Angelovská, Olga (advisor) ; Dobiášová, Karolína (referee)
The Thesis deals with two issues closely associated with the end of life. It explores the reasons and attitudes of healthcare workers, legislators and general public who are supporting implementation of euthanasia in the Czech legislation. The key impulse for taking up this issue as the topic of the Thesis was initiation of its discussion by and under the guidance of Zlatuška on the proposal of the "act on dignified death". Additionally, the meeting stirred by Hamerský held in the Parliament on March 8, 2017 became another impetus for the work. As is elucidated further, activities of Hamerský, the assistant to Zlatuška, whose name is mentioned in the Thesis quite often, are closely related to the explored topic. The Thesis tries to unveil the exact reasons of the key actors and supporters for inducing some form of legislatively covered euthanasia, namely whether their effort is based on their true conviction. We will consider possible consequences should the euthanasia be introduced to the Czech legislation and analyse the reasons which lead to final rejection of the proposed act. The closing part of the Thesis will describe qualitative research done as an unstructured interview with two groups of physicians differing in the length of their medical practice by several years. Medical profession has...
Nursing care for a patient on combined dialysis treatment
Vlčkovová, Jana ; Marková, Eva (advisor) ; Strnadová, Alice (referee)
We have chosen as the topic of the BSc thesis "Nursing care for a patient on combined dialysis treatment". During our care for the patient, who had been originally put on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis, the patient was transferred onto haemodialysis. Based on this exceptional case of a patient with chronic renal failure, the aim of the thesis was to demonstrate complex nature and specific aspects of nursing care and educational needs of both treatment methods and to compare number of complications associated with each. We chose the form of a case report which appeared to us appropriate for specification of the nursing care. Principal finding of our work is the fact that incidence of complications in patients on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis is much higher than is usually stated in educational materials and other works dealing with similar topics. Education is therefore a very important component of nursing care for the patient. Keywords: Hemodialysis. Renal insufficiency. Peritoneal dialysis. Case study. The nursing model Marjory Gordon. Nursing process.

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