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Indoor climate parameters and construction analysis of romanesque rotunda in Znojmo
Hnilica, Ondřej ; Vlček, Milan (advisor)
The dissertation is focused on the National Cultural Monument - the Romanesque Rotunda of Saint Catherine in Znojmo, in particular on the way the interior influences an integral medieval mural fresco decoration. An impact of the interior on the fresco decoration of a fresco-secco type is judged by available information sources, which draw from long-time, mainly foreign professional experience. The rotunda interior analysis is based on long-term measurement of temperature and humidity parameters and evaluated by a statistical approach. An impact of variable input boundary conditions on the interior is parametrically tested in a dynamic numerical simulation. Obtained results show a positive effect of the installed floor heating in the rotunda and on the other hand a negative impact of visitors on the state of the integral mural painting in the object. A final part of the dissertation includes practical recommendations resulting from a postulate of the preventive heritage preservation of the National Cultural Monument.
End house
Bacovská, Alena ; Vlček, Ing Karel (referee) ; Vlček, Milan (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the solution of the end house building. The guesthouse is designed with a restaurant with a café and a kitchen on the ground floor. On the upper floors there are guest rooms, including a barrier-free room, a two-room apartment for families with children, a meeting room for corporate meetings and terraces for a more comfortable stay in the guesthouse. The building is a three-storey and a partial basement. Roofing will be done with a sloping roof on one side with a hump and on the other with a shield. The building has an atypical floor plan that copies the shape of a building plot. The project is processed using AutoCad Architecture.
The systems of building services in immovable heritage
Maurerová, Lenka ; Vlček, Milan (referee) ; Kabele,, Karel (referee) ; Doc.Ing. Martina Peřinková, Ph.D (referee) ; Hirš, Jiří (advisor)
The present PhD. thesis deals with the systems of building services (namely heating, ventilating and air conditioning, shading) which provide required indoor microclimate inside the immovable heritage. The work thus combines the exclusively technical field of building services (BS) and the general principles of heritage conservation. The aim of my PhD. thesis is the analysis of immovable heritage conservation processes, focusing on the current state of research and BS systems documentation. Furthermore the work concerns the possibilities of temporary measurements of indoor climate parameters inside the immovable heritage, and aims to develop a computer model (in BSim software) for the simulation of various working conditions in the selected buildings. For the stated aims were selected three representative historic houses: historical assembly hall at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Brno University of Technology; the Palm Greenhouse at Lednice Chateau in Moravia; and Villa Tugendhat in Brno. These buildings had been surveyed for several years, and in this PhD. thesis I present their analysis, evaluation, and conclusions. The aims of this PhD. thesis broadly correspond to the transnational objectives. The present research is, for example, in accordance with the international document ICOMOS Charter (Zimbabwe, 2013) which is concerned with the analysis, conservation, and restoration of architectural heritage. The research of immovable heritage is also supported by European Union, e.g. by the Seventh Framework Programme of EU.
Family house with design office
Porubská, Katarína ; Šoulová, Eva (referee) ; Vlček, Milan (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor thesis is the development of a new family house with a desing office in Brno. The new property is designed on a sloping terrain. The building is designed as a separate property with three above-ground floors and one underground floor, irregular in size 13.96 m x 13.14 m. The family house is designed as a single-family house for a family of four. The second overground floor serves as a day zone and the third overground floor as a relaxation zone. On the first floor there is a double garage with space for the families necessities. On the first floor there is an office for four workers with a separate entrance. The new building is designed using brickwork made of ceramic blocks with a construction system and a gable roof. The buildings include hard floor areas, a car park, bicycle parking area and a communal rubbish bin.
Apartment building
Najbrt, Milan ; Šoulová, Eva (referee) ; Vlček, Milan (advisor)
The object of the project is a new apartment building in the cadastral area of the city of Brno, the city district of Líšeň. The building plot is of rectangular shape, the entrance to the plot is situated from the local bituminous road. The house is intended for permanent living of 17 persons in 4 apartments and one studio apartment. Part of the building is common areas for providing services to the residents of the house. The services provided a common laundry room, a workshop and a parking space for each apartment unit. The building has four floors (1st floor, 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor). In the basement there are operating rooms such as a garage with parking spaces, a laundry room, a workroom and a cellar. The architectural design of the house is conceived so that traditional natural materials (brick, stone, wood, metal) can be used in their natural color design. The project further solves the natural light in the central rooms of the building with the aid of light pipes.
Apartment building
Hrazdira, Vojtěch ; Šoulová, Eva (referee) ; Vlček, Milan (advisor)
Detached family hause is describet in inbachelor´s thesis. The hause is located in a part of the city Letovice, Kladoruby in the region of the Blansko. The building has an basement, two aboved -graunds plus an attic. In the basment are situated garage, shower, laundry toiled, and storage rooms. On the graund floor, there are ironworks shop witch storage and room for emloyees. On the first floor there is a kitchen, living room, work rooms and a questroom. In the attic there are one seperate room, two rooms witch dresing-rooms and bedroom witch dresing-room and bathroom. The hause is fouded on foudation strips made of concreate and build of the system HELUZ. Roofs above the main part of the hause as well above the staircase are saddle roofs, the pitch 35°. Clay tiles are the roofing materiál. The footprint of the house is 155,55 m2. The inbachelor´s thesis includes also seminar thesis of flooring terraces, balkonies and loggias.
Proposal for Comunication Mix of the Selected Company
Brzobohatý, Radek ; Vlček, Milan (referee) ; Milichovský, František (advisor)
The thesis is focused on proposal of communication mix for the company ELA, spol. s r.o. The theoretical part defines basic knowledges from marketing and the terms related to marketing communication. Furthermore, a detailed analysis of the current state of the company and made a specific proposal for a new communication mix, which should lead to the fulfillment of the objectives set.
Sport hall
Padrtka, Tomáš ; Vlček, Ing Karel (referee) ; Vlček, Milan (advisor)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to elaborate the project documentation of the sports hall in the town of Bystřice nad Pernštejnem. The object is situated in an area with several other sports grounds. The building is partially basement with one overground floor. On the first floor there is a large and small gym, a fitness room and two massage rooms. There are also changing rooms for guests, staffing facilities, utility room, technical room and office for the managers of the sports hall. The underground floor features a bar with a billiard room and bowling. In the basement is also designed a warehouse, a technical room and separate toilets for men, women and invalids. The construction system of the hall is combined. The hall is based on foundation girders and baseplaces. The perimeter and interior masonry is from the Porotherm system. Pillars are reinforced concrete. The perimeter masonry is complemented by a contact thermal insulation system. The ceilings are designed from Spiroll cavity panels. The roof is designed flat on two levels. The roof above the hall is carried by timber truss girder. The roof above the background carries Spiroll cavity panels.
Multifunctional house
Kostrhounová, Irena ; Vlček, Ing Karel (referee) ; Vlček, Milan (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the solution of a construction of a corner gap site. A multifunctional house comprising three business establishments and nine residential units has been designed. Business premises will be used as stores. The apartments are designed for 4-member families. The multifunctional house has an atypical ground plan with a total area of 512 m2. The object has a basement and four above-ground floors, the business establishment is located on the first above-ground floor. The garage will be operated in automatic parking mode. The entire building is covered with a single-layer flat roof. The project is processed using the AutoCAD computer program.
Multifunctional house
Hamerník, Martin ; Vlček, Ing Karel (referee) ; Vlček, Milan (advisor)
The theme of diploma thesis is processing of the design new multifunctional residential building in Prague. The house has four floors is partly basement. The building is operationally divided into three separate parts. Predominant part of the building is intended for housing, other parts of the establishment is a patisserie and last automatic garage The house is designed of the construction systém Porotherm. The pitched roof is double layer with a wood-steel structure.

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