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Zobecnění objektově orientovaného paradigmatu zavedením morfologie objektů
Šlajchrt, Zbyněk ; Pecinovský, Rudolf (advisor) ; Merunka, Vojtěch (referee) ; Virius, Miroslav (referee)
Modeling protean objects, i.e. objects adapting their structure and behavior dynamically with respect to a changeable environment, is often challenging in traditional object-oriented languages. According to the author, the root cause of this problem lies in the class-based conceptual framework embedded in the foundation of the object-oriented para-digm. The proposed paradigm Object Morphology (OM) is greatly influenced by prototype theory developed in the field of cognitive psychology. OM abandons the notion of class and suggests, instead, that the abstractions of protean objects should be established through the construction of morph models describing the possible forms of those objects. This the-sis defines the theoretical foundations of OM, which is further used to specify the elements of prototypical object-oriented analysis. An important part of this work is also a proof-of-concept implementation of an OM framework in Scala.
Access to tuition of programming in the Czech rebulic and in foreign countries
Šárka, Jakub ; Pecinovský, Rudolf (advisor) ; Virius, Miroslav (referee)
This paper contains information about access to tuition of programming mostly at uni-versities. The aim of this thesis is to survey courses of programming at public and private Czech universities, including comparison with some foreign universities. The paper contains an overview of used tools during entrance courses of programming for beginners at universities' environment. There is also an overview of used methods in teaching information technologies. The outcome is useful for schools and students as well to compare different styles of education among universities.
Dictionary Writing System: Output and Editorial Modules
Barbierik, Kamil ; Děngeová, Zuzana ; Jarý, Vladimír ; Liška, Tomáš ; Lišková, Michaela ; Virius, Miroslav
This paper focuses on a dictionary writing system called Alexis that is currently under development at the Institute of the Czech language of the Czech Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic as part of a preparation of a new monolingual dictionary of the contemporary Czech language. At first, we explain motivation for development of a brand new DWS. We also discuss selected software technologies used for development of the DWS. Then we briefly describe structure of the system that consists of several modules that model key features of the dictionary such as lemma or list of entries. Special emphasis is put on output and editorial modules: we explain the relation between those modules, we demonstrate the process of correction of lemma and roles involved in the process. Finally, we present current status of development and planned new modules which include web interface or revision module.
Development of Dictionary Writing System
Barbierik, Kamil ; Holcová Habrová, Martina ; Jarý, Vladimír ; Kochová, Pavla ; Liška, Tomáš ; Opavská, Zdeňka ; Virius, Miroslav
The article presents a new Dictionary Writing System (DWS) that is being developed at the Institute of the Czech Language of the Academy of Sciences of the CR, v. v. i., in connection with the preparation of a new monolingual dictionary of contemporary Czech. The overall software architecture is discussed in details; the software is implemented as a web application based on PHP, HTML, and MySQL technologies, users interact with it via the web browser.

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