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Predicting light use efficiency using optical vegetation indices at various time scales and environmental conditions
Kováč, Daniel ; Ač, Alexander ; Veselovská, Petra ; Dreveňáková, Petra ; Rapantová, Barbora ; Klem, Karel
This study presents data points acquired during 2 years of measuring optical properties and gas-exchange\ncharacteristics of European beech (Fagus sylvatica) and Norway spruce (Picea abies) tree species in controlled\nenvironments. The observed statistical relationships between 105 pairs of selected optical parameters\n(i.e. photochemical reflectance index [PRI], ΔPRI, and normalized difference between wavebands R690\nand R630 [where R is a reflectance at a subscripted wavelength]) and light use efficiency (LUE) were considered\nat assumed different canopy leaf area index, changing pigments stoichiometrics, and daily changing\ndynamics of environmental conditions. Our measurements suggested that consistency of the LUE estimation\nusing PRI may be disrupted by acclimation responses of plants that reduce energetic carriers for\nuse in photosynthetic CO2 uptake and the xanthophyll cycle. Also, a changing chlorophylls-to-carotenoids\nratio tends to interrupt the PRI–LUE relationship. ΔPRI showed sensitivity to leaf area index of the measured\ntrees that complicated leaf-level estimation of LUE. The most consistent assessment of LUE was\nachieved using the chlorophyll fluorescence detecting ratio (R690 – R630)/(R690 + R630).
Influence of the chlorophylls-to-carotenoids ratio on light use efficiency estimation by optical parameters
Ač, Alexander ; Kováč, Daniel ; Veselovská, Petra ; Večeřová, Kristýna ; Klem, Karel
The influence is examined of changing leaf photosynthetic pigments concentrations on sensitivity of the\nphotochemical reflectance index (PRI) and ΔPRI optical parameters in relation to light use efficiency\n(LUE). Photosynthetic and leaf chlorophylls-to-carotenoids (Chl/Car) ratio changes during the growth of\nEuropean Beech (Fagus sylvatica) and Norway spruce (Picea abies) saplings were induced by altering the\nliving environment inside growth chambers. Point reflectance measurements of each individual tree were\nrecording changes in optical properties while measurements were being taken simultaneously of altering\nphotosynthesis. Based on the evaluation of 45 pairs of measurements conducted on six individual saplings,\nthe observed variability in the strength of the PRI and ΔPRI versus LUE relationships was compared to the\nresulting leaf Chl/Car ratio of each tree. Data were used to explain the influence of changing pigments on\nthe sensitivity of each individual optical parameter with regards to the LUE estimation.

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