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Electrochemical Properties Of Gel Polymer Electrolytes Modified Flame Retardants
Veselkova, Iuliia
This paper deals with preparation of gel polymer electrolytes modified by flame retardants based on methyl methacrylate. The aim of this work was to investigate the effect of thermal polymerization method on electrochemical properties such as ionic conductivity and potential window of gel polymer electrolytes. For measuring electrochemical properties, impedance spectroscopic techniques and linear voltammetry were used. Results indicate the dependence of ionic conductivity on the amount of flame retardant.
New gel electrolytes based on copolymers for electrochemical power sources
Peterová, Soňa ; Sedlaříková, Marie (referee) ; Veselkova, Iuliia (advisor)
This thesis deals with description of preparation and use of monomers and copolymers for gel polymer electrolytes usable in electrochemical power sources. This thesis is divided in theoretical and experimental part. The theoretical part describes electrolytes focused on gel polymer electrolytes, measuring methods and materials used for experiments. The experimental part deals with calculation of composition of polymer electrolytes, method of preparation and evaluation of measured results. The method of applying GPE to a negative LTO electrode and a positive NMC electrode is described too. Linear Sweep Voltammetry (LSV) and Potentiostatic Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (PEIS), Cyclic Voltammetry (CV) and Galvanostatic Cycling with Potential Limitation (GCPL) were chosen for measurement of properties.
Gel aprotic electrolytes with tetraalkylamonium salts
Michalec, Juraj ; Veselkova, Iuliia (referee) ; Sedlaříková, Marie (advisor)
The essence of this graduate thesis is to summarize knowledge about the aprotic gel electrolytes. In the graduate thesis, there are explained methods for mensuration electrochemical properties of the aprotic gel electrolytes. In the theoretical part, I focus on the knowledge related to gel polymeric electrolytes, their history, properties, mechanisms and application. In the experimental part, I describe the preparation of the samples of the gel polymeric electrolytes, in which I evaluate their properties, electrical conductivity and potencial window.
Gel Polymer Electrolytes Modified Nanoparticles or Copolymers and Polymerized in Magnetic and Electric Fields
Jahn, M. ; Veselková, I. ; Sedlaříková, M. ; Zatloukal, M. ; Bartušek, Karel
Gel polymer electrolytes are perspective electrolytes for new types of Li-ion batteries today. The properties respectively advantages of these gels can be used also in other fields of electrochemistry. The gel polymer electrolyte is composed of a conductive component (liquid electrolyte) and the polymer component (methacrylate-based polymer). In this paper, I present fundamental characteristics of gel polymer electrolytes modified nanoparticles or copolymers and preparation of these gel polymer materials with nanoparticles or copolymers polymerized in electric and magnetic fields.
An Influence Of Conductive Component Composition On Gel Polymer Electrolyte Properties
Veselkova, Iuliia
This paper deals with searching of gel polymer electrolytes, which can be used as replacement of liquid electrolyte in lithium batteries and supercapacitors. The research reports how different salts and solvents affect mechanical, electrochemical and electrical properties of gel electrolytes. For measurement electrical and electrochemical properties were used methods such as impedance spectroscopy and cyclic voltammetry to calculate electrical conductivity and potential window respectively. Results indicate which chemical composition of gel polymer electrolyte theoretical can be work in electrochemical cell instead of liquid electrolyte.
Gel polymer electrolytes with fire retardands
Veselkova, Iuliia ; Jahn, Michal (referee) ; Sedlaříková, Marie (advisor)
This graduate work deals with the study and preparation of gel polymer electrolytes with flame retardants for lithium-ion batteries. The theoretical part describes the types of electrolytes, their features, benefits, how they differ and where they are used in detail. The basis of this section is gel electrolytes with flame retardants, to measure their electrical and electrochemical properties. The experimental part deals with the preparation of samples of gel electrolytes with different percentages of flame retardant, where varied species of flame retardants and measuring their electrical conductivity and potential windows. Impedance spectroscopy, cyclic voltammetry and dynamic-analytical thermal analysis were selected as measuring methods.
The GDR and FRG olympic team at the Olympic games in Melbourne 1956
Veselková, Ivana ; Pešek, Jiří (advisor) ; Dimitrov, Michal (referee)
Diploma thesis "The GDR and FRG olympic team at the Olympic games in Melbourne in 1956" describes the process of making the united german team, which has begun in 1955 and which was . Thesis deals with the mutual negotiations of both olympic teams and also describes the goals, which the sport officials and politics were trying to reach during the whole process of making the united team. The next part of the thesis deals with the real experience with the united german team at the summer olympic games in Melbourne in 1956 and also tries to answer the question, whether in reality this united german team was not more or less just two autonomous teams, which only had a few visible symbolic things such as clothes and flag together.
The Theme of Nazi And Communistic Prisoner in Czech Literature in the 2nd Half of the 20th Century
The dissertation The theme of Nazi and Communistic prisoner in Czech literature in the 2nd half of the 20th century deals with political prison in prose of the given period. Its aim is to show the whole picture on both mentioned phases and regimes, on relations and attitudes of literary theory to the literature, which is related with political theme and firstly on psychological and social world of political prisoners of Nazi and Communist regime in the literature.

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