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WorkPprogress Report and Achievements for 2018.
Jirsa, P. ; Vlček, J. ; Veselý, Václav
It was designed by SMS CZ demonstration unit for which basic functional tests have been performed. Operational data and protocols from the basic unit testing are presented. Small modifications of heat exchanger have been proposed. It is expected to propose fuel dosage control with regard to operator level and operation conditions.
WorkPprogress Report and Achievements for 2017.
Jirsa, P. ; Vlček, J. ; Veselý, Václav
On the design process instrumentation diagram, basic drawings of individual elements and parts of the technology were created. One of the main technological nodes was tested - a screw feeder for fuel feeding into the combustion chamber. Combustion tests were carried out on existing pilot combustion technology. The results were used to design and optimize individual nodes to the planned mobile unit prototype.
Fuel Dosage.
Jirsa, P. ; Veselý, Václav
Three types of fuel have been selected to verify the combustion mobile unit. These are TAP, granular biomass, dried sludge. On the basis of experiments, alterations of the screw feeder were made. Individual fuel calibrations were performed.
Advanced Treatment Methods for Incineration Bottom Ash.
Šyc, Michal ; Baloch, T. ; Veselý, Václav ; Zuda, M.
Bottom ash is main solid residue from waste-to-energy. Recent development and trends change the approach to IBA, it is no longer regarded as unwanted waste from WtE plant but can be considered a valuable secondary source for several materials like ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Mineral residue after metal separation can be used in construction industry, e.g. as aggregates substitute for bound or unbound applications such as subbase layer for road construction. The paper summarizes results of recent activities for bottom ash utilization in WtE plant in Prague within last few years.
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Stress state aspects of quasi-brittle fracture
Sobek, Jakub ; Němeček,, Jiří (referee) ; Keršner, Zbyněk (referee) ; Klusák,, Jan (referee) ; Veselý, Václav (advisor)
The presented dissertation thesis is focused, as the title suggests, on the analysis of stress state aspects of quasi-brittle fracture. That means the fracture of composite materials with cement matrix (such as concrete, mortar, plaster, etc.), ceramics and other composites. Used methods are based on the theory of multi-parameter linear elastic fracture mechanics, which highlights the importance of considering of several initial terms of Williams power series, approximating the stress and displacement fields in a cracked body, within conducted fracture analyses. Determination of values of coefficients of terms of this series, recalculated into the shape functions serving in most of the conducted stress state analyses, is performed via the so called over-deterministic method. Another tool for the problem solving is nonlinear fracture mechanics, represented primarily by the cohesive crack model, namely the crack band model implemented in the used ATENA software. For the backward reconstruction of stress field in the cracked bodies the application ReFraPro is used. The analytical part deals with various aspects of wedge-splitting test – from the boundary conditions, though various possibilities of nodal selection (required as input variables for the over-deterministic method) up to the advanced (automated) analysis of numerical model. Special chapter includes atypical test specimens designed for adjusting of various levels of constraint of stress and deformation at the propagating crack tip. The study of this geometry and also the subsequent detail analysis reveals important information for real experiments. Backward reconstruction of stress field presents analysis on suitable possibilities of nodal selections as inputs into the procedure of approximation of the crack tip fields and answers the question of the necessity of application of the multi-parameter linear elastic fracture mechanics for certain fracture analyses of specimens from quasi-brittle materials. The th
Structural Equation Models with Application in Social Sciences
Veselý, Václav ; Pešta, Michal (advisor) ; Maciak, Matúš (referee)
We investigate possible usage of Errors-in-Variables estimator (EIV), when esti- mating structural equations models (SEM). Structural equations modelling pro- vides framework for analysing complex relations among set of random variables where for example the response variable in one equation plays role of the predic- tor in another equation. First an overview of SEM and some common covariance based estimators is provided. Special case of linear regression model is investi- gated, showing that the covariance based estimators yield the same results as ordinary least squares. A compact review of EIV models follows, Errors-in-Variables models are re- gression models where not only response but also predictors are assumed to be measured with an error. Main contribution of this paper then lies in defining modifications of the EIV estimator to fit in the SEM framework. General opti- mization problem to estimate the parameters of structural equations model with errors-in-variables si postulated. Several modifications of two stage least squares are also proposed for future research. Equation-wise Errors-in-Variables estimator is proposed to estimate the coeffi- cients of structural equations model. The coefficients of every structural equation are estimated separately using EIV estimator. Some theoretical conditions...
Development of a Pilot Plant for Reduction Hg Emission from Large Power Plant.
Pilař, L. ; Veselý, Václav ; Vlček, Z. ; Zseliga, Z.
This paper deals with the research project The development of the pilot plant for monitoring of the mercury emissions reduction from large and medium capacity energy sources. In this paper are presented project results reached in the year 2016.\n
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Monte Carlo methods in finance
Veselý, Václav ; Hurt, Jan (advisor) ; Kopa, Miloš (referee)
Monte Carlo simulation methods are very universal tool, which is applicable in many different cases. Major part of this work is devoted to variance reduction techniques and other improvements of Monte Carlo estimate. Practical examples of financial derivative pricing will be shown. 1
Development of a Pilot Plant for Reduction Hg Emission from Large Power Plant.
Pilař, L. ; Vlček, Z. ; Zseliga, Z. ; Veselý, Václav ; Zbieg, R. ; Fiser, A.
This paper deals with the implementation process of the project of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TAČR) ALFA TA04020723. Development of a pilot plant for monitoring of Hg emissions reduction from large and medium capacity energy sources. The project currently responds to the emerging EU BAT legislation, which sets emission limits for Hg concentration in flue gas. The subject of the paper is presentation of the project's results for 2015. The scope of project activities in 2015 included measurements in energydfacilities while defining the balance of Hg concent rations in the combustion products. The project's main objective in 2015 was to build and commission the pilot plant for the oxidation of the free form of Hg0 into the oxidized form of Hg2+.
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