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Assessment of a Company's Financial Situation and its Information System Support
Veselý, Marek ; Foltýnková, Jitka (referee) ; Bartoš, Vojtěch (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with evaluation of financial situation of the company EVEKTOR, limited liability company, between years 2007 and 2011 using methods of financial analysis and securing company through the mediation of information systems. After this evaluation it proposes changes that could be beneficial for the company from the standpoint of future development.
Network virtualization - software defined networks
Veselý, Marek ; Krkoš, Radko (referee) ; Novotný, Vít (advisor)
The aim of work is a new trend in network architecture, called Software defined networks. Describes function of controller as the main device, which controlling the whole network. Further the communication between switch and controller is here, which controlling protocol OpenFlow. First chapter gently deal with principe of the VLAN networking. Further it is much more oriented with software defined networks, where the main principe is described. Protocol OpenFlow is described in deatail, as his functions are discussed too. There are also advantages and disadvantages and possibility to use this network in university campus.
Implementation of Information Security in the Enterprise
Veselý, Marek ; Jan,, Novák (referee) ; Sedlák, Petr (advisor)
This Master’s thesis is focused on the implementation of information security management system in the enterprise according to the standard ISO/IEC 27 001. The first part contains theoretical background of the information security, the second part focuses on current state analysis and the third part deals with suggestions for improvement current information security.
Concept for Establishment of a Training Centre Financed by European Funds
Lomnická, Mária ; Veselý, Marek (referee) ; Mikulec, Luděk (advisor)
The introduced diploma thesis suggests a business plan for new activities of a middle entrepreneur, financed by European Structural Funds. The target is to build a training centre for public, the applicant is educational institution. The first part of thesis deals with theoretical aspects of European Structural Funds topic, second part composes own business plan suggestions.
Remote connection to virtualized operating system
Veselý, Marek ; Červenka, Vladimír (referee) ; Komosný, Dan (advisor)
The thesis is focused on the new IT trend – virtualization. Below are described the types of virtualization, as well as different implementations of it. In the following chapters there will be described the TCP and ICMP protocols, as well as the SSH services. The last part of this work is dedicated to measurements where there will be highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of virtualization.
Financing of state budget with focus on money market instruments
Nožka, Radek ; Radová, Jarmila (advisor) ; Veselý, Marek (referee)
The main theme of this work is the deficit of the state budget of the Czech Republic and money market instruments with which is financed by - treasury bills, government bonds, government savings bonds and Eurobonds. Ways in which they are placed on the market, characteristics and trends in volume and structure. The work deals also with the strategy of debt management and risk management.
Management of Funds of an Individual
Janeček, Miroslav ; Veselý, Marek (advisor) ; Kolman, Marek (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with how individuals currently manage their available funds and especially how they should manage their funds properly. Also discusses the factors influencing the management of personal finances, financial literacy and financial planning principles. The application part is an attempt to use the knowledge discovered in the first part on the particular example.
State budget deficit and its financing possibilities in the CR
Novák, Jiří ; Radová, Jarmila (advisor) ; Veselý, Marek (referee)
This bachelor work deals with state budget deficit and its financing resources in the Czech Republic. In the beginning we are dealing with the general characteristics of the state budget and the definition of the state budget deficit. In the next section we analyze the development from 1993 to 2010. State budget deficit is mainly financed by issuing government bonds, and therefore for the most part we deal with short, medium and long-term government bonds. The practical part describes how the sale of short-and long-term bonds under the current rules of the Czech National Bank. Government bonds are divided by the type of instrument and maturity. The last section is dedicated to new ways of financing the budget deficit and that is issuance of government bonds for citizens.
Letter of credit
Hellerová, Lenka ; Půlpánová, Stanislava (advisor) ; Veselý, Marek (referee)
The bachelor's thesis deals with letter of credit and charges, that are connected with it. The first section presents general characteristics of letter of credit, proceeding of operation of credit letter, advantages and disadvantages of letter of credit and basic and special types of credit letter. The second section contains the analysis of charges, that are connected with it in the five biggest czech banks and their comparison with the biggest european bank HSBC Bank.
Practical analysis of products in motor insurance in Czech Republic (working title)
Frčková, Barbora ; Gruber, Petr (advisor) ; Veselý, Marek (referee)
This work is focused on the analysis of products in motor insurance, it is divided into three parts. First part focuses on liability insurance for damage caused by vehicles, definition of liability insurance, legislative change, history of insurance and analysis of products liability insurance. Second part deals with accident insurance and analysis of products of this insurance and then analysis of additional insurance products. Third part deals with customer feedback survey on motor insurance.

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