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Life and Work of Josef Úlehla
Vízek, Lukáš ; Bečvářová, Martina (advisor) ; Veselý, Jiří (referee) ; Sýkorová, Irena (referee)
Title: Life and Work of Josef Úlehla Author: Lukáš Vízek Department: Department of Mathematics Education Supervisor: prof. RNDr. Martina Bečvářová, Ph.D. Abstract: Josef Úlehla (1852-1933) was an important Czech teacher, he taught mathematics and natural sciences at primary and secondary schools in Moravia. He wrote a number of monographs, textbooks, articles and translations of foreign language publications. This thesis describes Úlehla's life, brings the detail analysis and evaluation of his mathematical works and mentions his other publications. The text contains a lot of illustrations and the thesis is supplemented by factual attachments. Keywords: Josef Úlehla, mathematics, education, history
Charged particles in spacetimes with an electromagnetic field
Veselý, Jiří ; Žofka, Martin (advisor) ; Svítek, Otakar (referee)
The subject of study of this thesis is the Kerr-Newman-(anti-)de Sitter space- time, a rotating and charged exact black-hole solution of the Einstein-Maxwell equations with a non-zero cosmological constant. In the first part of the thesis we examine admissible extremal configurations, present the corresponding Penrose diagrams, and investigate the effects of frame-dragging. In the second part, we follow the motion of charged particles via the Lagrangian formalism, focusing on the equatorial plane and the axis where we arrived at some analytic results con- cerning the trajectories. Static particles, effective potentials and - in the case of the equatorial plane - stationary circular orbits are examined. We also perform numerical simulations of particle motion to be able to check our analytic results and also to foster our intuition regarding the behaviour of the test particles. The last part concerns quantum tunnelling of particles through the space-time's hori- zons, specifically the null geodesic method. The main goal of these computations is to obtain horizon temperatures, in which we succeed up to a constant multi- plicative factor. We discuss various pitfalls of the method and stake out a possible approach when applying it to the extreme horizons present in KN(a)dS. 1
Analysis of the Selected Company by Using the Selective Methods
Kouřil, Jakub ; Veselý, Jiří (referee) ; Hanušová, Helena (advisor)
Diplomová práce se zabývá komplexním zhodnocením aktuální situace podniku XXX s.r.o. První část práce teoreticky obsahuje jednotlivé analýzy, které jsou využity v analytické části. Analytická část práce zhodnocuje externí, sektorové a interní okolí firmy. Dále stručně analyzuje finanční zdraví podniku. Na základě provedených analýz s přihlédnutím na specifika podniku jsou formulována doporučení a opatření vedoucí ke zlepšení současné pozice na trhu.
Shell sources and interpretation of extremally charged spacetimes
Veselý, Jiří ; Žofka, Martin (advisor) ; Svítek, Otakar (referee)
The subject of study of this thesis is the so-called ECS spacetime. It originated as an extension to the Majumdar-Papapetrou solution for an infinite extremally-charged string (hence ECS). In the first part of the thesis, some general properties of the spacetime are examined. However, the main method of research is Israel formalism, which is used to find an alternate and more physically-elegant source of the spacetime in question. Nine different model scenarios are thoroughly investigated. In the end, we succeed in finding a single source that is not singular, does not necessitate the presence of exotic matter and has acceptable properties even in the Newtonian limit of weak gravitation: two infinite cylinders filled with Minkowski spacetime. Powered by TCPDF (
Ischemia of free flaps
Richtr, Patrik ; Vodička, Josef (advisor) ; Sukop, Andrej (referee) ; Veselý, Jiří (referee)
Background: Free muscle flap transfers, frequently used in plastic and reconstructive surgery, are associated with alternating episodes of ischemia and reperfusion. This phenomenon could be a cause of damage in the transferred flap. Major detrimental effect is usually attributed to the oxidative stress. Aim: The aim of this study was therefore 1) to develop a clinically relevant experimental model of free muscle flap for musculus latissimus dorsi (MLD), 2) to elaborate a technique allowing, by means of routine laboratory methods, the detection of changes occurring with oxidative stress, and 3) to evaluate the impact of ischemia and subsequent reperfusion on free flap muscle tissue (in terms of oxidative stress). Methods: In 18 domestic pigs, MLD was prepared on both sides (experimental and control), leaving just the thoracodorsal branch for nutrition. The vascular stalk for the experimental MLD was clamped temporarily (60 min) to mimic ischemia during flap transfer. After the clamp release (corresponds to reperfusion following anastomosis), both arterial, venous blood, and tissue samples were obtained from the ischemic as well as control flaps at timepoints 1, 30, 45, and 60 min. For baseline characteristics, tissue, arterial, and venous blood were sampled prior to clamping. In all samples, lactate,...
Mathematics in Ancient India
Sýkorová, Irena ; Bečvář, Jindřich (advisor) ; Veselý, Jiří (referee) ; Hykšová, Magdalena (referee)
The thesis is devoted to ancient Indian mathematics; it describes the mathe- matical knowledge, computational techniques and methods for solving various ari- thmetic, algebraic and geometric problems that the Indians knew and used. The thesis follows the development of Indian mathematics from the oldest knowledge contained in ancient Vedic texts to the knowledge originated from the classic me- dieval arithmetic and algebraic works. This is the first comprehensive text written in Czech which contains the translation of original problems and analysis of their solutions in the current mathematical formulation and symbolism. The sources are mainly English translations of ancient Sanskrit texts and their commentaries.
A Contribution to the Propaganda of the British Empire in Film in 1918-1939
Veselý, Jiří ; Soukup, Jaromír (advisor) ; Valkoun, Jaroslav (referee)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to analyse propaganda of the British Empire in the film between the years 1918 - 1939. The British Empire was weakened after World War I., but still became an expanding area and had decisive role in the world politics. The power and the authority of the Empire were often presenting on exhibitions, in the theatre, on paintings, posters, in schoolbooks, in literature for children, on radio or in the much developing film industry. People of all ages were attracted by films and cinemas could affect people either with propaganda's film or with adventure films. In my thesis I look closely on the age of New Imperialism in Great Britain and consider why it was the film industry where values typical of 19th century such as militarism, patriotism or Social Darwinism remained even after the World War I. Further I focus on how British cinematography dealt with the rising Hollywood production and explore the influence of government support (Cinematographic Film Bill, film department of Empire Marketing Board, film production of General Post Office) on British film production. The aim of the thesis is examining the theme of British propaganda in the film in the Czech surroundings. Next aim is explaining reasons which head towards to propagate the values of the British Empire in...
The benefits of football match for spectators
Veselý, Jiří ; Čáslavová, Eva (advisor) ; Šíma, Jan (referee)
Title: The Benefits of football match for spectators Objectives: The main aim of this diploma thesis is to describe and analyze the football match as a product that is offered to direct spectators at AC Sparta Prague stadium in the season 2010/2011 and then using marketing research determine their satisfaction with the benefits that football match brings them. Methods: In this thesis there was used three methods: the observation method, interview and the method of written questioning. Observation method was used to collect information during home matches of football club AC Sparta Prague, interview was used at the meeting with experts from the club and the method of written questioning was used to implement the questionnaire survey. Results: The results of the marketing research showed that spectators are satisfied with the benefits that club offers them and they don't see any major drawbacks. Nevertheless, the thesis attempts to outline some recommendations which should lead to improved spectators' comfort at the stadium and higher match attendance. Keywords: benefits of football match, AC Sparta Prague, sport product, marketing research
What is a curve?
Koudela, Libor ; Veselý, Jiří (advisor) ; Pyrih, Pavel (referee) ; Bobok, Jozef (referee)
The notion of a curve played important role in the history of mathematical thought. This dissertation is focused on the conception of a curve in analysis, point set theory and topology. The rectification of curves and the notion of arc length are considered in connection with the history of analysis from antiquity to the beginning of the 20th century. "Measurement of curves" is also discussed from the measure-theoretic viewpoint and various definitions of linear measure and fractional dimension are described. Historically, there are two main approaches to understanding curves. Jordan defined a curve as a continuous image of a closed interval. However, his definition appeared to be too wide, since it was met by objects such as the Peano curve. In the point set theory, a curve is considered to be a one-dimensional continuum. The development of the dimension theory and the continuum theory, starting with the pioneering work of Bolzano, was motivated by the search for rigorous topological definition of a curve, a surface etc. Among "pathological" curves, that were often introduced as counterexamples in the development of modern analysis, we can find early examples of fractals. The fractal theory motivated further study of mathematical properties of these curves in the late 20th century, such as self-similarity and...
Magic numbers in metric spaces
Skálová, Alena ; Lukeš, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Veselý, Jiří (referee)
The main topic of this work is the Gross Theorem and its generalization - the Stadje Theorem. According to the Gross Theorem, for every compact connected metric space (X, d) there exists a unique magic number a(X, d) with the following property: For every finite set K ⊂ X there exists a point y ∈ X such that the average distance from y to K is a(X, d). The Stadje Theorem takes any real-valued continuous symmetric function f on X × X instead of a metric d. In this work we give a proof both of the existence and the uniqueness of the magic number from the Stadje Theorem. Examples of magic numbers in some particular metric spaces are presented. We also study the range of values which can a magic number attain, given some restrictions on the function f or on the space X. 1

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