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Barrandov Teraces as a place of memory
Veselá, Jaroslava ; Činátl, Kamil (advisor) ; Čechurová, Jana (referee)
(in English): This bacelor's work is focused on presentation of the Barrandov Terraces multifunctional areal as a place of memory. Using the analysis of cultural media resources - newspaper articles, documents, photographes and memories, it shows in which way is the knowledge of the Barrandov Teraces represented in the society. Through the methodology of memory studies of eminent historians this work illustrates the actual perception of Barrandov Terraces in a popular opinion.
Detective stories in the sixties in Czech literature
Veselá, Jaroslava ; Janoušek, Pavel (advisor) ; Mocná, Dagmar (referee)
Sixties was a special period in the history of Czech literature, because during these years popular literature (especially the detective stories) was written as an artistic literature. During the sixties a lot of detective novels with artistic value were written. In the past (especially during the fifties), vacation literature was considered bad. In the first half of the sixties mainly socialist detective stories were written. There were important political opinions of the author. Socialist authors celebrated police work. In the late sixties detective stories under the Anglo-Saxon tradition were written. For authors, it was important to respect the rules of writing crime fiction. They thought that crime novels people read just for fun. At the end of the sixties detective stories have never had such a good position in the literature. KEYWORDS Czech literature in sixties, vacation literature, detective novel, Anglo-Saxon detective novel, socialist detective novel.
An Analysis of Christology and Soteriology in the Elementary Catechisms Available in the Czech language
Veselá, Jaroslava ; Pospíšil, Ctirad Václav (advisor) ; Novotný, Vojtěch (referee)
Anglická anotace Analysis of Christology and Soteriology in the Basic Catechisms Available in Czech Language Jaroslava Veselá The aim of this thesis is the description, evaluation and comparison of christological aspects of post-conciliar catechisms. By describing the main christological characteristics we provide a total comparison and evaluation of the selected catechisms. First author deal with the premises of the anticipated analysis, in which is included the basic characteristics of catechetical work and focused on the basic christological and soteriological subjects of the analysis, which is embedded into the framework of the Creed. In the case of the Ecumenical catechism the basic premises, contributions and implications of theological convergence are explained, besides persisting theological differences. In the central part author focus on the mystery of Jesus' life, the conception of incarnation, problems in connection with kenosis, Jesus conscience and cognition and soteriological models. The basic soteriological models deal with the universality and soteriological significance of the redemption, the meaning of Jesus cross and soteriological signification of resurrection. The aforementioned analysis may be an incentive for a deeper mutual understanding, for further study of the purpose which...
A Linguistic Analysis of a Baroque Historical Text
VESELÁ, Jaroslava
The topic of this diploma thesis is a linguistic analysis of a defined part of the first volume of Jan František Beckovský´s baroque chronicle. The theoretical level approaches the life of the author, it summarizes his works and introduces the chronicle called Poselkyně starých příběhů českých I written in 1700 itself. The analysis deals with the phonological and lexical levels of the chronicle in several thematic wholes. Less attention was paid to the morphological and stylistic levels. The syntactic structure of the chronicle was not analysed there. The thesis aims at discussing the basic phonological features of the high Baroque style language and presenting the vocabulary specifics of a historiographical text.
Implementation of the basal stimulation concept in old people homes in the South-Bohemiam Region.
VESELÁ, Jaroslava
The theme for the bachelor work is the implementation of the conception of the basal stimulation in the retirements homes in the South Bohemian region. At present, the age average of seniors in all types of social care establishments is increasing, especially in residential establishments. To reach the quality of the provided care, it is necessary for all members of the nursing stuff to be informed of the problems and to manage the process of taking control of these problems and to solve them One of the most demanding tasks of the nursing care is to meet the needs of the client and to understand the style of communication. The basal stimulation is a conception that helps to meet the needs of all clients. It derives benefit from previous firmly footed life habits, customs and experiences of the client. The aim of the work is to find out, if the nursing team is making use of the basal stimulation conception in the retirement homes of the South Bohemian region. In the work, two hypothesis have been pointed: Hypothesis 1: In the retirement homes of the South Bohemian Region, the basal stimulation conception in the nurse care with seniors is not being used. Hypothesis 2: According the subjective opinion of the nurses, the basal stimulation conception is not being used for reasons of absence of nursing stuff in the retirement homes. To gain the information, a quantity investigation was used with a method of questioning, with a questionnaire given to the nursing stuff of seven selected retirement homes in the South Bohemian region Through the analysis of collected data subsequently processed into graphic charts and schemes, the first pointed out hypothesis was disproved and the second hypothesis was affirmed. In two selected retirement homes, the basal stimulation conception is used. When treating seniors, the method most frequently used is the positioning with bead aids. I believe that the investigation is also a practical contribution for the reason of the exchange of information about the existence of the basal stimulation conception to the nursing stuff who have not yet been informed about it, I hope that the basal stimulation will gain a basic position among the established methods of nursing care and will become a great contribution for the patient as well as for the whole nursing team.

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