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The effect of tree species on soil properties
Hüblová, Lucie ; Frouz, Jan (advisor) ; Veselá, Hana (referee)
Soil quality and its ability to support plant growth and soil organisms is affected by the content of soil organic carbon which can also influence many soil properties. The biggest terrestrial reservoirs of carbon (C) are forests. The amount of C sequestered in soil depends on quantity and quality of organic matter returned to forest floor as leaf litter. For how long and how effectively the C will be stored in soil is largely dependent on the rate of decomposition of organic matter and stabilization mechanisms. In this work I compared data from 40 "common garden" experiments in which different tree species were planted in adjacent plots on homogenous soil. C storage was compared on three types of afforested soils with different previous land use. Forests and former arable soils represented the well- developed soils in late stages of pedogenesis. Post-mining sites represented soils where pedogenesis was in the initial state. I found out that soil age is the controlling factor of carbon sequestration. In well-developed soils more C was stored under conifers. In initial soils on post mining sites on the other hand more C was stored under broadleaves. A negative correlation between sequestered C and C:N ratio in leaf litter was found on post mining sites. The results suggest that different mechanisms...
Importance of ecological stoichiometry in soil development.
Veselá, Hana ; Frouz, Jan (advisor) ; Hruška, Jakub (referee) ; Bonkowski, Michael (referee)
Ecological stoichiometry is a useful tool for understanding of ecological dynamics and related processes. There are only rare informations about nutrient cycling and nutrient dynamics in plant- soil system in restoration areas after coal mining. Different plant species have developed own strategies and treat differently with nutrients which can influence nutrient cycling and consequent nutrient return to the soil. In thesis, I investigated ecological stoichiometry as one of key factors which controls soil development in post mining sites. In general introduction, known facts are summarized about e.g. plant traits, decomposition process, nutrient cycling and consequences for soil development and restoration practices. But still, relationship between leaves, plant litter, and soil is poorly understood in restoration areas. The results of a doctoral thesis are presented in five papers, out of which three have been published, one has been already submitted and one manuscript is prepared for publication in an international journal with impact factor. In the first presented publication, the influence of soil fauna was studied (especially earthworms) on soil development. Soil development differed significantly between sites afforested with different tree species and it is strongly influenced by the...
Use of nanomagnets treated materials in study of decomposition
Vyhnálek, Michal ; Frouz, Jan (advisor) ; Veselá, Hana (referee)
In study of soil organic matter, many methods of carbon labeling are used, mostly using carbon isotope 13 C, which are reliable, but require expensive devices. Magnetic nanoparticles could provide low-cost alternative, which can be prepared in most laboratories with basic equipment. The upside of nanoparticles usage is the fact, that we could monitor fate of individual particles added to soil, including their chemical transformations or changes in microbial communities. The goal of this paper was to test the usage of magnetic nanoparticles and prove the reliability of carbon labeling through experiment. KEY WORDS Magnetic nanoparticles, decomposition, soil organic matter
The characters in the novel of Ernesto Sábato El túnel and the novel of Carlos Fuentes Aura
Veselá, Helena ; Poláková, Dora (advisor) ; Marešová, Jaroslava (referee)
(in English) This Bachelor's Thesis deals with the characters of two novels from Hispanic-American literature of the Twentieth Century. The first is Túnel written by Ernesto Sábato and the second is Aura by Carlos Fuentes. The initial part of my work briefly summarises the life and principal works of these writers. The following section tries to describe theoretically the literary characters and offers a few possible reasons for their division. The practical part is occupied by analysis of the characters and divides them by using methods which were described in theoretical part. In Túnel, the focus is on the main characters of the novel and the evolution of their relationship. In Aura, the primary focus is on the fantastic transformation of the characters. In the final section, my work offers a summary of several common and different traits of the characters appearing in both novels.
Sugar addiction among abstinent clients in the psychiatric hospital Bohnice
Veselá, Helena ; Čablová, Lenka (advisor) ; Nevoralová, Monika (referee)
The topic of the thesis focuses on nutrition for people recovering from alcohol addiction.The theoretical part of the thesis is to detect excessive use of sugar abstinent women in a psychiatric hospital and common characteristics depending on the seasoning.This section will be described alcohol, its production, its effects and impact on human health. Also described are the mechanisms of physical and psychological dependence on sugar. The harmfulness of sugar on the human body and the effect on his health. It pointed to the eating habits abstinent women in a psychiatric hospital. In the practical part of the thesis using quantitative research focuses on finding eating habits, specifically the amount of consumption of sugar-containing foods, with clients Bohnice Psychiatric Hospital, patients recovering from alcohol addiction. The aim of this section is to determine whether the amount of sugar accepted during the stay in a psychiatric hospital creates dependency on the delicacies. The practical part also shows the ratio of patients addicted to sugar, sugar endangered, or patients without addiction. To gather the data I used a questionnaire ADS (scale depending on the alcohol) (Skinner & Horn, 1984) and Yale variety to meals - YFAS (Gearhardt et al., 2009). The questionnaire focused on the evaluation...
Strengthening of the Brand Competitiveness on the Base of the Development of the Brand Communication
Jankechová, Natália ; Veselá, Helena (referee) ; Zich, Robert (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with development of the MAGGI brand communication in order to increase its trustworthiness among customers and to strengthen its competitiveness. The current situation of the brand is defined primarily by brand identity analyzes by Kapferer and Ko Floor and by defining the competitive position of the brand. Based on the knowledge gained in the analytical part, a set of recommendations on brand communication are developed.

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