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Skeletal reconstruction using virtual approach and its contribution to paleoanthropology
Veselá, Barbora ; Rmoutilová, Rebeka (advisor) ; Kotěrová, Anežka (referee)
- AJ Virtual anthropology is a multidisciplinary approach to studying fossil and bone material which combines knowledge from many scientific fields, such as biology, mathematics, anatomy and computational techniques. Fossil material is often incomplete, fragmentary and prone to damage, and virtual methods provide many benefits compared to traditional approaches, such as better preservation of fragile original fossil and bone material, and greater objectivity during reconstruction. Virtual methods have enabled significant progress in study of human past and evolution.
Methods of detection of fungal diseases applicable in plant phenotyping and remote sensing
Klem, Karel ; Veselá, Barbora ; Holub, Petr ; Urban, Otmar ; Mezera, J.
This methodology summarises findings from a comparison of three perspective methods of fungal disease detection applicable for remote sensing and plant phenotyping of fungal disease resistance. These methods are spectral reflectance, infrared thermal imaging, and blue-green fluorescence imaging. On the example of winter wheat infection with powdery mildew, stripe rust and brown rust the strengths and weaknesses of individual methods were demonstrated. From these results it is evident that all three methods are potentially applicable for non-destructive fungal disease detection, but their practical use may vary. Testing of spectral reflectance indices for the detection of fungal diseases showed particularly the high detection reliability of the red-edge and green band based spectral vegetation indices. Infrared thermal imaging has shown high detection accuracy for powdery mildew and brown rust, but lower for stripe rust. Blue-green fluorescence and thermal imaging seems to be also a very promising tools for evaluating the intensity and spatial distribution of infection on a leaf level.
Practice of pruduction and realization of older musical works historically not yet presented
Veselá, Barbora ; ŠTILEC, Jiří (advisor) ; BĚLOR, Roman (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with a approaching the issue of realization of older musical works historically not yet presented. The first part of the thesis is focused on more theoretical research of music works in archives and then dealing with the music sheets and troubles connected with of works from 18. century and older. The second part of the thesis is focused on the practical part of the realization of the projects focused on older musical works. There are chapters about founding, dramaturgy and Public Relations including information about paid and unpaid advertising.
Selection of appropriate INDEL polymorphisms on the X chromosome to detect the fetal fraction of free circulating DNA during pregnancy with female fetuses
Veselá, Barbora ; Korabečná, Marie (advisor) ; Šimková, Halina (referee)
The analysis of cell-free fetal DNA (cffDNA) in maternal plasma became an important component of non-invasive prenatal diagnostics in recent years. Detection of Y chromosome sequences in free circulating DNA (cfDNA) indicates the presence of a male fetus; the absence of the Y-chromosomal signal confirms the female gender. The aim of this work is to confirm the utility of insertion-deletion polymorphisms (INDEL) for determination of the female sex of the fetus using the analysis of cffDNA by Digital Droplet PCR (ddPCR). In the thesis, X chromosomal INDEL polymorphisms with a suitable allelic frequencies were selected from databases to allow the determination of the presence of the paternal X chromosome in cffDNA and to lead to the confirmation of the female sex of the fetus by a positive amplification signal and to rapid determination of the fetal fraction size of the circulating DNA. Molecular genetic examination of these polymorphisms was established using ddPCR method. A population study was carried out to verify the utility of the proposed polymorphisms with regard to non-invasive prenatal diagnosis. We examined X chromosomal INDEL polymorphisms: rs2307932, rs16397, rs16637, rs3048996, rs16680 using the ddPCR methodology. In order to obtain population data, we performed tests from the buccal...
Top Stocks: A Broad Analysis of Its Performance and Search for Hidden Relationships
Veselá, Barbora ; Polák, Petr (advisor) ; Kurka, Josef (referee)
01 Abstract This thesis focuses on the exploration of the basic characteristics of the Czech equity fund 'TOP STOCKS - open mutual fund' and a detailed analysis of the portfolio performance with respect to industry classification. Uniquely collected data from the fund's establishment allow us to make analysis to the fullest extent possible. Additionally, our dataset may be the basis for further studies of this fund as it is the first of its kind and scope. The research question investigates the connection between the portfolio performance and its industrial structure. Various classification schemes are summarised in the first part of the thesis, including the Global Industry Classification Standard used in our study. Subsequently, appropriate tools for a regression and forecast analysis are presented, mainly the Box-Jenkins method used to fit the ARIMA model to historical data and forecast values of weekly NAV. The results show that a stock-picking strategy operates effectively and immediately reacts to the market development of industry groups, resulting in a protection of investors. Also, the exchange rate commitment of the Czech National Bank supported excessive cash inflow to the fund resulting in considerable performance stimulation during last years. Future research may build on these findings.
Implementation of health education for alternatively educated children
VESELÁ, Barbora
The purpose of this bachelor thesis is to find out, how are alternatively educated children between 6-12 years of age being taught health and care in their home schooling or in a community. Furthermore, it addresses the broadness of their education, what the topics are within the scope of the health and care education and how much time they are given. It focuses mainly on finding out what the interest is in regard of these topics such as family relationships, personal safety, healthy eating, sport and healthy movement, prevention of using addictive substances and social behaviour. At the same time, it considers the difference between preferences of boys and girls regarding each topic. The thesis is divided into a theoretical and an empirical part. In the theoretical part, it addresses the delimitation of terms such as alternative education and health and care education of a child between 6-12 years of age. The empirical part focuses on evaluating the information acquired through a questionnaire. It brings practical knowledge in relation to each topic of health and care education. Questionnaire survey collected data from 100 individual educators and from 100 educated children, including 50 girls and 50 boys. The outcome of the survey is formulated into easy-to-follow graphs and charts with a comment. The overview of the outcome is included in a following discussion and in the conclusion.
Czech-German cooperation in the Euroregion Neisse-Nisa-Nysa shown on the example of the Regional Research Library in Liberec
Lenzová, Miroslava ; Šafařík, Petr (advisor) ; Veselá, Barbora (referee)
The presented thesis deals with the theme of Czech-German cooperatin of the chosen institution, The Regional Scientific Library in Liberec, which is located in the Euroregion Neisse - Nisa - Nysa associating region of the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland. The first part introduces the Euroregion Neisse-Nisa-Nysa as an instrument for the realization of cross- border cooperation, thus the purpose for its establishment, historical context, function, aims and Euro-regional expert group - The Libraries, whose members include euroregional libraries. Libraries cooperate on international projects and thus fulfil aims of the Euroregion, which in turn helps to implement projects financially, thanks to the possibility of drawing funds from European Union funds. Besides this Euro-regional cooperation has the library established other partnerships that are not roofed by the Euroregion. Czech-German projects and activities of the library are analyzed in this work. For this purpose has been made survey of such activities from 2000 till 2014, which closely reflects the most fruitful period in the Czech-German cooperation of the library. A key event for the regional library, namely the opening of new building, was chosen for the analysis of the subject Czech and German media representation, as a final part of this thesis....
Cardioprotective role of epoxyeicosatrienoic acids in ischemia-reperfusion injury.
Veselá, Barbora ; Neckář, Jan (advisor) ; Kolář, David (referee)
Epoxyeicosatrienoic acids (EETs) are arachidonic acids metabolites that importantly contribute to vascular and cardiac physiology and pathophysiology. Current research in the field of EETs shows that these molecules can significantly reduce the rate of acute ischemia- reperfusion injury of the heart. However, they can also contribute significantly to the recovery of the heart muscle following myocardial infarction and to reduce the development of post- ischemic heart failure. The project aims to outline the known cardioprotective effect(-s) of EETs on myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury and their mechanisms. Key words: heart, ischemia-reperfusion, epoxyeicosatrienoic acids
Functions of European State Borders: A Case Study of Słubfurt
Marešová, Vendula ; Králová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Veselá, Barbora (referee)
The Thesis "Functions of European State Borders: A Case Study of Słubfurt" analyses Polish- German border in Frankfurt (Oder) and Słubice, where conceptual artist Michael Kurzwelly realizes his project Słubfurt. A theory of an Irish professor Liam O'Dowd relating to a typology of state borders' functions is applied. In this theory O'Dowd distinguishes four border metaphors: a barrier, a bridge, a source and a symbol of identity. In the first chapter of the thesis the character of European inter-state borders and cross-border cooperation is described and O'Dowd's theory is explained. The second part deals with asymmetrical character of Polish- German border and Euro-region Pro Europa Viadrina and analyses them within this theory. The focus of this thesis lies in the third chapter which describes the realities of a twin-city Frankfurt (Oder) and Słubice and particularly Kurzwelly's artistic and activist project, in which identity of the fictional city Słubfurt (connecting the two cities together) is being created. This is again analysed by means of the mentioned border theory. The thesis also answers the question which border functions are promoted by the European integration project and in which relation are these efforts with the activities of the Słubfurt project.
Nursing care of a patient with non-invasive ventilatory support
Veselá, Barbora ; Hošťálková, Monika (advisor) ; Mrákava, Vlastimil (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with a non-invasive ventilatory support method and its use in commercial practice. The intention was to find out what theoretical basis nurses have in the mentioned issue, to characterize the most common indications, contraindications and particularly complications emerging at patients connected to a non-invasive ventilatory support. In the theoretical part there are found chapters about anatomy and physiology of airways and about a principle of an artificial pulmonary ventilation. A non-invasive ventilatory support represents a detailed chapter. The main part focuses on nursing care and monitoring of a patient connected to a non-invasive ventilatory support. I mainly deal with hygiene of airways, rehabilitation and breathing physiotherapy, positioning and the motion regime. Care for physical state of a patient connected to a ventilation and an issue of worsened communication during implementation of a non-invasive ventilatory support cannot be committed. The empirical part contains mainly anonymous questionnaire research leading to evaluation of given aims and hypothesis of work. In total, 200 respondents in four Prague hospitals were questioned and 164 of them completed this research. The research has brought very satisfactory results. The respondents has shown good...

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