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Fabrics and geodynamic evolution of orthogneisses in the Moldanubian Zone
Kryl, Jakub ; Verner, Kryštof (advisor) ; Venera, Zdeněk (referee)
Fabrics and geodynamic evolution of Moldanubian orthogneisses English abstract The aim of this paper is a structural analysis of selected mostly Cambro-Ordovician orthogneisses cropping out in a part of high-grade rocks of western Moldanubian Zone. These rocks have been affected by HT-MP/LP metamorphism and the polyphase deformation during the Variscan orogeny. In the blaník orthogneisses, (Qtz + Kfs + Plg + Bt ± Ms ± Sill ± Ky) an early deformation banding dips steeply to SSE to ESE. These fabrics were overprinted by NW to N gently dipping foliation with well developed stretching lineations plunging to W. Rare kinematic indicators (e. g. fold and pressure shadows asymmetry) reveal a strong subvertical contraction and stretching in the ~N-S direction. Based on the microstructural analysis this contractional event was connected with the activity of "Grain Boundary Migration Recrystallization" (GBM). Ductile shear zones dipping to E, locally ESE or ENE were identified. Bechyně orthogneisses (Qtz + Kfs + Plg + Bt ± Ms) is a N-S elongated body with the presence of regional pervasive metamorphic foliation dipping homogenously under low angles from SSW to WNW . These foliations bear well developed mineral or stretching lineation of quartz, biotite and feldspar aggregates plunging to ~SW. In the blaník orthogneiss...

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