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The Abuse of Addictive Drugs and Prohibited Substances of Doping Nature in the Prison Environment
Frydrychová, Zita ; Večerka, Kazimír (advisor) ; Hulmáková, Jana (referee)
The objective of this thesis named Abuse of drugs and forbidden doping substances in prison enviroment is to map the problematics of drug misusage and doping substances in prison enviroment and to determine the level of presence of these substances in selected prisons in the Czech republic. The thesis is primarly intended for experts in prison services but also to the public as a material for drug usage in prison facilities. The first part is dedicated to theory of prison servicies in Czech republic, drug problematics in general and drug politics inside czech prisons. The second part describes research with goal of finding if there is a misusage of drugs or forbidden doping substances in prison enviroment and if so on what extent. The analysis of technical documents and expert questionarre investigation are used for this work. Based on collected data and their analysis the stated hypothesis are verified. For the extension of this work it is recomended to follow the research and focus on the drug problematics in prisons from the convicted person point of view. KEYWORDS Prison, Prisoner, Imprisonment, Drugs, Addictive Substances, Doping substances, Addiction, Re-socialization.
The (im)possibility of testing the quality of non-alcoholic substances by prevention and intervention programs in clubs
Vejříková, Tereza ; Hofschneiderová, Anna (advisor) ; Večerka, Kazimír (referee)
The bachelor thesis is dealing with possibilities of harm reduction resulting from using non- alcoholics substances in clubs and festivals by testing these substances. Empirical part is focused on needs of testing non-alcoholics substances in this kind of places. It focuses on research if visitors of the clubs are interested in this kind of service. Respondents were also asked if they saw this kind of harm reduction as a suitable intervention. The method of the research used was semi-structured interview with 7 respondents. The respondents were selected in the first phase randomly, then in the second phase by snowball method. Research was made directly in clubs. Theoretical part is focused on risks which are connected with recreational using non- alcoholic substances as well as on methods of intervention and preventive programs in clubs - their purpose and principles they are governed by. Bachelor thesis further describes the methods of testing the quality of non-alcoholic substances that are used abroad. It also comments on how testing the quality of non-alcoholic substances operated in the Czech Republic before 2010 and after that date when the Ministry of Interior changed its attitude toward testing non-alcohol substances and issued its official statement prohibiting further testing. The author...
Development of institutional care for children and adolescents in the legislative context
Petruželová, Irena ; Večerka, Kazimír (advisor) ; Hulmáková, Jana (referee)
Institutional care for delinquent children and youth has a long tradition in our country. This care for morally disturbed and socially disadvantaged youngsters has undergone complex development and tens of years of proven improvement. Today, we can state that this system has continued to work on the traditional model of working with this client, and has continually developed it to best accept and respond to the current problems of our teenagers. However, the current situation regarding the care of this youth in institutions for institutional and protective care can be considered incomplete, it can be called a step backwards or even "liquidation" of some aspects of long- term work and efforts of workers in the area of institutional and protective education.
Factors that lead to the start of human trafficking
Michálková, Lenka ; Šťastná, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Večerka, Kazimír (referee)
This thesis is focused on the topic of human trafficking. The main aim is to find out the internal factors leading a person to become a victim of human trafficking. The term human trafficking is explained from many points of view such as social work, prevention and legislation. The chapters are focused on explaining what human trafficking is and how it is different from other similar terms which are really easy to confuse with it. This thesis is also about the mechanism of human trafficking and factors leading to the situation of human trafficking. I conducted interviews with some victims of human trafficking to explore the internal factors that led them to making their decision. The practical part of the thesis includes six interviews which I summarized and included three of them written word for word in the appendix of the thesis. I analyzed the interviews and set the codes and categories which I compared to the internal categories written in books that include the factors that lead people to human trafficking. From this comparison, I made new categories to work with. I interpreted the new categories and found new factors leading to the situation of human trafficking. The factors that lead a person to becoming a victim of human trafficking are having a nonfunctional family base, having a low...
Czech soldiers in foreign missions from a perspective of their family and partner relationships
Bajmaku, Violeta ; Večerka, Kazimír (advisor) ; Matoušek, Oldřich (referee)
(in English): The Bachelor's thesis is conceived as an applied research. The thesis primarily deals with czech soldiers who participated in foreign military mission and their relations with close people. The presented theoretical background is based on the psychological and sociological knowledge. The text respresents these topics: military service, motivation, preparations of soldiers, the course of the mission, relationship development, returns from the mission and also a topic of the present supporting system in Czech republic for soldiers and needed war veterans. The empirical part of the thesis shows the quality research which finds out an effect of participating in foreign military missions on relations of czech soldiers with their family members and partners. The research uses in-depth interviews with soldiers and experts. In total, 14 interviewees were involved.
Possibilities of parson's working in three prisons
Špinarová, Radka ; Vodáčková, Daniela (advisor) ; Večerka, Kazimír (referee)
(in English) This thesis deals with influencing of parsons in three different prisons in the Czech Republic (Prague - Pankrac, Pribram-Bytiz and Valdice). The theoretical part discusses prison's background where it encloses a person in the service of sentence in remand prison and a person in the service of sentence of imprisonment. Additionally, it focus on psychological aspects of serving a sentence in remand prison and serving a sentence of imprisonment. The main topic is the establishment of prison spiritual service, its description and aims. This part includes both the stories of the sentenced people and the introduction of the difference between prison spiritual service (parsons) and prison spiritual care (volunteers). The practical part is based on a qualitative research - from interviewing eight parsons (five men and three women). In this part, aims, methods, discussions and the results of the research are described. Mainly, there is included my own placement in those three prisons which has brought me plenty of experience and has enriched my own impression of those clients and the issues.
The interrogation practice and solution methods of child abuse investigators
Šindlerová, Kateřina ; Večerka, Kazimír (advisor) ; Hánová, Michala (referee)
This diploma thesis is comprised of a theoretical section and a practical section. The first theoretical subchapter introduces the CAN syndrome. The second theoretical subchapter focuses on the relevant international and national child protection legislation. The third subchapter "Child Interrogation" deals with the issue of the historical development of child interrogation techniques and methods, and the currently recommended interrogation techniques used to interrogate children in keeping with the Act on Criminal Judicial Procedure No. 141/1961 in the Czech Republic. The third subchapter also concerns with the character traits of the investigator, the qualification requirements of this profession and the fundamental methodology used to prevent a child's secondary victimisation. The fourth theoretical subchapter focuses on the specially designed interrogation room used, among others, for child interrogation. The theoretical part is based on reference literature and relevant legislation. The practical section includes the results of qualitative research. The first subchapter focuses on two case studies of child victims of abuse interrogation. The second subchapter analyses six interviews conducted with a methodological worker and with five investigators, who discuss their experience with the...
The Specialised Institution for Youth Endangered Addiction and Addicted
Bartošová, Irena ; Večerka, Kazimír (advisor) ; Pánková, Veronika (referee)
The present thesis deals with specialized institutions focused on the instructional-educational process of juveniles in institutional education or preliminary injunction or protective upbringing. Within this rather large field of action, the thesis concentrates specifically on boys who have been found addicted to narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances or alcohol. The boys' selection is further limited by their location in the Diagnostic Institute for Youth and subsequent transfer to specialized wards of three educational institutions dealing with this issue. The research part of the bachelor thesis deals with questions that involve primarily the issues of family background of addicted children - teenage boys. This section describes the most commonly represented family constellations, the number of siblings in families, study characteristics, the addiction start with regard to age, narcotics preferences etc. For the purposes of this research, we have chosen a sample of 47 clients who were, in the years 2009 to 2010, placed in the Diagnostic Institute for Youth in Prague 2 and subsequently transferred to specialized departments in educational institutions. The thesis further contains three detailed case studies of selected clients, which clearly and, above all, matter-of-factly complement the...
Primary prevention programs and their impact on elementary school students.
Vlková, Michaela ; Večerka, Kazimír (advisor) ; Davídková, Kateřina (referee)
This bachelor Theses examines the impact of primary prevention programs, which are implemented in primary schools in town of Litomeřice. Bachelor Theses tries to find out the effectiveness and usefulness of these programs during the lessons in primary schools. Theoretical part of the work focuses on definition basic terms and the development of primary prevention of risk behaviours. Also discuss the importance of preventive work and programs of primary prevention of their content and objectives. The work describes the external primary prevention programs which are established and implemented by Educational and Psychological Counselling in town of Litoměřice. And also programs which are implemented by Town of Litoměřice in cooperation with the local police and discusses cutting width of these programs. The empirical part of the work focuses on evaluation of data collected through research among primary school pupils in town of Litoměřice. Research was conducted in the external primary prevention program which named "Safe on the Internet". This program was implemented by Educational and Psychological Counselling in town of Litoměřice. My own investigation was carried in two phases. First phase was before the start of primary prevention programs. Second phase was after finishing primary prevention...
Retrospective view of former clients of Probation and Mediation Service on social work in criminal justice.
Zichová, Hana ; Večerka, Kazimír (advisor) ; Válková, Helena (referee)
(in English): My Diploma Theses engages the topic "Retrospective view of former clients of Probation and Mediation Service on social work in criminal justice". The main aim is try to find out and evaluate the view of former clients of this service in Nymburk who were experienced social work in criminal justice. Diploma Theses focuses on what was helpful for clients, on their possible changing process and also how did clients perceived the support and the control. It is also about the opinions of the worker of Probation and mediation service, what they personally think (based on their experiences) about the real views of their former clients on this area of social work. Theoretic part describes aspects of social work in criminal justice and its progress. It also describes restorative justice which makes background for this social work. In this part we find main information about Probation and mediation service in Czech republic and about specifics of clients and probation workers. The research probe which was realized in Nymburk is described in practical part. The research sample includes former clients and current workers of mentioned service. If we look on the results of the research it is apparent that decided answer on the main aim of the work is really difficult and depends on many subjective...

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