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Historical collection of rare books in the Liberec Research Library
Rouhová, Pavlína ; Večeřová, Petra (advisor) ; Marek, Jindřich (referee)
The bachelor thesis informs in detail about the Historical collection of the Regional research library in Liberec. Close attention is paid to the process of its establishment, development and current state in the context of the history of this institution and the Liberec region. First of all, the structure of the Historical collection is specified according to the type of a document. Then, the number of volumes, their thematic and time definition, physical condition and the date of edition are judged. Special attention is also given to the concrete books demonstrating unique characteristics. With regard to the current state of the collection, the standard of its processing, the conditions of preservation and protection of the collection, the ways and possibilities of access to the volumes, as well as the course of the digitalization of the collection are examined. The bachelor thesis presents the historical picture of the large library collection and its importance and utility in these days. Finally, the paper presents important findings, the author's own evaluation and possible future development of the collection.
Lost Books: Original Czech Fiction Books at Various Stage of the Production or Distribution Censored on Ideological Grounds during the 1960s and 1970s
Spáčilová, Martina ; Večeřová, Petra (advisor) ; Šípek, Richard (referee)
The topic of this thesis borders librarianship, archival science and literary history - it is a synthesis of several interests and views of the subject. Censorship was a powerful regime tool in the ČSR or the ČSSR and many writers were prevented of publishing any of their work. The thesis deals not only with books, which have been labeled in dictionaries as destroyed despite of their existence. It describes how the turning point between the 1960s and 1970s was manifested in libraries, book shops and secondhand bookstores; what the publishing practice of that time was like, or how the contemporaries that worked in the industry comment on the mentioned time period. Furthermore, the thesis explains what happened to the books that had been banned overnight, what the Editorial Board's practice was like, and finally, what working with banned books involved. A part of the thesis consists of outlining the political background including presentation of the list of books that were not allowed to be published, had to be withdrawn, or the whole edition "dissapeared". How many of such books can readers today actually hold in their hands? The described books (and thousands more) had been locked in libraries' bookcases; special divisions managing the entire organisation had been created; and departments with restricted...
Library of voyager Joe Hloucha
Lísková, Marie ; Petruželková, Alena (advisor) ; Večeřová, Petra (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the personal library of the Czech voyager, collector and writer Joe Hloucha. The aim is to find out information about the library and describe localized fragment of Hloucha's library. The introduction presents the key terms of the thesis. Second part discusses biography of Joe Hloucha including his collecting activities. The third chapter deals with Hloucha's writing career. The fourth chapter describes the process of searching for books from his personal library. The fifth chapter is devoted to description of founded copies from his personal library. In conclusion the thesis summarizes obtained findings and sumps up the current state of the books from Hloucha's property.
Adolf Hoffmeister: the reader and the creator
Pertlová, Alena ; Večeřová, Petra (advisor) ; Šípek, Richard (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to present the life and work of Adolf Hoffmeister and show its relationship to the book from the perspective of the reader and author. The thesis is divided into three main parts. The first part relating to significant events in the life of Adolf Hoffmeister is followed by an overview of his creative and literary works related to the book and book culture. The substantial point of this work is to discribe and analyze Hoffmeister's library and his reading interests.
Political and educational role of public libraries in the 50 and 60 years in Ostrava region
Nováková, Zuzana ; Večeřová, Petra (advisor) ; Římanová, Radka (referee)
Political and educational role of public libraries in the 50 and 60 years in Ostrava region The thesis is focused on cultural politics of the communist regime in the 50s and 60s of the 20th century in relation to public libraries. Based on archival materials the main attention is paid to the situation in the Ostrava region Cultural policy was aimed in two directions. First through repression, when citizens were banned from access to ideas and works that the regime considered as harmful or objectionable. This activity was implemented by censorship of printed materials, sorting of collections and persecution of opponents. Second way to filling the gaps after undesirable denied authors by pro-regime publications, written in the style of socialist realism. Public libraries were using different sorts of methods how to bring readers to this new literature and how to bring them up to be loyal and conscious builders of socialism - e.g. discussions and reader's conferences, literature contests and polls, Fucik's badge, Month of books and so on. The focus is also on libraries promotion of actions and activities supporting the policy of the Party and the government, such as celebrations of party anniversary, recruitment in mining, atheistic education of readers etc.
Codex Gigas : the largest manuscript of the world in the National library of Sweden
Hobža, Jakub ; Večeřová, Petra (advisor) ; Šípek, Richard (referee)
This thesis summarizes the existing knowledge about the world's largest medieval manuscript Codex Gigas in terms of history, physical characteristics, decorations and content. The second part presents an overview of conducted research since the 17th century up to the present, in which digitization from 2007 is discussed in detail. This work also includes the perception of general public about the manuscript through realized exhibitions and several examples of artistic creation in the form of film, music and fiction. The final part of the thesis introduces several possibilities of accessing the digitized images of Codex Gigas.
Preventive care of historical book collections
Hrubá, Lenka ; Hutař, Jan (advisor) ; Večeřová, Petra (referee)
The aim of the master thesis is to explain and sum up the currently accepted rules of preventive care of historical book collections. It concentrates on the mechanical abuse of them. It aims to make clear what the concept 'historical book collections' mean and what exactly 'the preventive care of them' is. The work also deals with the degradation factors, storage and manipulation problems, conditions of access and possibilities of preservation reformatting.
The travels of the prohibited books to Bohemia after the battle of White Mountain in 1620
Pourová, Miroslava ; Šípek, Richard (advisor) ; Večeřová, Petra (referee)
This bachelor thesis introduces topic of distribution of the prohibited books in the Czech Lands during recatholisation after the Battle of White Mountain. In the first part, author defines the basic terms "prohibited books" and "censorship". The attention is focused on the church censorship, implementation of censorship and censorship measures. In the second part, author discusses origin and history of the prohibited books in the world and in the Czech Lands and origin of their indices. The final part describes the handling of prohibited literature, the possibility of obtaining of the banned books by the Czech readers from foreign countries and circulation of domestic production.
Population density of the roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) in Hartmanice district (SW Bohemia, Czech Republic)
Večeřová, Petra ; Červený, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Rohla, Jan (referee)
This diploma thesis was based on frequently discussed topic of population density in hoofed game. The monitored area is in the south-west of Bohemia, in Hartmanice. The greater part of the territory extends into the conservation area and a smaller part od the Šumava National park, with this work focusing on the population density of roe deer. To determine population densities, two methods were used, one direct method and one indirect method. For the direct method, a census method was used for the roe deer from a high seat and the indirect method, a method of counting droppings was used on a sample of regulary cleaned surfaces. Counting was carried out on transects of 200 m2 (100 x 2 m) or (50 x 4 m). The present results indicate that the population of roe deer is seeing a long downward trend. Most roe deer prefer the brushwood at lower altitudes, at an altitude of 525 to 650 m above sea level (asl), with less occuring in the positions of the altitude of 950 to 1125 m asl. The habitat least preferred by roe deer was forests aged 81 years and older.
Antonín Koniáš: life and work
Komárková, Eliška ; Večeřová, Petra (advisor) ; Petruželková, Alena (referee)
Antonín Koniáš life and work This thesis is showing Antonín Koniáš as one of the personalities of Czech baroq recatholization process. It introduces Koniáš from three different angles of view: as a personality, as an author of indexes of banned literature and as a mythical figure. Koniáš's perception and opinions about books is accentuated in the thesis as well as Koniáš's impact on book culture on Czech territory. Koniáš is depicted as a missionary, preacher and writer. Based on Koniáš's Indexes and a study of expert literature, the thesis highlights his views and opinions. The thesis also compares two editions of Indexes and indicates the differences between them. The thesis also summarizes a knowledge about myths concerning Koniáš, shortly introduces his first biographers and tries to estimate the number of books which Koniáš burned during his missions.

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