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Structural design of testing facility for actuator stroke and force measurement
Zatloukal, Tomáš ; Vaněk, František (referee) ; Horák, Marek (advisor)
The bachelor thesis examines the design of testing facility for heat switch. It focuses mainly on the construction, but it does not omit the necessary measuring equipment, measuring procedures and other specifications. The first part describes the requirements for the development of experimental facility. The next part deals with the selection of position sensor and force sensor, which includes an extensive study of possibilities. The following section deals with the automatically controlled heating system and temperature measurement, lists the necessary parameters of components, and proposes their implementation. The final part of the thesis describes how to achieve to the structural design of the testing facility. There are also strength analyses and measurement procedures for pressure and tensile testing.
Modification of JA-400 aircraft landing gear
Rakušan, Miroslav ; Vaněk, František (referee) ; Jebáček, Ivo (advisor)
The master‘s thesis is focused to design and to calculation of tailwheel-type landing gear for ultralight aircraft JA-400 according to rules UL 2 part I. – ULL and LTF UL. In the first part is search about aiplanes with three types of landing gear. Then there is rule comparison, with result what rule will the calculation meet. Then the concept and design of landing gear is proved. In the end the improve of lift option is mentioned.
Design of JA-400 adjustable horizontal tail
Mach, Tomáš ; Vaněk, František (referee) ; Jebáček, Ivo (advisor)
Tato diplomová práce se zabývá návrhem stavitelného stabilizátoru za účelem vyvažování letounu a zlepšení jeho letových výkonů. Cílem práce bylo navrhnout konstrukční řešení ovládání a zavěšení horizontálního stabilizátoru. Součástí je pevnostní výpočet kritických konstrukčních prvků a návrh letových zkoušek. V závěru jsou zhodnoceny výhody a nevýhody nového řešení a posouzení možnosti sériové výroby. Klíčová slova Ultralight, JA – 400, stabilizátor, stavitelný stabilizátor, vodorovné ocasní plochy, vyvážení. Abstract This thesis describes the design of adjustable stabilizer for the purpose of balancing the aircraft and improve its flight performance. The aim was to propose a design solution for control and hinge system of horizontal stabilizer. It includes the strength calculation of critical structural components and the design of flight tests. The conclusion evaluates the pros and cons of the new solutions and possibilities of mass production.
Retractible landing gear design for Z 143 LSi airplane
Gregor, Jiří ; Vaněk, František (referee) ; Píštěk, Antonín (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the design of the replacement the Z 143 LSi landing gear with the new VUT 100 type landing gear in a retractable system. The first part of this thesis is devoted to the description of the Z 143 LSi aircraft and its landing gear and the description of the retractable landing gear type VUT 100. The next part describes the possible variants of the installation the VUT 100 landing gear, which are critically evaluated. Then there is selected the final variant for the installation, which is designed in Catia V5 software. The final design includes remotorization with Lycoming IO-390 and new design of engine bed. For the proposed solution, a new mass analysis with the calculation of centrations, new cases of ground load, a new flight envelope of load and additional cases of load of a new engine bed are prepared. The proposed engine bed is analyzed by the finite element calculation method in the MS Patran software. Finally, a possible scheme of the chassis retraction system is proposed.
Construction of equipment for thin walled L-profiles instability testing
Polčák, Marek ; Vaněk, František (referee) ; Horák, Marek (advisor)
Bachelor’s thesis deals with the loss of stability of axially loaded thin-walled aluminium profi-les, which make up an important part in the aircraft structures. The loss of their stability is tes-ted by the compression test, which is used to determine the buckling load. Compression test may be influenced by many factors, which are related to the fixing to the testing machine. The aim of the thesis is to design a fixture, which would fix a specimen to the testing machine and improve the results of the test.
The design of the landing gear of the small two-seat airplane
Trojánek, Tomáš ; Katrňák, Tomáš (referee) ; Vaněk, František (advisor)
The aim of this master thesis is modification of landing gear for accomplishment CS-23 regula-tion from that purpose, because landing gear in the use can't pass this type of certification. The first part examines the alternatives of landing gear with consideration optimal technical and eco-nomical difficulty. After finding optimal type of landing gear with shock absorber is there part of designing and computing the load. Last part of thesis is about stress analysis of whole con-cept and reconsidering final changes.
Aerodynamic analysis of the glider flexible wing
Jurina, Marek ; Vaněk, František (referee) ; Navrátil, Jan (advisor)
This thesis deals with determination of effect of wing flexibility on load distribution. FSI analysis using modal superposition was used for determination of effect of wing flexibility. Analysis was verified by analytic calculation. Differences of load distribution, between rigid and flexible wing, was determined for the selected flight regimes. Change of the bending moment was up to 3,9 %. Thesis shows importance of including effect of wing flexibility for sailplane design.
Modification of EV-55 aircraft in the category CS/FAR 23 Commuter
Gabrlík, Jan ; Vaněk, František (referee) ; Zablatzký, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis deal with extended EV-55 version concept according to CS/FAR- 23 Commuter category specifications. Thesis objectives are design weights determination, mass analysis, calculation of aeroplane performances and comparison of aeroplane performances with current aeroplane.
Flap otpitmization for SKYLEADER aircraft
Kácal, Jan ; Vaněk, František (referee) ; Koutník, Tomáš (advisor)
This diploma thesis focuses on optimization of the flap for the ultralight aircraft Skyleader JA 600, which is produced by the Jihlavan s.r.o. company. Individual types of flaps used in ultralight aircrafts are described in the initial phase of the thesis. In addition, description of the plane of interest Skyleader has been conducted, while along with the basic characteristics the focus is mainly on its wing and flap. The thesis continues with detailed CFD method calibration task, which is mostly focused on the basic turbulent models comparison. The optimization task conducted within this diploma thesis includes CFD calculations to determine aerodynamic characteristics of the flap provided by Jihlavan company, and subsequent determination of its optimal position. An important part of this thesis is also evaluation of the load and strength of the flap in previously determined optimal position. At the end, the strength and fly tests of the flap in the new position are described.
A landing gear design for the replica of the Fokker Eindecker III aircraft
Mach, Tomáš ; Šplíchal, Jan (referee) ; Vaněk, František (advisor)
Main goal of bachelor thesis is to design a landing device for historical replica of a plane Fokker Eindecker III. Thesis contains calculation for reaction forces on wheels, conceptional design of a main landing gear and strength analysis of its main parts for a given type of a plane. Hereafter are stated basic types of landing devices and its evaluation.

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