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Visualization of text as a means of improving the reading skills of understanding with pupils with a different mother tongue in primary school
Vaněčková, Lucie ; Horáčková, Klára (advisor) ; Whitcroft, Ladislava (referee)
In my diploma thesis I am dealing with the problematics of reading comprehension by children with a different mother tongue (immigrant children) at the elementary school. I point out the importance of visualization in the learning process and various forms of graphic text visualizations which help the children to comprehend and adopt the syllabus. I specifically concentrate on texts in the subjects Science and History which are demanding for immigrant children, mainly because of a high number of special words and information. In the theoretical part I give brief information about the education of immigrant children at Czech schools, their problems in the Czech language, reading comprehension, the visualization and the possibilities of graphic visualizations. In the practical part I decided to use a qualitative survey, namely the method of the case study. I use the method of participant observation and in-depth interviews with the teacher and the student who I create for the special worksheets based on principle of graphic visualization and I monitor and examine their progress in adopting the vocabulary and discussed syllabus. The aim of my thesis is to map the forms of text visualizations, to use them appropriately when creating the working sheets, to incorporate them into the training of reading...
Analysis of employee care in czech telecom company
Vaněčková, Lucie ; Němec, Otakar (advisor) ; Kačor, Lukáš (referee)
The aim of the thesis is analysis of employee care in czech telecom company, evaluation of the preferences of benefits based on gender and age and propose steps to improve the current system. The theoretical part describes the various components of employee care, which are the basis for the practical part. In the practical part is the knowledge applied to a particular telecom company. A part of the analysis is a questionnaire, whose aim is to determine employee satisfaction with the system and determine the benefits that emloyees prefer. In conclusion, there is a recommendation of steps that would lead to better efficiecy and satisfaction of all employees.
Economy of Households
Vaněčková, Lucie ; Vlček, Josef (advisor) ; Sieber, Martina (referee)
(in English): The Bachelor thesis focused on analysis of incomes and expenses of employee's households in the period 2001-2011. After definition of households it deals with their incomes, which divides in terms of origin and discusses the inequallity. Expenses of households are allocated to expenditures and savings. There are observed consumptation's expenditures in terms of structure. The budget of households is defined according to typology and there are described credits. The data, which were being dealt with, are presented in analytical part. Incomes are described in terms of development in the period and in terms of structures: where the wages of emploees are zoomed. Income inequality is monitored by two factors. The structure of households is compared in the terms of time highlighting the most important changes. Household's budget compares income and expenditure in different levels and within households with the lowest and highest income of the sample.
The nursing process in a patient with meningococcal disease
Vaněčková, Lucie ; Hlaváčová, Marie (advisor) ; Chrdle, Aleš (referee)
In my bachelor thesis, my main focus was on the nursing care that a patient with a meningococcus illness requires. The thesis is divided into two parts, one focuses on the the clinical part and the second one on the nursing. In the introduction, the choice of the topic is explained. The clinical part contains general anatomy and brain physiology, defines the illness, its symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, possible complications etc. In this section, all the personal data of the patient are stated, medical history and hospitalisation. The nursing part contains the nursing history based in the Gordon model, nursing diagnosis and targets of the nursing, its realisation and evaluation. The thesis also addresses the procedures the doctors use to inform patients, conclusion and prognosis. Furthermore, all the sources I used for the thesis are cited and an abbreviation list. The attachment describes the nursing documentation that I filled while taking care of the patient. Powered by TCPDF (

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