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Test anxiety in perspective of the graduation exam
Slavík, Radovan ; Valentová, Lidmila (advisor) ; Pavelková, Isabella (referee) ; Grambal, Aleš (referee)
The subject of this thesis is test anxiety in Czech secondary school students in perspective of the graduation exam and its influence over their overall academic performance in this exam. Results of a study conducted in the academic year 2017/2018 among 439 graduating secondary school students in six secondary schools in Prague is presented The aim of the study was to verify a test anxiety model based on Lazarus's transactional model of stress, Ellis's cognitive A-B-C model and other subsequent models of different authors (e.g. Hodapp and Rost). The model used in this study thus approaches test anxiety as a form of a stress reaction that consists of three successive steps: (A) activating event in the form of a test situation, (B) cognitive appraisal, and (C) emotional and behavioral consequences part of which is the academic performance. Both steps B and C further consist of a variety of unique components and outcomes. Quantitative data collected with the utilization of an extensive test battery of eight self- evaluating tests, an anamnestic questionnaire and exam results allowed for a further statistical elaboration. Multiple linear regression, Spearman correlation and factor analysis were utilized to reduce total number of variables of the original theoretical model so that it would better and...
Who is the School Psychologist?
Durchánek, Milan ; Lucká, Barbora (advisor) ; Valentová, Lidmila (referee)
Name: Who is the school psychologist? The theses deal with relations of school psychologist at school. It is emphasized on the relation web in The School Counselling Department where is psychologist also included. The aim of this theses is concentrated on the description of role and position of school psychologist in The Counselling Department. The theoretical part is divided into 2 chapters which are named The School Counselling Department and A School Psychologist. The First chapter devotes history of counselling and describes The School Counselling Department in general. There are also described the other counselling specialists whose psychologist meets in daily routine. The Second chapter is concentrated on history of school psychology concretely. It describes the role and position of school psychologist at school. The next part of this chapter is devoted the relationships of school psychologist with the others in the education process. Finally, the theoretical part deals with legislative anchoring of school psychologist's position. In the end, there was also description of some contemporary researches on topic of the role and the professional identity of school psychologist. The practical part of this theses shows the proceed research at 4 elementary schools. The data were collected from...
Pre-school aged children with ADHD syndrome
Hotová, Jana ; Valentová, Lidmila (advisor) ; Presslerová, Pavla (referee)
Pre-school aged children with ADHD syndrome This bachelor thesis deals with the upbringing and educational procedures with kindergarden children who have ADHD syndrome. The aim of this thesis was the development of pedagogical support intervention and its implementation in the kindergarden environment. I focused on the realization and fulfillment of the goals set in the bachelor thesis. Interventions help to normalize the behavior of children with ADHD in the normal operation of kindergartens and their integration into the collective. In addition, interventions improve interpersonal relationships and improve the quality of the teacher's work in a facility that does not have a teacher assistant or auxiliary staff. At work, I used research methods - case studies and observations. On the basis of the evaluated data, a short pedagogical counseling intervention was developed, which was implemented and analyzed at the end of the bachelor thesis.
Conception of death percieved by children
Kubáňková, Jarmila ; Valentová, Lidmila (advisor) ; Pokorná, Věra (referee) ; Klusák, Miroslav (referee)
The aim of this paper is better understanding how children think about the world and what they know about how it goes there. The ambition of the research is to find meanings that children attach to the death. One of the prerequisites of research is the assumption that images of death can not be asked directly without causing undesirable reduction of potentially rich answers. For this reason, Thematic Apperception test was elected as a tool and the children told stories to a pre-selected board. Eleven children, at the age from nine to ten collaborated on the research. All of them attended, or just completed 3rd class in Prague's elementary schools. The research showed that in the stories of children who would still not reach the stage of abstract intellectual operations already appear phenomena such as paradox, the cycle of life, psychological causes as the reason of death, or the idea that memories of the deceased man is a "being with him "and can be a relief. So it seems that the time when developmental psychology theory replace the concrete to the abstract for some other, better reflect reality is not so far. KEYWORDS conception of death, childhood, narrative approach, TAT, thematic analysis of the story
Educational Intervention in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Preschool
Kudrnková, Lenka ; Sotáková, Hana (advisor) ; Valentová, Lidmila (referee)
This thesis concerns the educational methods applied by teachers of kindergartens and where children with autism spectrum disorder are educated. In the theoretical part of the thesis autism spectrum disorders, their etiology, classification and diagnosis are described. Further there is a description of preschool education approches, to children with autism, and the system cooperation with other partners (SPC, teacher's assistants, parents, school). There are also listed different educational methods and tools used in the educational process. The research part in the form of a qualitative research is devoted to the most frequently methods and devices used and to the level of teacher's collaboration with the others for the healthy development of the child. Everything is viewed from the kindergarten teachers perspective. All teachers work in Prague, in the kindergarten and preschools where children with autism are educated.
Gender analysis of the results of SO-RA-D
Chládková, Jana ; Smetáčková, Irena (advisor) ; Valentová, Lidmila (referee)
Bakalářská práce Gender analysis of the results of SO-RA-D. ANNOTATION The bachelor thesis is focused on the secondary analysis of results of SO-RA-D in 50 classrooms. Data is analysed with accent on gender analysis of relationships in classrooms. The theoretical part deals with an introduction to gender studies, gender ontogeny, structure of the school classroom and the connection between gender and school. The practical part is focused on three pieces of research: gender analysis of age group, gender specifics in classrooms and the characteristics of children in peripheral positions. Research uses quantitative and qualitative analysis. KEYWORDS gender, secondary analysis, SO-RA-D, classroom, pupils Jana Chládková Praha 2015

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