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The role of Drama-in-Education in personal and social development of persons studying technology at university level
Schmidtová, Monika ; Koťátková, Soňa (advisor) ; Valenta, Josef (referee) ; Marušák, Radek (referee)
The role of Drama-in-Education in personal and social development of persons studying technology at university level Abstract The dissertation thesis deals with application of the Drama-in-Education form in a curriculum of a technical university. The courses at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague were aimed to help the personal and social development of the students. As such courses and the form were unusual in the study plans in the time of research, both the outcome and the students' perception of the courses are studied. In general, the work aims to verify whether the Drama-in-Education form is able to effectively help the personal and social development of technically oriented students in tertiary education. The text consists of two parts. The theoretical part describes the historical and cultural context in which Drama-in-Education and also Personal and Social Education originated and were integrated into the educational process. It documents how complicated was the integration of Drama-in-Education into the Czech educational system. The research section describes and analyzes compulsory elective courses that took place at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague in 2011/12 and 2012/2013. The thesis seeks to answer the question how...
Quality of teaching from students' point of view
Zeman, Jan ; Kasíková, Hana (advisor) ; Valenta, Josef (referee)
The bachelor thesis aims at the quality of teaching from students' point of view. The theoretical framework focuses on looking for current quality criteria of teaching components, into which belong students, teacher, educational forms and methods, and it also gains information from literature and empirical researches. In the empirical part, were collected students' ideas about the quality of individual teaching components by qualitatively oriented research. Purpose of this paper is to raise awareness about students' requirements of educational quality and to achieve increased satisfaction with the educational quality of both students and teachers. Key words: Teaching quality, student, evaluation, teaching methods, lecture, activation, transition to high school
Male elementary school teacher
Kašparová, Veronika ; Kasíková, Hana (advisor) ; Valenta, Josef (referee)
The subject of the current study is "man as an elementary school teacher". The aim of the thesis is to determine what the role of a male elementary school teacher is and what this role involves. The current study is divided into two parts, the theoretical part and the empirical part. The theoretical part includes the description of the teaching profession (the teaching career path, career identity, and personality of the teacher), the relationship between the teacher and the student, and gender issues in the school environment. The core of the theoretical part is the discussion of the previous research from abroad regarding male teachers. The empirical part is a case study of a male elementary school teacher from one of the elementary schools in Prague. The methods used involve interviews with other teachers, questionnaires from parents and a longitudinal observation of the class. The results of the case study are then further extended by statements of eight male teachers from a range of elementary schools in Prague. The study has revealed that one of the aspects of the male teacher's role is "teacher as a friend". The reason for this might be a more liberal style of teaching. This leads to specific dilemmas in the teacher's behaviour towards the students, their parents, and the society. Key words...
Educating children in refugee camps
Lejskeová, Jana ; Lorenzová, Jitka (advisor) ; Valenta, Josef (referee)
According to UNHCR data from 2018, there are approximately seven and a half million school-age child refugees, with only 61% of them having access to primary education (versus 91% of the total child population). In Greece, child migrants have been around for several years, but they have not had access to education for a long time and some children still do not. The situation was dealt with in various alternative ways, through non-profit organizations, volunteers from around the world and refugees themselves. The thesis is conceived theoretically and empirically. The theoretical part of this thesis deals with these issues. It seeks to explore the educational situation of refugee children in the world, describes the recent migration crisis in Greece, deals with the right to educate refugee children at world and European level, and also in Greece, introduces educational opportunities for refugee children in Greece, both formal, provided by the state, and informal, provided by volunteers and non-profit organizations. In the empirical part, qualitative research examines the barriers that non-formal education providers have encountered in trying to deliver education to refugee children and describes the methods overcoming these barriers. Conducted ethnographic research included volunteer observation in...
Outdoor Education: the Norwegian Approach
Boháčová, Tereza ; Kasíková, Hana (advisor) ; Valenta, Josef (referee)
Research shows that being in nature is important for children's health and psychosocial and physical development. Outdoor education can significantly improve the quality and meaningfulness of learning, contribute to the teachers' and pupils' well-being and help to build a positive attitude towards nature. However, learning outside the school building is rather an exception in the Czech Republic and has not yet received much attention here. On the contrary, Norway is specific in its attitude to outdoor recreation and outdoor education. The purpose of this paper is to present Norwegian approach to outdoor education in primary schools. The theoretical chapters describe the issue of outdoor education in general with a specific focus on the Czech tradition and discourse, the Norwegian education system and the local situation of outdoor education. This part is followed by a qualitative research carried out in the Bodø district in northern Norway. The main method of data acquisition were interviews with teachers from seven local primary schools. The research describes the teachers' concept of outdoor education and answers the question of where the sources of support for outdoor education in Norway are.
Effectivity of educational theatre workshops of selected Czech theatre scenes
Frančíková, Barbora ; Valenta, Josef (advisor) ; Kasíková, Hana (referee)
This thesis is aimed at the educational potential of theatre arts in a relationship to its recipients which are children of a younger school age and to its other actors like theatre lecturers and teachers. In the theoretic part of the thesis are defined the specifications of theatre art aimed at a child spectator in terms of a content of the theatre inscenations, school as a partner of cultural institutions, work with the audience, accompanying programs and its developers. The theoretic part of the thesis also maps already realized studies in the field of theatre education. The empirical part of the thesis is an effort to find out the educational efficiency of the theatre workshop programs, these being realized by a professional Czech theatre scenes, and reveals the methods of utilization of the educational potential of these programs by theatre lecturers and teachers. Research investigation showed a high effectivity of these programs in terms of personal and social growth of its recipients, specifically developing their key competences.
The influence of preventive driver training courses on the frequency of accidents and driving violations for Czech drivers
Slabihoudková, Tereza ; Valenta, Josef (advisor) ; Svoboda, Pavel (referee) ; Řezáč, Pavel (referee)
This dissertation deals with issues concerning driver education and driver training courses. It first deals with driver education in Czech schools and its representation in RVP.A comparison of driver education in the Czech Republic with driver education in foreign countries is presented in accordance with the results of research project Q F 44L/058/050. It also deals with the preparation of teachers for driver education in terms of a university study. The text attempts to highlight the importance of driver education throughout the entire lifetime of drivers. It covers driver education in the family, preschool, grammar school and high school education as well as preventive driving campaigns and training courses, and also in driving schools. The work also deals with differences between various ways of driving, and more specifically, those between defensive and cooperative driving. It attempts to find a delineation between these concepts in a non-uniform community of specialists. A significant part of the work deals with investigative research, which is primarily centered in interviews with transportation specialists, observation of participants in defensive driving courses and the analysis of documents. Keywords: traffic education, traffic prevention, defensive driving, cooperative driving, course of...
School prevention and high-risk behaviour of children in cyberspace
Gal, Alena ; Valenta, Josef (advisor) ; Koťa, Jaroslav (referee)
(in English): The virtual world is becoming more a part of our reality nowadays. Even children are coming into it and they are losing the ability to distinguish between the real and the virtual world. The virtual world is then an absolutely natural thing for them, including the advantages and risks that it brings. The aim of this master thesis was to collect present opinions and views on the conception of specific primary prevention in the area of cyberspace, and to analyze the currently offered programs from certified organizations for schools in Prague. The basic question of research is: What kind of topics do these preventive programs deal with? The method of this research was based on data collection through document analysis, semi- structured interviews and observation. The results show, that the most developed and complex topics in current practice are cyberbullying and netolism, leading to prevention of potential risky use of social networks and safer use of internet. When the goals of preventive programs are expressed enough specifically and sufficiently and with respect to the child, then it mostly focuses on cognitive aspects of the personality. Based on the research at the end of the thesis, there are formulated recommendations for the implementation of other primary prevention topics in...
Education for healthy lifestyle in school conditions
Svobodová, Michaela ; Sedláčková, Daniela (advisor) ; Valenta, Josef (referee)
Michaela Svobodová, Výchova ke zdravému životnímu stylu v podmínkách školy Abstract The theme of this bachelor thesis is the education for healthy lifestyle in school conditions, because the health education of the educated individual is a basic prerequisite for a successful and full-fledged life and thus for our whole society. The theoretical part of this bachelor thesis deals with education, prevention and support of healthy lifestyle in the individual educational areas that currently concern the school environment. The aim of the theoretical part was to define the basic concepts and areas of education for a healthy lifestyle and to introduce specific programs aimed at prevention and promotion of health at the second level of elementary schools. The practical part of the bachelor thesis deals with areas of school meals. More specifically, I focused on a school cafeteria that seeks to promote alternative ways and choices of school meals. The aim of the empirical part was to explore in depth the issue of alternative meals in the school canteen in Český Brod. In the theoretical part, I use the available and quality literature and sources related to healthy lifestyles, health and schools. The methods of qualitative research were used to solve the research parts of the bachelor thesis. As a proposal I chose...
Programs for support of convicted persons and their socially-pedagogical potential
Nováková, Daniela ; Lorenzová, Jitka (advisor) ; Valenta, Josef (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to describe the programs of support for convicted persons and to find out what the social and pedagogical potential for prisoners is. The study understands the support programs for convicted persons as a legitimate service that helps to support and socialize prisoners and promote their more favorable adaptation to life after release. The thesis has a theoretical-empirical character. The theoretical part focuses on the role of resocialization programs during the execution of sentences and after release, on the role of the prison service and organizations cooperating together with the prison service of the Czech Republic. In the empirical part, an analysis of text material (letters) is carried out on the basis of the principles of grounded theory in order to find out what expectations the prisoners have about this kind of psychosocial support and what benefits they have in relation to the programs. To the main findings belongs the fact that the informants expect to get information about the life behind the walls of the prison and learn the most about current events. The informants further point to the fact that emotional ties with their family and friends often disappear during the imprisonment, and therefore they look for new contacts through the correspondence. Moreover it...

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