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Life, Work and Contribution of Dr. Stanislav Šidlák.
Štěpánová, Václava ; Saláková, Magdalena (advisor) ; Valášek, Marek (referee)
The following bachelor thesis deals with the person and work of the cantor, director of elementary school, choirmaster, composer, pianist, and conductor PaedDr. Stanislav Šidlák (1904-1987), whose life is inherently connected with regions Trutnov, Úpice, and Malé Svatoňovice. This personality has become an important cultural promoter in the region of Northeastern Bohemia, specifically Sudet. He developed cultural events in the aforementioned location. He founded and led many choirs (e.g. the Vítězslav Novák choir), as well as vocal chamber groups, one of which was the internationally successful Dívčí pěvecké trio. He also acted as a conductor of the Strážkovická hornická hudba (a group typical of that region). For his ensembles, he edited a number of folk songs for various musical groups. As a composer he is the author of suites, cantatas, several vocal works for men's and mixed choirs, and an operetta (popular during that time) on the motifs of Božena Němcová's Pantáta Hájek. He not only led his ensembles but also actively participated as a regular member (e.g. Pěvecký sbor českých učitelů). He was also a sought-after tenor. This thesis deals not only with the life and musical and patriotic activities of Stanislav Šidlák (including correspondences with personalities such as Josef Bohuslav...
National Performance of the children's choirs
Lišková, Marie ; Valášek, Marek (advisor) ; Stříteská, Leona (referee)
This diploma thesis is addressing the "National Performance of the Children's Choirs" in former Czechoslovakia and Czech Republic. It aims to map its beginnings in the early 1990s and follows its subsequent course and changes, primarily from an administrative viewpoint. Special chapters focus on propositions and repertoire of the attending choirs; index of the repertoire is attached as a supplement. Key words children's choirs, parade, festival, choirmaster, children's choir compositions
Pribram Choirs Today and Their Impact on the Cultural Life of the City
Štefaniková, Marie ; Bělohlávková, Petra (advisor) ; Valášek, Marek (referee)
Foreign language resume The nowadays Příbram choruses and their influance on the cultural life in our town is the topic of my diploma work. The interpretation of this work wants to show all the functions of the choruses and their activities in the last time, but mainly in the contemporary one. Příbram is the town with rich history. It has about 35 000 inhabitans. It's situated 60 km south-west of Prague. In past (from the 60. years of the 19-th century) was cultural and social centre of region. Thanks to many successful people - artists, scientists and excellent artistic bodies it was called "The Brdy Athene". Among known music bodies belong three choruses - "Příbramský smíšený sbor" (in the past called "Lumír - Dobromila"), "Svatohorský chrámový sbor" and "Příbramský dětský sbor" dated from 1939. In this diploma work The history of "old" choruses, but also the "new" ones - based duringeighties of the last century such as "Codex Temporis", "Komorní smíšený sbor Dr. Vl. Vepřeka, "Komorní pěvecký sbor Mistra Jakoubka ze Stříbra", children choruses by ZŠ 28. října, ZŠ Školní and ZUŠ T. G. M., is described in this diploma work. Every chorus has its own separate subchapter describing it's activities. In general, the theme of chorus in Příbram has its unique form and content. But in this time nine choruses (5...
School choir as a mean of increasing the interest of music as well as an alternative to music education at high schools
Spiritová, Martina ; Valášek, Marek (advisor) ; Slavíková, Marie (referee) ; Pecháček, Stanislav (referee)
Abstract This dissertation is focused on music education at high schools (childern 15-19 of age). It describes experimental educational concept which is based on the principle that students do not attend common lessons of music but they are members of a choir. The piece, which they study in a choir, is a mean of learning. The text describes the legislation which is connected with music education at high schools and the current situation, it is also focused on the concept and two examples that show the practical side of it. There is also an education efffectiveness research. The main part of the dissertation contains an example of educational programme, particularly a list of pieces which is the base for realization of this cencept. The list of pieces is divided into two parts - pieces of classical music and pieces of popular music, folk songs included. The conclusion shows not just the possible disadvantages of this concept but also further visions of delivering this concept to high schools. Key words: high school, choir, experimental education, educational programme, classical music, popular music, effectiveness of education
Recording at studio from comprehensive and educational perspective of interpreteur (at Sono Records)
Melcrová, Hana ; Nedělka, Michal (advisor) ; Valášek, Marek (referee)
The work deals with the preparation of recording and recording itself. It is intended for beginning musicians. It is divided into two basic parts, which are divided into other smaller compartments. The first part focuses on preparation for recording and discusses the selection of materials, solving various points such as lyrics, music, instrument preparation and other tasks. It also focuses on the selection of the recording studio and in which cases is suitable to use a work of producer. It also describes work of producers in Czech Republic. Part of it is also dedicated to the distribution, promotion, and financial aspects of the recording. Last but not least, it is trying to explain how to plan the whole project. It relies primarily on sources arising from consultations, as this issue is not sufficiently covered in the literature. The second part deals with recording. It is focused on the recording process of the band and at the same time shows the peculiarities of the interpretation at studio. The chapters contains examples of interesting recording techniques and comparisons of recording in the Czech Republic and abroad. Recording goes through all phases - sound check, recording, mix and mastering. At the end, it evaluates the information and related resources, demonstrates problems with solving...
Transverse Flute Play Education on Elementary Art Schools
Svobodová, Helena ; Valášek, Marek (advisor) ; Hurníková, Kateřina (referee)
Transverse Flute Play Education on Elementary Art Schools, bachelor thesis Helena Svobodová This thesis deals with problematics of transverse flute play education on elementary art schools. It tries to look at the education from two aspects - practical which is concentrated to the very process of education including different methodics, and technical which is focused more to the instrument. Both these aspects combine in a questionnaire for teachers of transverse flute play in elementary art schools. The survey shows opinions of a few respondents about flute play problematique.

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