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Phonetic Analysis of Anglicisms in French
Tomíčková, Markéta ; Duběda, Tomáš (advisor) ; Vacula, Richard (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to examine the integration of anglicisms into French from a phonetic point of view. The theoretical part deals with the delimitation of the term 'anglicism', its place in the French lexis, a comparison of the phonological systems of both languages and the regularities in phonetic adaptation of anglicisms in the target language. The practical part includes an analysis of the pronunciation of chosen anglicisms. It records variation in lexicographical works as well as in real speech and determines the degree of variability, based on recordings of native speakers. The thesis proceeds from the assumption that anglicisms were, are and will continue to be a highly relevant issue. In spite of all the measures aimed against their integration into the French lexis, they have their place in it, often in several pronunciation variants - whether due to the different inventory of phonemes or to sociolinguistic factors. KEY WORDS: anglicism, French, pronunciation, phonetic adaptation of loanwords
Cajun French: mirror of the past, of the present and of the future
Bednárová, Jana ; Vacula, Richard (advisor) ; Štichauer, Jaroslav (referee)
The thesis seeks to give an overall image concerning the linguistic situation of Cajun French of Louisiana. This regional variant of French is spoken by a minority group of speakers in this state. Given that the paper was created in the Czech academic community where Cajun French is virtually unknown, it tries to spark more interest in this topic. The first chapter presents the theoretical input to the outlined problem and Czech works dealing with Cajun French. The second chapter shows the basic facts about Louisiana, as well as the key events in its history. It examines the creation of Cajun French and characterizes its specific features. It also includes a mention of Cajun French reference books. The third chapter examines the legal status of the French language in Louisiana. Furthermore, the work sheds light on its French language policy, carried out mainly by a state agency called CODOFIL (the abbreviation comes from Council for the Development of French in Louisiana).The thesis later explains what the adherence to Francophonie would mean for this state. This is followed by an account of the relations entertained with Francophonie. The thesis later outlines the current linguistic situation and describes the possibilities of studying French in Louisiana.The presence of French on signage and in...
Didactic Use of Authentic Text in the Teaching of French
Uhrová Kubešová, Lenka ; Loucká, Hana (advisor) ; Vacula, Richard (referee)
Authentic documents have been an integral part of foreign language teaching since the 1970s. The aim of this master's thesis is to present the theoretical background of the didactic use of authentic documents in the teaching of French. This is comprised of the classification of documents, criteria for their selection, as well as their benefits toward developping communicative and general competencies. This paper includes an analysis of selected French textbooks and suggestions of authentic documents to be used in the teaching of French as well as documents on the Internet.
Revitalization of the Regional Language in Provence by the Medium of Calandreta Schools
Vacula, Richard ; Zavadil, Bohumil (advisor) ; Valeš, Miroslav (referee) ; Prokop, Josef (referee)
Revitalization of the Regional Language in Provence by the Medium of Calandreta Schools Richard Vacula (Abstract) This thesis focuses on the role of bilingual Calandreta schools in the process of maintenance and revitalisation of the regional language in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Region, France. It is based on empirical research undertaken in form of questionnaires and directed interviews in the place of two existing Provençal Calandretas, Gap and Orange. A sample of the local population and respondents from the area of the two schools has been included in the research. We have studied linguistic behaviour, attitudes towards regional education, and the picture of the schools and the language in question. The results suggest that the public is inclined towards the essentials of the language being taught, however, less so towards bilingual education. The results also show that the potential of the schools observed lies rather in their pedagogical methods. The strong pressure of French is noticeable even on the grounds of the schools. The use of Occitan in everyday communication situations is then somewhat rare. The regional language is noticeably associated with the school environment and is connected with specific contexts. Hence, it is necessary to rate the influence of the Calandreta schools on the real...
The Gaulish and its prints in French
Frantalová, Anna ; Blažek, Václav (advisor) ; Vacula, Richard (referee)
Bachelor thesis Gaulish and its traces in French deals with the topic of Gaulish as one of the languages, which was in past spoken at the area of today's France and which in a relatively important way influenced the actual French, more precisely left its traces in it. The main purpose of this thesis is to create a coherent descriptive work which will as a first in Czech deal about Gaulish and which will point out its influences on actual French and therethroug it opens a possibility to further and more detailed research. The first part of the thesis deals with Gaulish in general which means its historical definition, sociolinguistic influences in reation to Latin, reflexion of the accessible archeological and literary sources of studies of this language and the general context and then also the position of Gaulish within celtic languages and its basic characteristics from the linguistic point of view. The second part of the thesis is focused on formo f Gaulish in different parts of languague studies, so the gaulish phonetics and phonology, morphology, syntax and last not least the vocabulary. Each of these part sis completed with a reflection of gaulish traces in actual French.
Comparative analysis of nominalization processes in French scientific and popularization articles on chemistry
Holubová, Barbora ; Duběda, Tomáš (advisor) ; Vacula, Richard (referee)
v anglickém jazyce: This bachelor thesis deals with processes of nominalization in French scientific and popularization articles on chemistry. In order to examine processes of nominalization in French scientific texts, this study first analyses the scientific genre in general, characterizes its stylistic standards and describes the system of its inner differentiation (scientific genres and popularization genre). The main part of this thesis is then focused on processes of nominalization in French scientific texts, more specifically on the transformation from verbs to nouns. The outcomes of the theoretical part are verified by means of quantitative analysis which is realized on a corpus of scientific texts on chemistry in selected substyles. Since the concerned discipline belongs to natural sciences, these texts are found to be more formal. Klíčová slova: nominalization, scientific genre, popularization genre, French
The French New Cirque and its foot prints on the Czech theatre scene
Skalová, Dominika Antonie ; Vacula, Richard (advisor) ; Voldřichová - Beránková, Eva (referee)
ABSTRAIT Bachelor thesis French new circus and its foot prints on the Czech theater scene deals with the origins, development and current status of the new circus in France and the Czech Republic. The term new circus is defined and the circumstances under which the new circus develops are explored in the first part. The thesis attends to the present situation of this genre in its country of origin - describes the most important companies of the new circus and festivals, mentions the possibility of circus education in France and the status of this genre in the French cultural scene. The second part deals with the influence of French new circus on Czech cultural scene. The thesis surveys the arrivals of French circus group, observes an increasing cooperation and seeks the causes of this development. The thesis deals both with French companies' visits to our country and mutual Czech-French projects (the Forman Brothers). The last section provides an example of a case study of La Cirk Putyka as an adoption of the new circus in the Czech Republic. It refers to the new coming trend of mutual cooperation. It is no longer limited to a single influx of French circus to the Czech Republic and started to develop also in the opposite direction.
Reconstruction of the phonological system of contemporary Polish language with an accent on the vocalic system
Vacula, Richard ; Balowski, Mieczyslaw (advisor) ; Rusin Dybalska, Renata (referee)
Polish is a language with a prevailing consonantism. Its vocalic system has been relatively stable. It has been characteristic by an oral and a two-vowels nasal subsystems. It also missed the diphthongs (except a small number of foreign expressions and some vocalic structures with the glide Ij/ which however haven't been considered as diphthongs). The new diphthongs or diphthongoids can be created in in two or three diffrent ways. Oral diphthongs are made from the connection of a vowel with an etymological dental ly (I) owing to the progressive vocalisation ofthis lateralliquid into the glide Iw/. Nasal diphthongs are the continuants of either the primitive nasal vowels or the structures oral vowel + nasal consonant, in the both cases before aspirante. The glide Iwl originates in a Proto-Slavonic non-palatalised /ll, which has changed during its evolution into a dental ly (I) with labialisation and has been progressively vocalised after the decline ofthe functional correlation with the "soft" lPI. That change regards almost the whole polish territory today. However, the phoneme Iwl can appear not only in diphthong structures but also in some other positions (in neamess ofthe consonants). This phonotactic distribution distinguishes it from the other Polish glide Ij/ and in the same time assimilates it into...
Some aspects of language and ethnic identity of indigenous inhabitants of Provence
Vacula, Richard ; Štichauer, Jaroslav (advisor)
V současné době jsme svědky nebývalého vzestupu zájmu o otázky, související s problematikou národní, resp. etnické či regionální identity. Někteří badatelé v oblasti antropologie hovoří o podzimu národů, analogicky podle jara národů, tj. období prudkého vzrůstu národnostního cítění a emancipačního hnutí menšinových etnik v Evropě 19. století. Český sociolog Jan Keller dává tento současný fenomén do přímé souvislosti s globalizací způsobu života na přelomu 20. a 21. století: Oživené národnostní cítění je formou potvrzení skupinové identity jako reakce na pocit ztráty jedinečnosti ve světě, který se stále více uniformizuje. Tím lze zároveň vysvětlit, proč mají tyto tendence na počátku 21. století daleko větší rozsah- zdaleka se totiž neomezují pouze na Evropua občas i daleko nebezpečnější projevy, než ve století devatenáctém. Oživené národnostní cítění vede dnes nezřídka k nárůstu nezdravého nacionalizmu, který může mít ve svých krajních formách zhoubné následky - příkladem za všechny může sloužit oblast bývalé Federativní socialistické republiky Jugoslávie, kde po léta uměle potlačované národnostní problémy vedly ke zničujícímu válečnému konfliktu. Zneklidňující je však i nárůst obliby nacionálně, resp. nacionalisticky orientovaných politických stran v zemích o zdánlivě stabilním demokratickém systému, jako...
New Method of the Optical Record and Reproduction of the 16mm Film Sound-Track
Vacula, Richard ; Neubauer, Petr (referee) ; Wilfert, Otakar (advisor)
The work deals with the recording and reproduction of sound tracks on 16mm film and with old forgotten film optic sound technologies, as well as plans experiments and research, which examines possible methods for reading and writing tracks using modern optoelectronic devices. The final output is intended to drive the writing negative audio (analog and digital) on the photosensitive material and design of the device for synchronous playback of digital audio tracks from an external memory card. The work is done in collaboration with film laboratories Barrandov Studio a.s. and Meopta-Optika, spol. s r.o.

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