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Artificial Vocal Folds for Source Voice Generation
Vašek, Martin ; Vampola, Tomáš (referee) ; Kamenický, Ján (referee) ; Mišun, Vojtěch (advisor)
The first part of this work focuses on ways to replace missing source voice in case of patients after total laryngectomy. The commonly used methods of voice rehabilitation are mentioned. Simple computational models are used to explore several principles of generating artificial source voice. Based on the knowledge of how a healthy human voice is generated, one of the ways to generate artificial source voice was chosen – a reed-based element in the configuration (-, +). The function of the reed-based element is based on a periodic bending of the reed and in the airflow cutoff created by this motion. The (-,+) configuration of the reed-based element causes a different behaviour, when compared to healthy vocal folds, important is, however, whether the generated acoustic signal has the right spectral characteristics, which enable the generation of voiced vowels of the human speech. Both experimental and computational models are used to study the behaviour of the reed-based element. The design of the experimental model is based on the preliminary experiments with simple reed-based elements, which were carried out at the beginning of my studies. The new experimental model is designed in such a way, that it enables changes to the reed geometry and its position towards the reed stop. The measurements carried out on the experimental model are mainly acoustical (measurements of the generated acoustical signal), but optical measurements of the reed´s movement and position are possible and used as well. Because of the nature of the reed-based element´s behavior, the fluid structure interaction must be taken into consideration in the computational model. A two-way model of fluid structure interaction is used between the fluid part of the computational model and the structural one. A partitioned solution is used to solve the fluid-structure interaction. The effect of specific input parameters on the function of both models (experimental and computational) is monitored. The influences of input parameters on the basic frequency of the generated signal (source voice), on the stability of the function and on other important characteristics are evaluated. The final chapters focus on the design of voice prosthesis in general. Some specific issues, which need to be solved when designing voice prosthesis, are highlighted.
Analysis of compensatory source voices after laryngectomy
Gilániová, Tereza ; Vašek, Martin (referee) ; Mišun, Vojtěch (advisor)
After removal of the vocal folds there it is necessary to deliver a compensatory source voice. Thesis is dealing with the properties of the compensatory source voice of the artificial vocal folds, the entity of this is principle of compressed air bubble.
Computational modelling of function of human vocal folds
Klíma, Jaromír ; Vašek, Martin (referee) ; Švancara, Pavel (advisor)
Master thesis deals with creating of the numerical model of the human vocal folds. Calculation algorithm is designed to include vocal chordsinteraction with the air flow. Analysis of the results achieved by the numerical simulations and calculations are focused on the pressure and velocity conditions in the areas under vocal folds, between vocal folds and above vocal folds. Movement and stress analysis of individual layers of vocal folds has been made. This analysis is limited only for physiological health vocal folds without pathology and disease. Modal analysis of structural and acoustic environment, backround research of vocal folds function and summary of some published overviews of numerical models is part of this work.
Analysis of czech vowels to be generated aloud and in a whisper
Matug, Michal ; Vašek, Martin (referee) ; Mišun, Vojtěch (advisor)
The modal and spectral characteristic belongs among important human acoustic spaces of vocal tract. They occur at generating vowels and other acoustic aspects of human speech. We can observe the resonant phenomena of acoustic cavity of vocal tract in the human speech spectrum, primary however at vowels generation. However near vocal tract occurs series of frequency tops in the spectrum of vowels, which necessarily may not be resonant origin. That is why sometimes quite difficult assign is right frequency tops to resonant tops of acoustic cavity. It consist in operate of acoustic excitation of vocal tracts. The pronounced of vowels loudly and in a whisper has different excitation of vocal tract. At generating vowels loudly is excited by scheme of harmonic components outspread to fundamental frequency of glottis. At talking in a whisper is vocal tract excited by continuous spectrum generated by turbulent fluxion of exhaled flatus over glottis. We give a name "formant" to a frequency, at which happens to resonance of acoustic space. Aim of this work is analysis of Czech vowels formants generated loudly and in a whisper. Experimental metering of these formants was performed on human vocalic tract for all vowels. Further then on artificially created vocalic tracts for vowels A, I. Then were modal characteristics of vocal cavity for vowels A, I, tested by method of final elements with the help of computing program ANSYS. In this work were surveyed courses of acoustic pressures for individual formants, influence sizes vocal tract and influence of correct mouth opening on formants. Also has been effected computational simulation of harmonic excitation on tract by side of glottis.
Analysis of market situation of Skoda Auto during economic crisis
Vašek, Martin ; Vávra, Oldřich (advisor) ; Stříteský, Václav (referee)
The main goal of this thesis is to analyse market situation of Skoda Auto in the Czech republic during economic crisis, which began in autumn 2008. This thesis focuses on analysing situation in individual segments, where Skoda offers its products. Namely small cars segment, small MPVs, small SUVs, lower middle class and middle class. This thesis also features an analysis of used car market in the Czech republic, a research with experts, a SWOT analysis and a future forecast. The main source of data is a czech association of car importers and association of automotive industry. Conclusions are as follows : considerable fall of small cars and small MPVs segments, increase in sales in lower middle and middle class, loss of market share of Skoda in small cars and small MPVs segments, gain of market share in lower middle and middle class segments. One of the reasons is a higher ratio of private buyers in small cars and small MPVs segments. Private buyers are apparently more sensitive to economic crisis than firms. Situation in the rest of 2010 and in 2011 should be similar.
Usage of database systems in robust ERP/ERP II sw packages
Vašek, Martin ; Chlapek, Dušan (advisor) ; Basl, Josef (referee)
This thesis is concerning with problems of using database systems in ERP / ERP II software packages. The goal is to define position of ERP / ERP II systems in the Information System market. With this topic are also connected characteristics of database systems and definition of their specific position towards ERP / ERP II solutions. Except classical solutions, when the whole Information System is situated "inside" a company, there are also analyzed new attitudes, which respect external provider of ERP / ERP II and database services, particularly SaaS and Cloud Computing technology. This thesis also deals with evaluation of contributions and threats of these new business models, respecting different size of ERP / ERP II solutions. After introductory theoretical chapters, we choose respondents from groups of producers and distributors of ERP / ERP II products and we implemented a survey through questionnaire research. The goal is to clarify main reasons of choice of specific database platforms, used with different types of ERP / ERP II solutions. Afterward, with the aid of defined hypothesis, I'm trying to explain a degree of platform independence of robust ERP / ERP II software packages, towards database platforms. In closing parts of the thesis, there are compared individual database platforms among each other, respecting their suitability of usage in ERP / ERP II systems. Database systems are closely analyzed from several points of view. On the basis of ascertained theoretical and empirical frequency of particular database solutions we determine dominant market players and with the aid of multicriterial comparison we clear up reasons of their success among other competitors. Finally, we outline an anticipated trend, where the database systems market destined for ERP / ERP II products should grow in.
Analysis of The current ERP market products
Vašek, Martin ; Pour, Jan (advisor) ; Basl, Josef (referee)
The work is concerning with actual trends in a course of ERP products. It follows fundamental characteristics important for development of the company, which is implementing new IS; my work is also trying to help differently-sized companies to choose the right software solution. It contributes to an explanation of possible complications during or after the implementation of a system. It is pointedly concentrating on the real impact of the whole project on a company's atmosphere and employees; and is trying to remove unrealistic expectations resulting from the new ERP system. It investigates dissimilarities between the Czech and the World market at a field of whole-company information systems, whereas it mainly focuses on the Czech user. On the basis of several surveys and studies it compares the expected impact with the real impact, resulting from implementation of current ERP systems. The influence of global changes in a world economy on IT products is analyzed as well. At the close of my work appears characteristics of the latest approaches to questions of company's information systems, namely ERP in form of Software as a Service (SaaS).
Analýza postavení podniku na trhu - koncern Volkswagen AG
Vašek, Martin ; Malý, Václav (advisor) ; Schiller, Jaroslav (referee)
Tato práce pojednává o postavení koncernu Volkswagen AG na trhu, a to především z hlediska sortimentu a tržního podílu. Práce sestává z teoretické a praktické části. V teoretické části jsou přiblíženy sortimenty jednotlivých automobilek koncernu a je provedena analýza jejich postavení na trhu. Cílem praktické části je odhalit nedostatky a rezervy koncernu a navrhnout opatření k jejich eliminaci.

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