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The discourse of hybrid threats in the Czech Republic
Vítek, Stanislav ; Tesař, Jakub (advisor) ; Střítecký, Vít (referee)
The topic of hybrid threats has established itself in Czech political discourse since the beginning of Crimean crisis and it has gradually transformed the notion of Czech security policy between 2014 and 2016. The goal of this thesis is to describe the process of construction of the Czech political hybrid threat discourse. The thesis will use constructivist framework and political discourse analysis to demonstrate, that the actors of international relations in mutual interaction consider their values, ideas and identities endangered, which leads to defensive discursive actions. The thesis will present Russian perception of the international order after the end of the Cold War and the way Russian state reacts to the perception of threat to its superpower status. Then it will focus on the Ukrainian crisis, which will be presented as a consequence of Russian political discourse on international policy. Later the empiric part focusing on hybrid war and presentation of Russian discourse of hybrid war will follow and I will demonstrate, that the central narrative of the Russian discourse of hybrid war is the very opposite of the Western discourse of hybrid war. In the end, political discourse analysis of the Czech hybrid threat discourse will be performed. In the analysis I will focus on key actors of...
Influence of patient's motion to dental ctcb scan
Ocásek, Filip ; Dušek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Vítek, Stanislav (referee)
Patient is exposed to the X-ray radiation during the CT scan. It is harmful to the human body so it is in the best interest to try to expose the patient to the X-ray radiation for as short amount of time as possible. Even slight movement during the procedure influences the final result of the CT scan. Often the patient must undergo two or more scans before the doctor is able to come to a conclusion from the CT scan and diagnose the pacient. This bachelor thesis will inquire into the affects of patient body movement to the final CTCB scan. In addition it outlines a technique that could increase the sharpness of the CT scan using an X-ray contrast object which would be face- mounted. The final CTCB scan could be distributed to a separate layers and then integrated back together after calibration using the Feldkamp algorithm. This process would result in a higher fidelity CTCB scan. Patient exposure to the X-ray could be fundamentally reduced by using this calibration process. In that case patient would only need to take the CTCB scan once and even if he would moved we could easily calibrate the scan and diagnose the patient.

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