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Heart Rate Measurement Using Smartphone Accelerometer
Víteček, Jiří
The article deals with the possibility of the heart rate measuring using smartphone’s accelerometer. This method is shortly described in the first part of this article. The second part describes methodology and testing. Testing confirmed the possibility of using the proposed method for successful measurement of heart rate using smartphone’s accelerometer. Finally, the conclusion and recommendations are described.
Reduction of metal artifacts in CT data with submicron resolution
Víteček, Jiří ; Mézl, Martin (referee) ; Jakubíček, Roman (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with reduction of metal artifacts in CT data with submicron resolution. The first part of this thesis briefly describes x-ray computed tomography followed by the description of artifacts of tomographic images and existing approaches of the reduction of metal artifacts. In the second part proposed methods of reduction of metal artifacts and their implementation in Matlab programming environment are described. Finally functionality of algorithms is tested on a newly created database and the results are compared, evaluated and discussed.
Measuring of pulse rate using smartphone
Víteček, Jiří ; Smital, Lukáš (referee) ; Němcová, Andrea (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the possibility to measure heart rate using a smartphone. Today, many people own a smartphone. Newer devices can record various data thanks to its sensors and additional equipment. The current trend is to use the data so that the mobile phone can replace other devices, e.g. navigation, camera, camcorder or multimedia player. Recently, mobile phones have also been used in the field of medicine and, thanks to their mass extension, there is the potential to use them to detect health problems early on. With a functional mobile application, testing becomes cheap, fast, always available and easy to the general public. The beginning of the thesis describes the basic facts about physiology and anatomy of the heart, and circulatory system. Methods of heart rate monitoring using standard devices and smartphones, and measurement history are discussed as well. Two proposed methods using the smartphone's microphone and accelerometer are described below. For each method, testing and statistical evaluation are described. The thesis confirmed the possibility of using these methods for relatively accurate pulse rate measurement, even under different measuring conditions. Created applications with graphical user interfaces are described in the thesis including examples. The last part contains a comparison of methods, recommendations for measurement and final evaluation.

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