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Degenerative joint disease in bioarcheology
Müllerová, Soňa ; Velemínský, Petr (advisor) ; Kuželka, Vítězslav (referee)
This thesis is divided into three parts. The first part aims to summarize the basics of etiology - issues of degenerative joint disease (DJD), firstly from the medical point of view and subsequently from the perspective of bioarchaeology. The next chapter offers a list of assessment options for degenerative joint disease in large axial joints and the spinal joints. It describes 10 methods used for assessment of DJD in axial joints, 13 methods for intervertebral joints and 4 methods for apophyseal joints. In the last part, there are examples of degenerative joint disease cases observed in a population-based study of human skeletal remains uncovered in the domain of today's Czech Republic. The main aim was to create a summary of incidence of this disease from the Bronze Age to present. Considering the fact that all hitherto carried out studies in this field were merely realized in large population groups with good preservation of skeletal remains, only studies of skeletal remains dating back to the early Middle Ages were selected (Mikulčice- Valy, Kostelisko, Josefov). Therefore, only the incidence of DJD in the mediaeval population could have been described. In other prehistoric and historic eras the degenerative joint disease cases were not assessed in detail, by the epidemiological approach or...
DISH - archeological evidence and frequencies in the present population.
Peigerová, Kateřina ; Likovský, Jakub (advisor) ; Kuželka, Vítězslav (referee)
The aim of this study was to determine the frequency of adult disability caused by Forestier disease among skeletal material in monastic burial grounds and to compare it with the frequency of the lay cemeteries. Five cemeteries of the High Middle Ages to the early modern period, were divided into groups according to age and sex. Also, we evaluated the radiographs, investigated the frequency of adult disability caused by Forestier disease in the population. It was found that the disease in skeletal and X-ray material occurred more frequently among men than women, and did not occure until the age of 40. Furthermore, we found that the higher occurence was among monastic funerals. And since there is an increase Forestier disease in the present population. The question is, whether the external conditions, hence increasing obesity in the population, have an impact on the occurrence of Forestier disease.
Metodika pro práci s přírodovědeckým typovým materiálem
Jan Holec ; Petr Kment ; Jan Wagner ; Jiří Šmíd ; Otakar Šída ; Jiří Kvaček ; Jiří Sejkora ; Vítězslav Kuželka
The book deals with basic, really existing elements of nomenclature in natural sciences - types, which represent pillars for scientific names of organisms and minerals. It describes especially the managing of types governed by zoological and botanical codes (ICZN, ICN), both for their living and extinct representatives. The text covers the following aspects of managing types: their distinguishing, terminology, preparation, preventive conservation, packaging, labelling, documentation, publishing, studying, and loaning.
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