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Integration and motives of the return migration of Czech Roma - a case study of Great Britain
Rybář, Josef ; Drbohlav, Dušan (advisor) ; Víšek, Petr (referee)
The democratic transformation in the early 1990s has brought Europe to the opening of national borders and has become an impetus for many international migrations. Since then, the Czech Republic has also become part of the very specific migratory flows of the Roma ethnic group. More than 75,000 Roma have already emigrated from the Czech Republic, representing one of the most vulnerable, socially disadvantaged and discriminated ethnic minorities. It is precisely Great Britain that is one of their most sought-after destination countries. The motives leading to the emigration of Czech Roma from the Czech Republic to Great Britain are balancing between "push" motives of deprivation and discrimination and "pull" motives representing an improvement in their standard of living. From an academic point of view, the absence of information on the living conditions of Czech Roma in the UK prevails, especially whether they are integrated in British society and what are the main motives for their return migration to the Czech Republic. The aim of this work is to deepen the existing knowledge about the integration of Czech Roma living in the UK in the context of their migration and to identify the main motives leading to their emigration from Great Britain back to the Czech Republic. This research also seeks to...
The Impacts of Social Policies Enacted by Select Czech Governments on the Roma Minority
Majzel, Jakub ; Vojtíšek, Petr (advisor) ; Víšek, Petr (referee)
The Impacts of Social Politics Enacted by Select Czech Governments on the Roma Minority Annotation The diploma thesis deals with the topics of the social policy, namely education, employment and housing, focused on the Roma minority. Apart from these three topics, it also describes concepts related to Roma history, culture and population in the Czech Republic. The research contained in this thesis is focused on public law in these parts focused on the social inclusion of Roma that have been implemented since 2004.
Saturation of clients' needs in NZDM. Predominantly with Roma children
Štěrba, Jan ; Pazlarová, Hana (advisor) ; Víšek, Petr (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses on fulfilling clients' needs by workers in low-threshold services for children and juveniles with predominantly Romany clients based in the city of Prague. The practical part of the thesis seeks effective methods of work to fulfill needs of Romany clients in these establishments. The thesis researches methods how to set these social services appropriately so that clients' needs would be satisfied sufficiently. Powered by TCPDF (
Genesis of social housing in the Czech Republic
Nová, Mariana ; Davidová, Ivana (advisor) ; Víšek, Petr (referee)
The aim of my bachelor thesis "The genesis of social housing in Czech Republic" is to describe formation of social policy instruments. Especially characterize the field of support for people in need, from the very first intervention of the state to current efforts to establish legally anchored system of social housing in Czech Republic. The thesis is divided into two parts. The first part examines historical development of social policy instruments in Czech Republic from the 19th century to transformation processes of social policy that started in early 90's. The second part focuses on definition of social housing and experiences with this concept in Czech Republic as well as within the states of the European union. This part is also talking about progress in efforts of defining and establishing social housing legally like one of the form of help for people in need. There is also part devoted to description of aspects that currently influence housing situation in negative way.
Social entrepreneurship: a way to social inclusion of disadvantaged people
Návratová, Anna ; Šťastná, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Víšek, Petr (referee)
This thesis focuses on the intersection of social entrepreneurship and community gardening. In the middle of both of these initiative is man, his wellbeing and the wellbeing of the whole planet. Both of these social and civil initiatives can potentially become places of social integration of handicapped people. Therefore, this work is paying attention to concepts of social exclusion and inclusion, social entrepreneurship and community gardening. Moreover, it deals with the notions of employment and work of disabled people. This theses also contains a program evaluation of a community garden and a social enterprise, Kokoza,o.p.s, which employs people with a mental disease. Looking at the case of this enterprise we can see that the conjunction of a community garden and a social enterprise can be a fitting solution for all the stakeholders: for the establishing organization, for the employees as well as for the community using the garden. KEY WORDS Social entrepreneurship, Social Economy, Community garden, Urban gardening Social exclusion, Social inclusion, People with mental disorder, Evaluation, Evaluation research
State social policies on material need in Czech republic and United Kingdom
Kruml Singerová, Sylvie ; Tomeš, Igor (advisor) ; Víšek, Petr (referee)
(in English): The theme of this thesis is State social policy on material need in the Czech republic and the United Kingdom. The historical part describes the main trends in state social policies on material need in both countries and their development since 1945 with focus on benefit systems. The second part describes in comparative perspective benefit systems and recent reforms of means - tested minimum income benefits, support benefits for households on low income like housing benefits and basic conditions their claimants (especially those "out of work") have to meet. In both countries, governments who started their terms in office in 2010, initiated reforms with intentions to simplify the systems, intesify the work incentives and to reduce the spendings on means- tested benefits. The reader is introduced to basic concepts and main aspects of these reforms and critical views and comments, expressed about their implementation.
The Influence of Extracurricular Sport Activities on School Performance of Roma Children Attending Middle Schools in Prague 2
Majzel, Jakub ; Havránková, Olga (advisor) ; Víšek, Petr (referee)
The Influence of Extracurricular Sport Activities on School Performance of Roma Children Attending Middle Schools in Prague 2 Anotation Thesis deals the topic of Extracurricular Sport Activities and education of Roma children. It describes notions concerning Roma culture and issue, age epoch of target group and notions related to the leisure of child at middle school. It highlights the funktion of sport, which serves as a useful way to spend their free time in combination with the school and also very benefical aktivity affecting the physical, psychical and social condition of humans. This work also defines the factors effectin the education of Roma children and the importance of their education. It also highlights free time activities, as the tool of crime prevention. Keywords Gypsies, racial discrimination, racism, puberty, roma education, children raising, free time, free time activities, sport and its functions
Socio-political analysis of the causes of indebtedness if citizens
Bartesová, Gabriela ; Víšek, Petr (referee) ; Vojtíšek, Petr (referee)
Rigorózní práce Socio-political analysis of the causes of indebtedness of citizens OVERVIEW The thesis "Socio-political analysis of the causes of indebtedness of citizens" consists of a detailed analysis of issues leading up to over-indebtedness. It also aims to point out the most serious consequences of over-indebtedness. The thesis brings attention to the relation between causes and effects which, in many cases, take the form of the opposite and vice versa. The boundary between cause and effect can often be indistinct, and it is essential to distinguish between the two in order to find a solution for an over-indebted client. The theoretical part of the thesis deals with the issue of a loss of income which may lead to over-indebtedness, draws attention to the important role of education in the area of financial literacy, and notes on the most serious consequences of over-indebtedness, which it sees in the loss of housing, homelessness, and other negative effects. The research part concentrates on a social group which belongs to one of the most threatened with social exclusion, welfare applicants. The research attempts to analyse their debt situation in relation to their age, education, housing, unemployment period, willingness to change their situation, and willingness to repay their debt.
Available and planned housing services for autistic adults in the Czech Republic
Palme, Klára ; Tomeš, Igor (advisor) ; Víšek, Petr (referee)
OVERVIEW This thesis deals with the question of availability of the social service of sheltered housing for adults with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the individual regions of the Czech Republic. The outcome is a description of the available and planned services in the form of sheltered housing for persons with ASD. Over the last twenty years in the Czech Republic, people have been better informed, and at the same time, the diagnosing of this disorder has become more exact. That has logically influenced the significant growth of this specific target group. One goal of the thesis is to determine the number of persons with ASD in the age group of adolescents and young adults. Thereafter, the goal is to reflect on the state's preparedness in the area of fulfilling the rights of persons with autism spectrum disorder to available, appropriate housing.
Contemporary Social Context of Employing People Over 50
Bujárková, Kateřina ; Tomeš, Igor (advisor) ; Víšek, Petr (referee)
This thesis aims to describe the current state of employment of people over 50 in the Czech Republic, indicate the reasons and context of this situation and suggest possible solutions to the related issues. All these matters are explored within the context of the international development. The methods employed in this research are statistical analysis and the secondary analysis of documents. The research has brought evidence that Czech society has been changing enormously. Firstly, it is the ageing. And consequently, it faces the growing percentage of elderly people in the population, causing not only problems in the functioning of social protection systems, but also raising the necessity of changes in labour. Secondly, Czech society is undergoing a digital revolution. The increasing use of the Internet and new technologies transforms completely our way of living. The employment of people over 50 is becoming the economic necessity in our struggle to avoid the total collapse of social security systems, yet at the same time, it is complicated or sometimes even hindered by new demands on older workers by the digitalising economics. The importance of ICT competences and language knowledge grows constantly. However, elderly workers unfortunately lack these competences either entirely or at least...

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