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Minimization of risk of pesticide residues in fruit production: certified methodology
Kocourek, František ; Falta, Vladan ; Stará, Jitka ; Holý, Kamil ; Horská, Tereza ; Vávra, Radek
The publication is intended for fruit growers who are included in integrated fruit production systems. The information and the recommendations presented in the matarial can help them to minimize risk of residues of of of pesticides on non-target organisms, mainly natural enemies. In addition, the minimizing of pesticide impact on human health is considered. All recommendations are in the accordance with requirements of legislation which will be in force from 2014 for IPM and also for convention regimes of fruit protection. The spray scheduling is based on the knowledge of pesticide pre-harvest period coupled with the information about their side effects on non-target organisms. Environmental behaviour of pesticide residues from the application to the harvest is desribed for each active ingredient allowed in the Czech Republic in apples and pears. These data enable to assess the action pre-harvest periods for the both low-residual and non-residual fruit production. Information about side effect on natural enemies of pests and other non-target organisms have been worked up for each active substance of pesticides allowed in fruits in the Czech Republic. This knowledge allows us to classify pesticides into three groups marked as a so called green, yellow and red list for IPM growing systems. The possibilites of the use of biological and biotechnological methods are outlined at the end of the publication.
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Europaean cherry fruit fly - taxonomy, bionomy and control: certified methodology
Falta, Vladan ; Psota, Václav ; Kocourek, František ; Vávra, Radek ; Bagar, Martin ; Šenk, Jan
The publication is intended for the fruit growers of organic or low residue farming systems. Overeview of biology of the European cherry fruit fly and the possibilities of non chemical pest control in the whole context of the crop protection including other information linked to the topic are worked up.
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The Development of new traffic vehicles in Prague public transport (1918-1939):realised and unrealised projects
Vávra, Radek ; Jakubec, Ivan (advisor) ; Štemberk, Jan (referee)
Main subject of the thesis is the history of public transport in Prague from 1918 to 1939 with focus on new means of public transport, with information divided into realized (buses and trolley buses) and unrealized projects (the underground). The thesis aims to broaden the current knowledge of inception and development of new means of transport and evaluate their measure of success. The introductory chapter summarizes the preceding development in public transport of Prague. The next is concerned with trams, the most common public transport vehicles of the era. The key part of the thesis consists of chapters focused on buses, trolley buses and proposed underground system. Those chapters deal with the circumstances of the conception of the projects, the causes that led to the projects being realized (or not), and subsequent development and success of those projects based among other sources on statistic data. Powered by TCPDF (
History of Prague public transport and the Electric Company from the beginning to year 1939
Vávra, Radek ; Dobeš, Jan (advisor) ; Šouša, Jiří (referee)
Práce se zabývá historií pražské městské hromadné dopravy do roku 1939, s přihlédnutím k prvním formám hromadné dopravy a souvislostem jejího vzniku. Tyto jsou doplněny porovnáváním statistických hodnot a sledováním důležitých vnitroměstských tras a směrů. První část popisuje nejstarší prostředky dopravy cestujících až po první skutečně hromadný dopravní prostředek, omnibus. Zároveň se zabývá souvisejícími technickými a společenskými změnami 19. století. Následuje část, týkající se koněspřežné dráhy, posledního prostředku veřejné dopravy s animálním pohonem. Třetí část se věnuje především prvním elektrickým drahám provozovaným soukromými podnikateli. Čtvrtá část se zaobírá Elektrickými podniky od jejich prvopočátku přes dosažení monopolu až po rozpad Rakouska-Uherska. Předmětem poslední části je vývoj hromadné dopravy města Prahy za Československé republiky.
Optimization of Vehicle Semi-Trailing Arm Suspension
Vávra, Radek ; Blaťák, Ondřej (referee) ; Hejtmánek, Petr (advisor)
This thesis is concerned with the design of Škoda 130 RS rear Semi-Trailing Arm Suspension and fixtures on the body. The main requirement of this thesis is to reduce weight of suspension. It is carried out the kinematic analysis and optimization of the kinematic. The construction part of this thesis provides a design of suspension based on the analysis of forces acting on the car wheel. Last part of the thesis includes of new rear suspension stress analysis.
Axles of modern trucks
Vávra, Radek ; Vopařil, Jan (referee) ; Kučera, Pavel (advisor)
The main objective of this work is to present trends of modern axle trucks. There are presented the latest famous brands axle trucks. For each type has its axle design, driving properties and applicability. Furthermore, this paper describes the basic principles and structure axle’s differentials, brakes, gearboxes and wheels in the wheels.
Acquisitions as a strategic step to expansion - case study of STERIS Corp.
Vávra, Radek ; Chylíková, Hana (advisor) ; Bouška, Stanislav (referee)
The primary focus of this Bachelor thesis is on acquisitions, which the author considers one of the most strategic ways of business expansion. In the first part, the readers are acquainted with the theoretical basis and challenges of acquisition procedures, focusing on the integration of the newly acquired companies. The second part is dedicated to STERIS Corporation, which serves as an example for theoretical knowledge application. In this part, the author describes the company's growth strategy, using analysis of financial indicators and series of preceding and subsequent takeovers. In the closing part, the thesis is enriched with a personal research in the form of a questionnaire, inclusive of STERIS Corporation's international managers' responses.
Evaluation of nutritional tendencies and nutritive supply at seniors
VÁVRA, Radek
Thesis was solving in senior home of Mistra Křišťana in Prachatice. The goal of thesis was to evaluation nutritional tendencies and nutritive supply at seniors institutional care it also structure on menu and analyses filling of norm of need from the view of intake energy, macronutrients and selected micronutrients. The concept of thesis is divided into two parts. The first part comparances intake energy and the norm of need at seven men and women during ten months. The second part presents results of questionary which was selected three hypothesis. The first hypothesis: Monitoring health nutrition of respondents concidering their education. The second hypothesis: Respondent{\crq}s physical activites concidering their sex. The third hypothesis: Monitoring of observance dribling regime concidering their sex. The result of thesis say that all the women who were monitored were overweight. It was analyses on rate body mass index and percent of fat at also perimeter of waist. Body Mass Index rate at man was usually in optimal range 20 - 25, despite this high percent of body fat, which is created by decreasing of muscle tissue and increasing of body fat. Discovered rates correspond with results comparising intake energy and nutrients with norm of need. All respondents had high intake of lipid and high intake proteins especially women. Intake of sacharide and dietary fiber was optimal. Be results show that respondents have low intake of vitamin D. When compared average intake vitamins and minerals with the norm of need. At minerals the increased intake selenium was found-approximately about fourteen percent from norm of need. At evaluation calcium and phosphorus was analysed opposite rate 1:1,2. Calcium intake is long time under norm of need in divide 20 - 40 %. The same conclusion is valid for magnesium. Magnesium intake is 15 - 30 % under norm of need. The results were consulted with a diet nurse who had information of higher creation of osteoporosis at seniors. The results of three testing hypothesis in the second part of thesis are: monitoring health of food of respondents depends on their education. The second testing hypothes showes that physical activites at seniors doesn{\crq}t depend on their sex. The last testing hypothes found out that krepiny drinking regime doesn{\crq}t depend on their sex. Thirty questionary were analyses twenty women and ten men took a part. Women were more interested in the questionary than man because they were more interested in questions of health food. A questionary included fourty-six questions which were divided into four parts. The first part is focused on information about respondents. The second part is about correct dribling regime and the fourth part of the questionary is focused on satisfaction on seniors in senior home. Part of thesis is recommendation on what concentrate attention in nutrition client senior home.

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