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Automation of RC Models Control
Vávra, Jan ; Musil, Petr (referee) ; Zemčík, Pavel (advisor)
This thesis is about controlling RC model with microcontroller ESP-32 through WiFi enabled mobile device with OS Android. Goal of this thesis is to make controlling RC model easier and more fun. Parts of this thesis are dealing with using pulse width modulation to control servos, creating a user interface and making a protocol for comunication between RC model and mobile device. Result of this work is application on OS Android, which sends instructions on microcomputer, that controls steering servo and elecromotor. System has predefined stunts on microcomputer and operator has a choice of defining custom stunt in application, which is send to microcomputer in series of individual instructions.
Public Preferences for Environmental Policies and Behavioural Changes
Zvěřinová, Iva ; Vinopal, Jiří (advisor) ; Vávra, Jan (referee) ; Šauer, Petr (referee)
Iva Zvěřinová PhD Thesis Public Preferences for Environmental Policies and Behavioural Changes Abstract Environmental problems, such as climate change, are generally perceived as serious issues by the public in European countries. However, people tend to assign them a low policy priority and disagree with the introduction of some policy instruments, such as carbon tax. Few people also behave in an environmentally friendly way and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. What are the preferences of the inhabitants of several European countries regarding climate mitigation policies and behavioural changes? What makes these policies more acceptable for the public? Would people from these countries be willing to accept climate mitigation policies or behaviour, and if so, under what conditions? This thesis aims to answer these questions by applying a theoretical framework that integrates attitudes and perceptions with preferences. In the empirical part of the thesis, we analyse data from several questionnaire surveys on public responses to climate policies and climate-related behaviours in several European countries. The thesis contains four empirical studies focusing on: i. public preferences for climate mitigation policies; ii. public preferences for policy instruments to reduce GHG emissions; iii. consumers'...
Bayesian factor analysis
Vávra, Jan ; Komárek, Arnošt (advisor) ; Maciak, Matúš (referee)
Bayesian factor analysis - abstract Factor analysis is a method which enables high-dimensional random vector of measurements to be approximated by linear combinations of much lower number of hidden factors. Classical estimation procedure of this model lies on the cho- ice of the number of factors, the decomposition of variance matrix while keeping identification conditions satisfied and on the appropriate choice of rotation for better interpretation of the model. This model will be transferred into bayesian framework which offers the usage of prior information unlike the classical appro- ach. The number of hidden factors can be considered as a random parameter and the dependency of each measurement on at most one factor can be forced by suitable specification of prior distribution. Estimates of model parameters are based on posterior distribution which is approximated by Monte Carlo Markov Chain methods. Bayesian approach solves the problem of selection of the num- ber of factors, the model estimation and the ensuring of the identifiability and the interpretability at the same time. The ability to estimate the real number of hidden factors is tested in a simulation study. 1
Postoje veřejnosti k politikám mitigace změny klimatu
Kyselá, Eva ; Ščasný, Milan (advisor) ; Vávra, Jan (referee) ; Kalvas, František (referee)
Research on public responses to climate change mitigation policies is proliferating. Therefore, a need to critically review the existing research practice arises. Studies published over the last 15 years (n=164) and focusing on public attitudes and responses to climate policies are reviewed in this thesis with respect to a) measures and operational definitions of policy support, acceptability, acceptance, and other types of responses and b) factors related to such responses. A great diversity of measures and measured constructs, frequent lack of theoretical embedding, and conceptual vagueness are currently pervasive in the field. Such state leads to uncertainty of what is being measured, ambiguity, and greater diversity and lower comparability of results. In response to this state, the thesis proposes a construct of policy attitudes and responses as an overarching concept comprising the diversity of measures and constructs already in use, and a theoretical framework, based on the Value- Belief-Norm theory, as a heuristic tool for measurement, analysis, and interpretation of survey results. Additionally, the thesis discusses the interlinkage of public opinion on climate policies and policy-making process to argue the relevance and the role of the reviewed research. Three original studies are part of...
Reduction of nitrogen oxides in flue gas on special catalysts
Vávra, Jan ; Krejčí, Tomáš (referee) ; Jecha, David (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on experimental reduction of nitrogen oxides on special catalysts. The latest and state-of-the-art flue gas cleaning technologies are used. Selective catalytic reduction results in the desired level of pollution. It is necessary to meet the prescribed emission limit. A ceramic honeycomb filter based on vanadium and titanium is used as the catalyst. The entire measurement is carried out on the experimental INTEQ II unit, which is installed in the flue gas cleaning laboratory at NETME Center. It is shown which operating parameters achieve better efficiency of flue gas cleaning. Comparison of the BASF and CERAM catalysts is also performed. Finally, a material balance of the system is performed and a new external electric heater is designed to accelerate the heating process.
Sustainable restaurants in Czech context - criteria, barriers and opportunities
Kebová, Barbora ; Kapitulčinová, Dana (advisor) ; Vávra, Jan (referee)
This study deals with the topic of restaurant sustainability in Czech context. The aim of the research was to set criteria for a Czech sustainable restaurant and also to reveal main barriers and opportunities for sustainable operation of a restaurant. The sustainable restaurant criteria were based on an analysis and comparison of four foreign methods of sustainability assessment in the sector of food services (FOODSCALE, Sustainable Restaurant Association, Green Restaurant Association and the Green Seal's GS-55 Standard), one Czech concept of restaurant sustainability, an analysis of good practices in fifteen foreign "sustainable restaurants" and an analysis of interviews with four Czech experts in the field of sustainable development and gastronomy. Based on this data the final Sustainable Restaurant Criteria were established, comprised of 102 criteria, classified into 5 main categories and 26 subcategories. The criteria were then described in detail, in view of the Czech context. The barriers and opportunities for the operation of Czech sustainable restaurant, defined by the above mentioned criteria, were identified from interviews realised with eight restaurateurs, who are already meeting some of the criteria, and therefore are one of the most progressive in Czech Republic in this field. From...
Judgement of personality based on recordings of dance and gait (obtained using Motion Capture)
Vávra, Jan ; Lindová, Jitka (advisor) ; Krejčová, Lucie (referee)
Judgement of personality based on recordings of dance and gait (obtained using Motion Capture) This study raises the question if it is possible to assess personality traits based on body movement while dancing and walking if we isolate movement from other non-verbal cues. The theoretical part of the study lists theoretical concepts associated with this question and summarizes previous research on the subject. The main part of this study is empirical research: the movement of 21 women was filmed using Motion Capture technology which captures human movement by recording the coordinates of key segments of the body. A virtual female character was used to re-create the movement of the research participants. The resulting footage was then presented to 187 raters, who scored segments of it on two sets of personality scales. The comparison of the raters' scores and self-assesed personality of the participant is subject to the analytical part of this study. The results showed several correlations between assesments of personality traits and self-assesed personality traits, but those were never the same traits (i. e. extraversion was never recognized as extraversion, but possibly manifested itself thorugh ratings of other traits). We also found several more general factors on which the raters' assessments of...
Homoscedasticity Tests in a Linear Model
Vávra, Jan ; Komárek, Arnošt (advisor) ; Hlávka, Zdeněk (referee)
This thesis deals with testing the assumption of homoscedasticity in linear model, that is the assumption of constant variance of this model. There is plenty of such tests, but not all of them can be applied to specific model and not all of them reach satisfactory results under various circumstances. Thesis focuses on tests which can be derived on the basis of the asymptotic theory for maximum likelihood estimation, particularly the test theory with nuisance parameters. There are derived two basic tests, the first one in the situation of analysis of variance model and the second one in the situation when we allow the dependence of variance to concomitant quantities. In subsequent numerical studies there are examined characteristics of derived test statistics. Powered by TCPDF (
Semiospace of self in discourse of webpage and facebook community suicide girls czech
Vávra, Jan ; Šoltys, Otakar (advisor) ; Dvořák, Tomáš (referee)
The erotic website can be viewed in the context of striptease culture. The term was coined by the sociologist Brian McNair in 2002 in order to describe the tendency to openly theme the human sexuality within media content. Simultaneously with the metaphorical and literal exposing, the intimacy is being constructed within the discourse as an expression of true self and, as Feona Attwood develops McNair's claims speaking about sexualization of culture, the representation becomes the selfrepresentation. The SuicideGirls present themselves especially on soft-pornographic photographs through a significant alternative stylization, mostly tattoos and piercing. While for example Megan Jean Harlow (2009), a feminist critique representative, considers the style-creating elements of tattoo as an expression of distinctive practices, according to Shoshana Magnet (2007) the soft-pornographic mode of representation reduces the distinctiveness of SuicideGirls to a certain form of standard pornography. The semiotic and psychoanalytical interpretation of focuses on softpornographic symbolic of the distinctiveness perceived by the community. Jacques Lacan's mirror stage concept explains the principles of subject's identification with his or her specular image. It is also important to...

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