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The elections in the České Budějovice region in 1946 and 1948, comparison from the perspective of economic and social history
This thesis deals with the situation in the České Budějovice region after World War II. from 1945 1948. It is focused on the post-war economical and social situation of the region and on the elections in 1946 and 1948. In the first part, the state of post-war Czechoslovakia in 1945 1948 is described. This part deals especially with economical and social development of Czechoslovakia. It describes the establishment of the National Front of the Czechs and Slovaks and its the system of its working. And portrays the allowed political parties (the communists, national socialists, social democrats and the People's Party) a their programmes. The second part introduces the České Budějovice region in the 20 th century. It deals with the postwar difficulties of econimical and social situation of the region, especially the transfer of the German population. The third part is focused on the elections. It describes election order of the Third Republic and deals with the elections' results a compares them with the results in Bohemia. And pursues the possible cause of these results.
Rites and festivals of contemporary local cultures
Válková, Jana ; Soukup, Václav (advisor) ; Soukup, Martin (referee) ; Erban, Vít (referee)
The study eoneerns theoretie and empirieal analysis of festivities and rites including their influenee on eontemporary human existence. The researeh is foeused on reeent loeal cultures. The interdisdplinary and holistic approaeh is joining up the study of the problem both in terms of individuals, their families and loeal sodety, whieh enables to unravel and interpret the eonnections between festivals and the sodo-eultural system as sueh. Therefore, the thesis is based on theoretieal analysis, including spedal literature analysis, as well as on field researeh of partieular loeal eultures. Empirieal researeh notes down partieular festivals and rites as observed in three reeent loeal eultures of the Czeeh Republie: Nové Sady (near Velká Bíteš, in the district of Žďár nad Sázavou and Vysočina Region), Hrubý Jeseník (in the district of Nymburk and Central Bohemia region) and Radim u Jičína (in the district of Jičín and Hradec Králové Region). The field researeh took plaee from 2004 to 2010, the terrains have not been studied before.
Nové Sady: a local culture
Válková, Jana ; Uherek, Zdeněk (referee) ; Soukup, Václav (advisor)
The tbesis is foeused on sa!ient features of a eonerete loea! eulture, a village ea!led ''Nové Sady", whieh is situated in the region of "Žďár nad Sázavou". The work is eoneemed with theoretie and empiriea! ana!yses of symbols, eultural themes and eategories. The general eoneeption results from the presumption of uniqueness of the eultures. It is assumed that speei:fie views of the world exist within tbe frames of partieular loea! eultures. The eharaeteristie features are expressed in such eultura! eategories as pereeption of a territory and the way of understanding the f1ight oftime. It is likely to be impossible to rea!ize the phenomena by the means of "objeetive" researeh. As a result of this, tbe thesis gives atlention to a "subjeetive" point of view. The unique way of understanding the universe and the symbol s of the Ioea! eulture are taken down. Tbe thesis is divided into three parts: Territory, Time and People. It eontains a survey of signi:fieant and remarkable sites that are found in the territory; notes of some narratives related to tbe plaees; a variety of ways of time pereeption; style of life on weekdays and holidays; reports on signi:fieant festiva!s and events, whieh took plaee during tbe eourse of tbe fieldwork (July 2004 - April 2007); definition of soeia! statuse s and roles in the loea!...
Psychic Resistance and Adaptation of Young People during a Tennis Match
Válková, Jana ; Kočíb, Tomáš (advisor) ; Velenský, Michael (referee)
Psychická odolnost a adaptace mládeže v tenisovém utkání Cíle a úkoly práce Cílem diplomové práce je navýšení psychické odolnosti hráčů tenisu a zhodnocení vlivu psychologické přípravy dětí v tenisových utkáních. Záměrem diplomové práce je také podat přehled dosavadních poznatků psychologické přípravy. Metodika práce Psychologická příprava dětí byla prováděna a sledována v letech 2004-2005 v tenisových školách v Opavě ve spolupráci s trenéry mládeže. Výzkum byl zaměřen zejména na vybranou skupinu dětí ve věku 7 až 18 let v tenisové škole Ing.Zdeňka Komrsky v Opavě. U těchto dětí byl kladen zvýšený důraz na psychologickou přípravu v rámci tréninkového procesu. Efektivita této přípravy se kontrolovala v umístění v oblastním tenisovém žebříčku a porovnávala se s minulými výsledky u skupiny chlapců a dívek, kde psychologická příprava nebyla tak intenzivní. Výsledky Výsledky práce ukazují na celkově lepší výsledky u dětí s intenzivní psychologickou přípravou, a to ve všech věkových kategoriích. Úspěšnost psychologické přípravy je efektivnější u starších hráčů majících stabilnější výsledky než u hráčů mladší věkové kategorie. Klíčová slova Tenis, psychologická příprava, psychická zátěž, psychická odolnost, trénink mládeže, tenisové utkání, stres. 2
The RichFaces Framework
Kořistková, Barbora ; Pavlíčková, Jarmila (advisor) ; Válková, Jana (referee)
The thesis is concerned with an in-depth analysis and evaluation of the JBoss RichFaces component framework with regards to its particular strengths and weaknesses. The framework is examined both from the theoretical and practical point of view and also subjected to comparative analysis with other similar products on the market. Apart from the theoretical background and profound subject explanation, the practical part of the thesis offers a full-fledged referential application with fragments of commented code and thorough exploration of the framework's professional usage.
The effectiveness of prevention programs in primary prevention of sexually transmitted diseases of students of Faculty of health and social studies of University of South Bohemia.
Sex is a natural means of reproduction, but by far it is not practised solely for that purpose. In recent years there has been a large release of morality and today we would hardly find a young person with a belief that sex serves for reproduction only. Sexual life is no longer taboo and therefore it is necessary to speak also about the adverse phenomena that accompany it. There is unwanted pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Sexually transmitted diseases present a serious global problem that does not fudge even our society. Young people represent the largest risk group in terms of infection who go through various relationsship selecting a permanent partner. The primary prevention is the most important way how to fight against sexually transmitted diseases, and it is important particularly for those who have not begun yet to live sexually. For this reason it is often implemented in the form of prevention programs in school facilities. The current situation of sexually transmitted diseases in the Czech Republic was charted in the theoretical part of this work. The goal of the practical part of this work was to obtain an overview of the effectiveness of prevention programs in the primary prevention of sexually transmitted diseases among students of Health and Social Studies University of South Bohemia. There were defined four hypotheses for this purpose. The first hypothesis: Young people get more information about the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases from the media and from their peers than from schools and parents. The second hypothesis: Experience with random sex has a quarter of respondents. The third hypothesis was formulated as follows: Women have more knowledge about sexually transmitted diseases than men. The fourth hypothesis: Women observe the principles of safe sex more than men. The quantitative research, questioning method and questionnaire technique were used to collect empirical data. The questionnaire was anonymous and had electronic form. The research sample consisted of full-time bachelor programs students of Health and Social Studies University of South Bohemia, who belong by their age structure into the most vulnerable group of infection of sexually transmitted diseases. Respondents. The research was attended by 531 respondents. The first, third and fourth hypothesis were not confirmed on the based of a statistical test. The third hypothesis was confirmed statistically. The descriptive statistics shows that young adults do not have sufficient knowledge about sexually transmitted diseases and have no fear of the disease, which is also reflected in their behavior. The prevention programs for primary prevention of sexually transmitted diseases in the Czech Republic are not quite sufficient, according to the achieved results and in my opinion, and we can not talk about their proven effectiveness. It can be said they provide at least some awareness of the risks associated with sexual intercourse. In my opinion, it is necessary to establish the precise form of the curriculum and to incorporate sex education into the framework of the educational plan as a separate subject in school facilities as basic and secondary. It is necessary to involve parents into the process of primary prevention by increasing their awareness and to pass the acquired information. It is also necessary to promote a form of barrier contraception and introduce general preventive programs in the fight against sexually transmitted diseases.
Experience of ninth grade pupils of elementary schools with smoking and alcohol at selected schools in Tabor
The use of alcohol and cigarettes is now a global problem that is often neglected in comparison with the problem of illegal drugs. Neither parents nor schools are consistent and so a young individual can begin to experiment with addictive substances as a consequence of knowledge and interest lack or as a result of curiosity and his/her peers´ influence. The presented bachelor work finds what experience the pupils of 9th classes of the selected primary schools in the town of Tábor have with alcohol and cigarettes. In the theoretical part I present the available data of the use of the addictive drugs in the Czech Republic, I explain basic concepts concerning the issue of addictive drugs so alcohol and tobacco, I present the specifics of the use of those substances by children and adolescents and possibilities of their use prevention. The aim of the research in the practical part is to find out what experience the pupils of the 9th classes of primary school in the town of Tábor have with alcohol and cigarettes. To achieve this aim, four hypotheses were set. Quantitative research was carried out by interviewing technique and an anonymous questionnaire for pupils of the 9th classes of three primary schools in the district of Tábor. The obtained data show that the first use of addictive substances is often already before 11 years of age. Most of respondents have experience with addictive substances at the age of 13. In the 9the classes there are more smoking girls than boys. More boys consume alcohol than girls. But this research has not showed the influence of the leisure time activities on addictive substances use. The society begins to be interested in an addictive behavior in the case of the illegal drugs use only. The findings indicate that it is necessary to pay attention to the use of legal drugs and to apply the primary prevention to the younger school children.
Forms of text data input and processing in business information systems - trends and current practices
Válková, Jana ; Stanovská, Iva (advisor) ; Hais, Petr (referee)
This thesis introduces readers to the basic types of the text and information inputs and processing to the computer. Thesis also includes historical contexts, current trends and future perspective of computer data input technologies and their use in practice. The first part of the thesis is a summary of a particular forms of entering and processing of the text data and information. The following part presents technological trends on the market concentrated on the automatic speech recognition systems along with the possibilities of their application in the business sphere. The rest of the thesis consists of a survey between Czech IT companies and based on it's results comes a suggestion of which technologies should be used as a part of the information systems.

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